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Face Friday Archive

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Face Friday Archive

I’d done a couple of posts where I recorded my transformation process, which would influence these posts, but when the pandemic started I decided to “paint my way through the apocalypse!”  Hence, Face Friday was born!  Each post is a full step by step walkthrough of how I create one of my drag looks including photos at each step, application tips, and even some low key product reviews.  I’ve stopped doing a weekly look as things get back to something that resembles normal, but I’ll still be creating looks here and there – and when I do, they’ll be easy to find right here!

Face Friday – Step By Step Makeup Looks & Other Non-Review Content:

Face Friday: Stumbling Into Pride With This Half-Assed Look, Feat. Huda Beauty

Face Friday: Creating A Summer Body Photo Shoot Look, Feat. Trixie Cosmetics & Devinah!

Face Friday: She’s Stage Ready In This Audition Look, Feat. Made By Mitchell & Give me Glow!

Face 420: Let’s Blaze Up Some Weed-Themed Makeup Products For A Very “Green” Look! Feat. Melt Cosmetics!

Face Friday: Becoming A Legendary Creature With Marijuana-Themed Makeup!

Face Friday: We’re Back With This Peachy Keen Look, Feat. Kaleidos Makeup & Dazzle Me Dead Cosmetics!

Face Friday: Curating My Dream Classic Dark Shadows Palette, Feat. Give Me Glow Cosmetics!

Face Friday: Becoming A (Wanda)Vision In Red, Feat. Jeffree Star Cosmetics & Trixie Cosmetics!

Face Friday: Love Stinks…But This Pastel Unicorn Fantasy Doesn’t, Feat. Give Me Glow Cosmetics!

Face Friday: Miss Jaye Is Getting “Cupid Ready” Early With This Candy Hearts Inspired Look!

Face Friday: Getting The Blueprint For Birthday Beauty Glam, Feat. Melt Cosmetics

Face Friday: Georgia On My Mind, Feat. Black-Owned & Queer-Owned Makeup Brands!

Face Friday: I’ll Have A Blue Christmas With Barbie, Feat. Morphe X Lisa Frank & BH Cosmetics!

Face Friday: Baby I Can See Your Halo…& It’s A Bit Of A Mess!  Feat. Give Me Glow & Kim Chi Chic Beauty!

Face Friday: She Has A Coupon & She Wants To Speak To A Manager; Her Name Is Karen

Face Friday: More Toy Aisle Inspiration, Feat. A Blume Doll & The Glamlite Ice Cream Dreams Palette!

Face Friday: Miss Jaye Makes Your Halloween Nightmares Come True, Feat. Peachy Queen!

Face Friday: Witchy Woman Done Two Ways, Feat. BH Cosmetics’ Drop Dead Gorgeous Collection!

Face Friday: The Lighter Side Of Halloween, Feat. Glamlite & Lemonhead LA!

Face Friday: 50 Shades of Beige, The Sequel – 50 Shades Darker! Feat. THAT Infamous Palette…

Face Friday: Color Reveal Barbie Inspires Pop Art Popcorn Look!

Face Friday: Pastel Fantasy Inspired By Color Reveal Barbie, Feat. Lethal Cosmetics & Midas X Smokey Glow

Face Friday: Letting Barbie Choose My Look & Make Me Crave Tacos!

Face Friday: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For This Ice Cream Gradient Look Feat. BH Cosmetics

Face Friday: Orange You Going A Bit Overboard With This Monochromatic Look?!

Face Friday: Miss Jaye Gets Back In The Swing Of Things With A Full Face Of Fenty Beauty

Face Friday: A Full Face Of Black Owned Makeup Brands – With No Fenty Or Pat McGrath!

Face Friday: Getting Electric Glam With A New BOMB On The Scene, Feat. Uoma Beauty!

Face Friday: Not So Easy Bake – A Fussy Floral Look Using BOMB Beauty Bakerie!

Face Friday: The First Pride Was A Riot – Rainbow Eyes Feat. Black Owned Makeup Brand Juvia’s Place

Gentlemen Prefer Curated: Custom Collections For My Favorite Movie, Feat. Devinah Single Shadows

Face Friday: Fraudulent First Date Glam Feat. Uoma Beauty & Juvia’s Place!

Face Friday: Every Rose Has Its Thron With This Floral Fantasy Look, Feat. Give Me Glow!

Face Friday: Chillin’ Out In Quarantine With An Ice Queen Look, Feat. Jeffree Star Cosmetics!

Face Friday: It’s Veggie Pizza Vs. Meat Pizza Feat. Glamlite Cosmetics!

We Rise Up With This Phoenix Eye Look, Feat. GlamLite Cake Palette!

Painting Our Way Through The Apocalypse, Feat. Juvia’s Place & ColourPop!

Be A Quarantine Cutie With This Neon/Pastel Rainbow Eyes Feat. Violet Voss!

Face Friday…But On A Monday?! Trying Out “Glass Skin” With Revolution Beauty

You Voted & Purple Reigns, Feat. Jeffree Star Cosmetics!

Bald, Bare, & Beautiful in Browns, Feat. Tarte & ColourPop!

You’re The One, With This Rubber Duckie Inspired Look Feat. Custom Lashes By The Real Mary Kelly!

Live The Pink & Blue Fantasy With Lunar Beauty, Uoma, & Milani!

Making Franken-Makeup With Some Old Faves!

Miss Jaye Creates A Dramatic Diva Look With Jeffree Star Blood Lust Collection

Celebrating Black History Month With Some Amazing Black YouTube Beauty Creators

Full Face Of Too Faced Tutti Fruitti Collection – Glam & Gorgeous!

Full Face, (Mostly) One Brand: NYX Cosmetics (This was the initial post that became the inspiration for the Face Friday walkthroughs!  Even though it doesn’t show each step being applied, I decided to include it anyway, since this post is really what started it all! XOXO – Miss Jaye)

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