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Face Friday: Be A Quarantine Cutie With This Neon/Pastel Rainbow Eyes Feat. Violet Voss!

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Face Friday: Be A Quarantine Cutie With This Neon/Pastel Rainbow Eyes Feat. Violet Voss!

Welcome to another Face Friday!  This week, I’ve got completely off the rails – I was originally going to do a “simple” pastel rainbow eyes look and it slowly morphed into this neon and pastel, cut crease, white eyeliner, Lisa Frank fantasy that you see before you!  Plus, glitter freckles.  It’s a lot.

Even if it’s a bit much, I love the final look and I think it came out really fun!  This is a very drag-y look, but there are ways that you could pretty easily scale this down and make it into a still-wild-but-more-wearable look for other situations.  For the eyes, I only used one palette this time, the Sugar Crystals palette by Violet Voss, and I used every single shade in that palette!

Let’s jump in and see how this technicolor extravaganza came together.

To start things off, I used a sample of the Ofra Rays of Light primer.  I wasn’t that impressed and I don’t really notice that big of a difference from the before to the after photo.  I had tried a sample of the Northern Lights primer a couple of Face Friday posts back, and I think I prefer that one.  I don’t like either of them better than my tried and true Too Faced primers (Primed and Peachy is my absolute favorite primer, and Hangover Rx is pretty great too!) but they aren’t terrible.  I just prefer the lighter, brighter Northern Lights shade of the primer better.

I was feeling especially red, and I had a small breakout on the my right temple, so I laid down some Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer in Green.  I blended it out across the face to try to neutralize some of the redness.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  I have been loving the Uoma Beauty Say What?! Foundation in the shade Fair Lady T3C.  I love a matte finish on a foundation, but this has a softer, more velvety finish that I really have been loving.  Whenever I put it on, I feel like it’s too peachy and looks…weird, but something happens when it oxidizes, and it settles down into an absolutely perfect shade for me!  It hasn’t unseated the Urban Decay All Nighter as my favorite foundation, but I think it’s moved in to a comfortable second!

Nothing too new here – I added the Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer in C10 under my eyes and down the center of my face.  Since Face Friday is meant to be a full face walkthrough, I keep including these steps, but I’d love to hear from you in the comments below: is it worthwhile to you to still see the full base steps, or would you rather just see the base completed and a list of the products that I used?  Obviously if I try anything different from my usual routine, I would still call that out with dedicated images, but I don’t want to bore you with the same “set up” steps if you don’t find that useful.  Sound off below!

For baking, I had a new setting powder to try: the Baking and Loose Setting Powder from Give Me Glow Cosmetics in the shade Sugar Cookie.  This is a nice loose powder and I liked the effect that I got from it with my bake.  It’s not as finely milled as something like the Fenty Pro Filt’r powder, but it’s a nice smooth powder and a great color for baking with my skintone.  I ordered quite a few new goodies from Give Me Glow, so look for a longer review coming soon!  I applied it with the Real Techniques Miracle Powder Sponge, and it went on smoothly and evenly.  Then I sketched out the area for the eye look using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer.

Alright, let’s get this rainbow nonsense started!  For the first eye, I started with the row of bright mattes from the Violet Voss Sugar Crystal palette, focusing on the shades Banana, Pearberry, and Bubble Gum.

For these mattes, I wanted to establish some color in the crease.  I used Banana in the inner third of the eye, focusing on the crease area, then added Pearberry into the middle third, and finally added Bubble Gum to the outer third and wrapping down around the outer corner.  I  didn’t do anything with the lid since I’m going to go back in and cut the crease and add some shimmers.  This just establishes the basic shape and establishes that initial three shade blend.

For the other eye, I focused on the three cool toned matts from the palette: Mint Choco, Blue Razz, and Jelly Bean.

On this eye, I repeated the same process as the other eye, applying Mint Choco to the outer third, Blue Razz to the inner third, and Jelly Bean to the outer third and wrapping down to the outer corner.

For the shimmers, I wanted to cut the crease to get a little more separation, so I laid down some of the Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer in C0 White.  I’m definitely not an expert at cut creases, and I couldn’t find a lip brush to apply the concealer so I had to use the concealer wand, but basically I just wanted to separate out the crease area and bring it out to the outer corner in a rounded shape.  Then I started applying the shimmers from the middle row of the Sugar Crystal palette.

Similar to what I did with the mattes, I started in the inner corner with Lemon Drop and did the inner third, then did Orange Crème on the inner third, and applied Strawberry on the outer third.

Cool toned lid?  Second verse, same as the first!  I started in the inner corner with Pistachio, then Sweet n’ Sour in the middle third, and Grape on the outer third of the lid.

I liked the cut crease with the initial application, but I wanted a little bit more definition between the shimmer and the mattes, so I decided to outline the shape with the KVD Vegan Beauty Ink Well Liner in White Out.  This is not my favorite product.  I’m not great with liquid liner to start with, and this one seemed a little water and not as opaque as I would have liked.  It wasn’t terrible, but if you were trying to do a solid white winged liner for example, you would probably be disappointed with this as an option.

There is one more row of shimmers around the bottom of the Sugar Crystals palette.  While the middle row is a little more pigmented and more true to color, while the bottom row is softer shimmers that have a white/sheer base with a duochrome kind of shimmer.  With these lighter shimmers, I decided to blend those out from the edge of the mattes up onto the brow bone.  It looks a little crazy and diffused at this step, but it will start to come together a bit more once I add in the brows! For the warm-toned side, I started with Butter Cream in the inner third, blending into Sherbet in the middle third, and Cotton Candy on the outer third.

For the cool-toned eye, I started with Limeaid on the inner third, into Sugar Crystals on the middle third, and then Lollipop on the outer third.  I love the soft shimmery glow that these shimmer give to the eye and I think they are an interesting complement to the slightly deeper, more saturated shimmers that I used on the lid.

I couldn’t do a rainbow look and not do rainbow brows!  I decided to contrast the brows, putting the cool-toned shades above the warm-toned eye, and vice versa.  This is something that I will also mirror on the lower lash line in an upcoming step.  I started by drawing out the brow shape in a black pencil and filling it in with that pencil.  Then I used various shades in the palette to build up the rainbow color.  I primarily used the middle row shimmers, and then added some of the mattes if the color wasn’t quite saturated enough (like with the yellow and orange sections).  Adding the brows helped rein in the shimmery duochromes and give the eye a stronger overall structure.

For contour, I wanted to keep this look a little lighter and airy, so I went in with the KVD Vegan Beauty Shade & Light palette in the lightest shade, Sombre, and cut out a bit of my cheekbones.  I used the two darker contour shades, Shadowplay and Subconscious, under my chin and down my neck.

For blush, I decided to dip into the Natasha Denona Diamond and Blush palette in Darya.  For as much as Miss Natasha Oh No She Betta Don’t charges for these palettes (the original price is a whopping $90, though I was like most of the world and waited for them to go half off at Sephora before I picked this up!) I just feel like she could take the time to name the individual shades, but she doesn’t.

These products are all super light on pigment and the changes are subtle, but I started with the Cream Blush, tapping it on with my finger (upper left).  Then I used a Real Techniques #200 Expert Face Brush to add some of the Duo Glow (upper right).  Finally, using the same Real Techniques brush, I added some of the Diamond Powder.  Normally I would want to punch this up with more color, but I wanted to keep this a little lighter and more pastel, so I left it as is – I knew that I was going to go ham with some accent products later anyway!

First, I wanted to add some shimmery highlight with the Kaleidos Makeup highlighter in Star Surfer.  I used this on my cheeks, blending pretty far down into the blush, and wrapped it up near the eye.  I also did down the nose, cupid’s bow, and just a touch on the chin.

I also recently picked up a few of the Jaclyn Hill highlighting products when Morphe was having a sale (longer review coming soon!) so I went all over the face with the Luminous Powder in the shade Brighten Up.  I didn’t notice a huge difference, but there is a slightly subtle glow to the skin.  I need to play with it some more, and it might have been overpowered by all of the highlight and glowy blush that I had used.  I knew that this product wasn’t meant to be a crazy, in your face kind of glow, but I was hoping to see a little bit more of a difference.

Speaking of Ms. Shill (sorry, I couldn’t resist),  I also picked up the Accent Light highlighter palette in The Flash.  I used the shade Mesmerized to go over the areas with the Kaleidos highlight just to add a little more shine and to make the tone a little less icy pink.

For lashes, I put down a quick layer of Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and then tried out a new pair of the Sweet Treat lashes from Peachy Queen.  I’m super sad that they aren’t carrying these styles of lashes anymore, but they have a lash subscription box, and I’m half tempted to sign up!  These lashes are amazing, and their subscription is only $20 a month for three pairs.  Cake Pop is one of my favorite kinds of lash styles: kind of whispy with separate chunks of fibers, and heavier on the outer edge.

Once again, my lip look required three layers to achieve because I am an absolute monster.  The first layer was Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Watermelon Soda.

That pink was pretty but a little too deep, so I went over it with the Gerard Cosmetics Metal Matte liquid lipstick in the shade Fuzzy Navel.  This made it a little lighter and brighter and give it a little bit of sheen.

I said a little bit of sheen – but I want a LOT!  So I went over the lips with a bit of the MAC Oh Sweetie Lip Gloss in the shade Funfetti Cake.  I love, love, love these glosses!  I wish MAC would bring them back – the colors are fun, the scents are amazing, and they sold out way too fast!  I need more options!

What’s a unicorn without a little glitter?!  I knew that I wanted to add some glitter and glam to this look, and I knew that I wanted to use my custom Miss Jaye Space Jam glitter gel from Lemonhead LA.  But instead of just doing a typical glitter highlight or glitter tears, this time I decided to try out a “glitter freckles” sort of effect.  Emily Hanhan recently did neon freckles using the Glam Vice Cosmetics neon cake liners and I was obsessed, so I wanted to see if I could get something like a freckle look using the particles in the glitter gel.  I tapped it out softly across my cheeks, trying to get the pieces to spread out in a pattern that might look a bit like freckles.  To add to the effect, I also patted the gel onto the tip of my nose.  I don’t know if it was completely successful in terms of looking like freckles, but I like the glittery effect and I think it looked cute on my nose, so I’m happy with it.

And that’s the completed look!  What do you think of this Lisa Frank-esque rainbow celebration!  It was going to be a pastel rainbow and became sort of a neon and pastel combination, but I don’t mind: it’s very drag, and it gives the look more depth and dimension than just using the pastels by themselves.  If you wanted to do a scaled down version of this look, You could stick to either row of shimmers and just do them across the lids.  Adding a white or black winged liner would add a little more structure to a loose, airy look.

With these Face Friday posts, I generally stress that this is not about buying all of the products that I’m showing and that you can create these kinds of looks using the products that you already have in your collection.  That’s still true, but if you’ve been looking for a palette that would be good for creating bright and pastel rainbow looks, I really do recommend the Sugar Crystals palettes.  The shades are nice and pigmented, and I love that they have the 6 colors of the rainbow, each color with three different shades/finishes.  It’s a nice palette, and the performance is top notch.

I also took some pictures to show off my cute mint green mask that I got from my friend Amy from Amy Jo’s Handmade.  She does all kinds of amazing sewing, costume and set design, and other artistic endeavors.  You should definitely follow @amyjoshandmade on Instagram to see all of her artistic adventures.  I also got another mask from my friend Angie at Beautiful Eccentric, so don’t be surprised if that makes an appearance in an upcoming post.  Hey, it’s a whole new world!  Time to bring out that pandemic couture!

Let me know in the comments what sort of looks or products you would like to see in upcoming Face Friday posts.  I’ve been loving the creative surge of playing with makeup during these crazy times, so give me some inspiration and let me know what you want to see!  Hope you are healthy and safe, and much love!

(I usually remember to mention this, but in this post as in all of the other posts, none of the links provided are affiliated.  I do not make any sort of commission on any sales to any of these brands, I just like linking back to the products because that’s what I like as a user – even if I don’t want to buy all/any of the products listed, I like to explore brands and see what they have to offer.  I’m not opposed to affiliate links, but some people are and disclosure is important. XOXO – Miss Jaye)

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  1. Kayla 04/17/2020

    I personally think you should keep the early steps in. I like knowing and being reminded of what happens before the color application starts. BTW, that Watermelon Crush lip color is *amazing*.

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