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Face Friday: Baby I Can See Your Halo…& It’s A Bit Of A Mess! Feat. Give Me Glow & Kim Chi Chic Beauty!

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Face Friday: Baby I Can See Your Halo…& It’s A Bit Of A Mess! Feat. Give Me Glow & Kim Chi Chic Beauty!

Hello Champagne Dreamers, and welcome to another installment of Face Friday!  This week I wanted to push myself a little and work on a technique that I have loved for a long time and have never really been able to master: the halo eye!  Here is a gorgeous example from one of my favorite YouTubers and an absolute master of both the cut crease and the halo eye, MakeMeUpMissa!

(I’ll include the video of this look at the bottom!)

Basically a halo or spotlight eye is one where you have darker colors on the outer and inner corner and a lighter shade or shades on the center creating the look of a spotlight shining down the center of the lid.  I’ve tried this look on several occasions, and I always struggle.  Since I’m a big ol’ drag queen and I paint way up my forehead, I think I was trying to make the halo area too big.  To compensate, I decided to try the halo part in a size much closer to my natural eye area (though I still made it a little bigger since my eyes are very deep set) and then surround it with contrast colors to enlarge the overall look and still get that fabulous draginess that I love!

Here’s how it turned out:

I think I got the basic idea in there, but these damn deep set eyes!  So much of it gets swallowed up when my eyes are open.  You can see the idea of the halo when I have my eyes closed, but I also probably should have tried a more contrasting color combination.  I’ll be playing with this style again, but for this look I was dying to play with one of the new palettes I picked up during my Black Friday shopping craze: the Vivid Rose palette from Give Me Glow Cosmetics!  A full review of that palette is coming – it will actually be my FINAL product review of 2020, publishing at 2 pm CST on Monday, December 28! – but you’ll get to see it in action here, as well as some new face products that I picked up from Kim Chi Chic Beauty!

Since that palette is this gorgeous mix of electric pinks and purples, I decided to do a sort of editorial neon look – definitely not for the faint of heart!  You could do a tamed down version of this look by skipping the purple around the halo, pairing it with a softer, sweeter lip, and definitely by doing a more natural blush.  But where’s the fun in that?!  I wanted 80s, neon-drenched, strong blush, and lots of excess!

Let’s get into this halo eye!

My skin has been going through it lately, and I love doubling up on primers, so I went with a favorite combination that I’ve been using a lot lately: I started by laying down some Peach Delight Mattifying Primer from I Heart Revolution, followed up with the Dew You Luminous Primer from Too Faced in Radiant Nude.  My pores are a disaster zone, so I always like to have some sort of silicone primer to help fill them up a little bit, but the Too Faced primer is just so good!  I love them together, and I feel like it gives me a good base to start the look.

No surprise here – I’ve been loving the Uoma Beauty Say What Foundation in T3C all year.  This is a fabulous product and I really love the buildable coverage and the soft almost matte finish that it gives me.  This one is definitely a keeper!

As you may have seen in my Black Friday Shopping video (and if you didn’t watch it, it’s conveniently included above!), I picked up a bunch of new products from Kim Chi Chic Beauty.  I’ve got a full review of the pieces I bought planned for early January, but I figured this was a great opportunity to give them a first run!  I highlighted under my eyes and down the center of my nose with The Most Concealer in TMC – 02 Peachy Ivory.  The product was nice enough, but I HATE the applicator – more on that in the review!  I also put down some of the Puff Puff Pass Set & Bake Powder in PPP 03 Translucent.  I used the included puff, which I normally don’t like to do, but it did a good job protecting me from fallout – and trust me when I say there was some fallout with this look!  Woof!  I also primed with the Morphe Eyelid Primer in Translucent.  You’ve seen it before; I’m working my way through it and I don’t have a ton of primers right now, so it will definitely be a familiar face…on my face.  Whatever, you know what I mean.

You know a bitch loved an arched eye look like a goddamn Disney villain, but I figured one of my problems with the halo eye is that I wasn’t keeping the rounded shape that really makes the spotlight work.  So I decided to work with a very rounded shape using the pinks in the Give Me Glow Vivid Rose palette, and then I would add color surrounding it with the purples to created the arched look.  To start, I laid down a circle of the matte dusty pink shade Spill The Tea Rose to establish the shape and give this part of the look a boundary.

Next up, I started to create the spotlight area with a couple of matte shades.  I used Pretty Peony, a gorgeous and bright neon pink, to darken the outer and inner corners of the look, leaving the center of the lid open.  Then I went over the center section with Pop Of Pink, a lighter matte pink.  There wasn’t as much contrast as I was hoping for, but you can see how there is a suggestion of a beam of light down the center of the lid.

To give out spotlight some…well, light, I started by adding some of the golden pink shimmer shade Pink Rose down the very center of the lighter pink shade.  This was pretty, but I wasn’t getting as much of a pop of light as I wanted, so I decided to pull in the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Extreme Frost highlighter in Lick My Glit (yes, that’s really the name…I know).  This lightened up the look quite a bit and added some glitter.  Then I just went back and forth between all of the pinks in the look to smooth out the blend.

Now to surround the pink with some purple and get my beloved arch!  I started with a bright violet matte shade, Flower Power, and traced around the shape of pink, thickening the line a bit on the part where I was going to pur the arch.  Then I used a darker, more balanced purple shade, He Loves Me Not, to darken the outer edge and create the arch.  I’m going to warn you now – either of these eyes is lovely on its own, but they don’t match worth a damn.  I didn’t want to do brows with this look, which might have camouflaged it a little bit more, but I didn’t so here we are.  Just go with it – it doesn’t get better…

Once I had the arches constructed and blended out to my liking, I went back to Spill The Tea Rose and blended it along the edge of the purple, softening that border.  Then I finished the lower lash line using Pretty Peony on the outer and inner corner to blend up to the pink above, and then foiled Petal to the Metal in the center and blending it toward the inner corner.  A lot of times people will mirror the halo on the lower lash line, but I wanted to bring in a hint of the purple while still keeping it light and shiny, so that shimmer shade was the perfect option.

Mascara and lashes can really help pull a look together – and these did their best!  I put down some Bad Gal Bang! Mascara to darken the lashes.  This is fine, but I don’t love it.  I even curled my lashes using the lash curler from the Melt Cosmetics Beetlejuice collection, but I didn’t get much length or darkness from my natural lashes.  Luckily I had backup: a handmade pair of lashes with Swarovski crystals from The For Real Shop by Mary Kelly!  Mary and I met through IG a few years ago, and she worked at a Sephora at the mall near where I stayed when I was in Phoenix for work, and we’ve been internet friends ever since!  She makes amazing lashes!  Right now that side of the shop isn’t in production (damn Miss Rona!) but she also makes some really amazing hand-poured candles with crystals and herbs and amazing fragrances!  Definitely check her stuff out!  I’ve talked about her before – she’s the one who made the gorgeous Swarovski skull lashes that I wore in my Queen of the Night photo session with Brooklyn Ewing and to host the Boulet Brothers panel at Days of the Dead Atlanta back in January!

For the contour, I decided to give another shot to the Kim Chi Chic Beauty Thailor Bronzer in I Went To Waikiki.  I used this in last week’s Face Friday and had a little bit of a mishap: there was some patchiness and a stripe where I just couldn’t get the product to stick.  I didn’t have the same problem this time and I like the way the contour looks in these pictures, but it was still a little bit of a struggle to lay down.  I’m not sure I would repurchase this bronzer; I’m going to keep trying and see if I can find a way to make it work, but I don’t think it’s destined to become a fave.

I loved the electric neon look of the eye look, very 80s, so I decided to take the look in a very editorial look and do some blush draping and extreme blush.  And what better product to use than my new Fairy Blush palette from Likely Makeup?!  I have a review of this palette as well as the Clown Blush palette HERE, but I’m loving these wild colors and this Amethyst shade was the perfect start to the blush look: I blended it over my contour to make it more cool-toned and sort of a light bruised color.  It’s extreme, I get that, but it’s just the start and I love the way those combined!

Then using the same palette, I used the shade Rose Quartz to add a pastel pink flush to the cheeks and blended that down into the purple.  Again, I know it’s a lot!  I wanted that really 80s strong blush look!  I loved the combo, but I didn’t like that it was all matte.  Gotta have a little glow in my blush, especially with that soft matte foundation!

I decided to use the Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo in Pink Dahlia, blending the shimmer shade onto the apples of my cheeks and down into the pink.  I was nervous looking at the shade in the pan, but I think it combined nicely and added the glowy blush shine that I was looking for and made the blend on the cheeks a lot smoother!

I loved the pink glitter shine that it brought to the center of the eye look, so I decided to use the Extreme Frost Highlighter as my actual highlighter as well!  I went ham!  I wrapped it around the eye look and also blended it into the forehead contour.  I did the nose and the cupid’s bow, and though they don’t look that shiny in the pics, they were blazing!

Since I was playing with all kinds of new makeup, I decided to go with a dark dramatic lip using two of the liquid lipsticks from the Melt Loves Beetlejuice collection!  I have a review of the collection (well, the pieces that I bought anyway!) coming this Monday, December 21st at 2pm CST, but I’ll let you know that these lipsticks were definitely a highlight of my experiences with the collection!  I started by laying down Weirder & Weirder, a deep navy blue with purple and blue glitter shine that emerges as it dries and as you blot your lips together.  I used this to line my lips and fill in most of the way, leaving the very center of my lips bare.  Then I covered over the whole area except for the very outer line of the blue with Strange & Unusual, a bright fuchsia pink with lots of metallic glitter shine.  It melted into the blue beautifully, and the bare center lip gave me a nice ombre effect!

So there is the look!  I wish I had had a fun 80s style punk pink wig to pair with the look, but I tried a few different options!  What do you think?  Are you living for the neon orchid fantasy?  How would you wear this look?  Have you ever tried a halo eye – and if you have, any tips?!  I don’t think I was totally successful, but I’m still happy with the final look.  I got to have some playtime, and even if it wasn’t perfect, I think that this is the best attempt at a halo eye that I’ve had so far!

As always, none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way; I simply provide them so that you can browse products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you desire.  I don’t have a formal affiliate relationship with Mary Kelly, but we are friends and she has gifted me some lashes in the past, but the pair used here is one that I ordered and paid for.  I just really enjoy her work and she’s a fantastic human so I want to support her work in this crazy dumpster fire of a world!  Don’t feel like you need to have the exact products used in this (or any) tutorial to recreate or adapt a makeup look.  Don’t be afraid to shop your stash!

And because I promised it, and because she is definitely the queen, here is MakeMeUpMissa’s video creating the Halo Eye look that I showed off above!

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