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Face Friday: Bald, Bare, & Beautiful In Browns Feat. Tarte & ColourPop!

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Face Friday: Bald, Bare, & Beautiful In Browns Feat. Tarte & ColourPop!

Y’all, the world is putting me through it!

As you may know, I am a thicker milkshake, and when I sweat, I start in the hair on the back and sides of my head.  It’s gross, and it’s the primary reason why I keep my hair pretty short; any time I’ve tried to grow it out, one instance of vigorous activity sends me running for my stylist!

Well, with lockdown in full effect I knew it was going to be quite some time before I could let the professionals handle this mess, so I took matters into my own hands – literally!  I grabbed the clippers and went to town!

When I was thinking about this Face Friday makeup look, I knew I wanted to do more of a monochromatic look but I wasn’t sure what color to do.  Purple got the most votes, followed pretty closely by pink and blue (with several other good suggestions as well – be on the lookout for more monochromatic looks to head your way in the future!), but then Mama Champagne, famed smartass that she is, chimed in with her two cents:

At first I was like….ewwww.  I am always ragging on the basic beige bitches that complain if two palettes have a similar shade of blue or green, but greedily clutch their tarte palettes in their manicured paws.  But then I started to think it might be fun to play around with boring neutrals and make them, well, not boring!  Beige, but make it drag!  Then I was thinking about the fact that I had just shaved my head and would be showing off my newly shorn skull in the post, and I started to think that maybe a nude look was absolutely what I needed!  So don’t worry – more color is definitely coming to these step by step posts, but for this look we’re embracing our inner Becky and going 50 shades of Beige!

Here’s the final look:

I decided to do a squared off inner corner, which I do a lot.  It’s sort of a subtle nod to Frank-N-Furter and it also distracts from the fact that I can’t do nose contour for shit!

To start the look, I decided to try a sample of a primer from Ofra that I got with a recent order.

The Northern Lights primer is supposed to be illuminating, and it was alright.  I didn’t notice any great smoothing action, but it felt nice enough on the skin.  These pictures aren’t a true representation of the look as I adjusted my lighting after the first photo because my arm holding the phone was casting too much of a shadow, but I didn’t really notice it until after I had applied the primer.  So if the second picture looks brighter (and paler!) that’s why!  It was nice enough, but I’m not rushing out to get it right away.  We’ll see if a sale comes my way…

I don’t know if the lack of hair as a distraction allowed me to see it better or if it was just the better lighting, but I was feeling extra red, so I brought my Jeffree Star Magic Concealer in green up to the forehead and down onto the chin (which I blended up under the nose).  Again, I blended it out until it just looks sort of milky and neutral.

Maybe it’s the stress of the entire fucking world going up in flames, but I was also a little self-conscious about the darkness under my eyes, so I used the lightest shade from this BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Concealer wheel in Light/Medium.  It blended out nicely and gave me good coverage.

Since I knew I would have to blend over my natural hairline and up onto my head without just caking my entire head in makeup, I used the foundation that I think best matches my natural skintone: BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in Rosy Beige.  It gave me a nice even coverage, and I liked the way I was able to softly blend it up onto my head.

I knew I wanted this look to have a lot of brightness under the eye, so I used my Jeffree Star Magic Concealer in C10 mixed with some of C0 (white) under my eyes, and then used C10 alone on my forehead and cupid’s bow/chin.  The white mixed in nicely with the C10 concealer, and I do love the finish of this product – I just wish there was more of it for the price you pay!

I also wanted to give these neutral shades every change to be successful, so I went with my tried and true Coty Airspun powder in Translucent Extra Coverage to bake under my eyes and do a subtle carve at the jaw.  I don’t do a lot of nude/neutral looks, so I wanted to stick with products I could count on, so if the look didn’t come out, I would know it was because I really am just destined for color!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills eye primer is a product that I have really come around on!  It dries down pretty quickly and it doesn’t stay tacky, which is not usually my preference, but it’s great for working with tricky mattes that tend to grab your base and darken.  I put this all over the eyes and really got my Uncle Fester fantasy on!

I mean, if you’re going to go beige and basic, you have to go tarte, right?  I’ve had these damn Rainforest of the Sea palettes knocking around my collection for a while, and I figured this was the perfect chance to take them for a ride around the block.  I used volumes 1-3, and as I show off the shades, I’ll refer to the palettes as RSv1 for volume 1, RSv2 for volume 2, and RSv3 for volume 3.  The first shade I dipped into was Tiki from RSv3.  I used that just on the inner part of the crease to add a little more flesh tone back to the primer in the crease, and blended that into Cove from RSv1, a slightly darker shade, for the outer portion of the crease.  This was just to start suggesting a shape, so I don’t mind that it blended in pretty well with my skintone.

Next up was Siren from RSv2.  This deep brown shimmer was great for blending out and darkening the outer portion of my eye and start to create a little contrast.

The tarte shadows were ok, but I wanted something with a little more pop – ColourPop to be exact!  I used one of their newer 9-pan palettes, Going Coconuts, with shades of beige and brown to round out the eye look.

First up, I started to “drag it out” by using the matte shade Nutty to create a rounded shape with the squared off inner corner and took it around the whole shape and blended sown into Siren.  I also took it to the lower lash line and connected the shapes up on the outer corner.

Next up, I used Get Crackin’, a silvery taupe shade that’s mostly matte but has some silver glitter suspended in it, to blend from Siren into the pale, “naked” part of the look in the inner corner and center.

Next up, I used the mid-toned matte Coolada to slightly darken the lighter inner part before brightening it up again with the pale white-based gold shade, Palm Reader.  This shade is super chunky and messy, but it was great for that shimmery inner corner look I wanted.  I loved the blend except that there was too much of a change between Palm Reader and the darker shades on the outer part.  I wanted a slightly darker shimmer to help it all flow together.

Coco Crush was perfect!  The shimmer merged perfectly with Palm Reader, and it help make a softer transition into the darker shades on the outer part of the eye.

Ok, so this look wouldn’t exactly make sense with colorful brows per se, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t still have fun shimmer brows!  I drew the shape with the LA Girl eyeliner pencil in Brown, and then used the two darker shades in this picture Malibu (RSv3) and Siren (RSv2) to great a subtle ombre shimmer..  I also highlighted under the brows with Treasure (RSv3) and added a nude line to the waterline with ColourPop’s Gel Liner in HoneyDude.

For this look, I knew that I didn’t want to go crazy with blush, but rather focus on contouring and highlight.

On the cheeks I did a light bronzy contour with the lightest contour shade, Sombre, from the KVD Vegan Beauty Shade & Light palette.  For the neck contour, I disguides the Jabba the Hut realness with Shadowplay and Subconscious, the two darker contour shades in the palette.

To help structure the contour and lighten it a bit, I used the lighter side of the Wet N Wild Hello Halo Blushlighter in Flash Me.  This peachy gold was a little warm, but I don’t think it threw off this mostly neutral look.  I actually really like this blended into the contour!  Wet N Wild is rather hit and miss for me, but I find that their blushes and highlights almost always hit for me!

If I can’t do color, at least I can still do glow!  I decided to layer two highlights for maximum impact starting with the Too Faced You’re Jelly Highlighter in the shade Gilded Champagne.  I tapped it out across the cheekbones, on the nose, and a little on my upper lip.  I also put a little on each temple, above the brow, but not as much as the rest of the face.  Pretty, but a more subtle glow than what I wanted.  I needed to SHINE!

I amped up the glow with the LA Girl StrobeLite Strobing Powder in 110 Watt.  I went over all of the same places with this, and it blended perfectly into the gel highlight!  It’s a little lighter and a little more yellow-gold than the Too Faced, and I love the combo!  So much shimmery goodness!

Lips, take 1!  I started by lining my lips with the LA Girl pencil in Brown that I used for my brows and then used the Lime Crime Lip Blaze in Jade.  It was pretty, but I wanted more contrast between the browns, and less warmth.

I slapped on some Lorac Cobra mascara (not a fan) and a pair of lashes that I lost the packaging too, but I think they are from the LOL lash duo from Lena Lashes, and then I changed out the lip color.  I used the same liner, but this time I added the Lunatick Labs Lip Slick in Coven Cream.  It’s a little lighter and a bit more neutral, which is what I wanted for the final look.

I decided to forgo any harsh eyeliner around the eyes and keep it more naked and open, but I wanted to add one more touch.

I used the tarte Treasure Pot glitter gel in Pride to create glitter tears.  This is a look I do often, and I love the wet look that this gel gives!  Hey, even big girls cry sometimes, right?

How perfect is Maddie’s look in this video with my nude theme?  Gotta love synchronicity!

So that’s the step by step on this nearly naked look!  It’s not my favorite, but I have to admit that I had fun playing around with these more neutral colors – how do you make something exaggerated and drag-y when you’re color palette doesn’t include the entire rainbow?!  Just don’t expect it to be permanent; I’m already cooking up some fun monochromatic looks using the colors people voted for on Facebook, as well as some other themed looks!

As always, if you have any thoughts on these Face Friday posts – what you’d like to see, products or techniques you’re interested in – throw a comment below and I’ll try to incorporate it into a future post.  Hope you are all weathering the storm, staying engaged with the world (from a safe distance!), and being kind to yourself!

And as always, I want to link as many of the products as I can, not because I think you need to buy them (and certainly not because I think you need these particular products to create a look like this!) but to make it easier to explore and compare the products I used with the ones in your collection and the purchase things you may want if you think they will spark joy!  They can also be good for reference purposes.  I don’t have any affiliate relationships with any of these brands, so these are just for reference.  But don’t be afraid to play in your own collections and adapt what I’ve done here for what you have!

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