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Face Friday: A Full Face Of Black Owned Makeup Brands – With No Fenty Or Pat McGrath!

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Face Friday: A Full Face Of Black Owned Makeup Brands – With No Fenty Or Pat McGrath!

Hello Champagne Dreamers!  Welcome to the final Face Friday of Pride month, and this one is going to be a lot of fun: I’m using a whole face of a collection of amazing black-owned makeup brands.  As much as possible, I’ve tried to stay away from the “big 3” that I used for the other June Face Fridays (Juvia’s Place, Beauty Bakerie, and Uoma Beauty) but I did need to pull a few minor things in – but I definitely didn’t have any Fenty or Pat McGrath!

Want to know why that’s a big deal?  Check out my recent video, “12 Black-Owned Makeup Brands (That Aren’t Fenty Or Pat McGrath):

So let’s get into this look – here’s the final look:

There is one product I used that ISN’T a BOMB product, but we’ll talk about why I did it when we get to that step.  Except for that, get ready to see some fun products from a bunch of different BOMBs!

To start, I primed with the Black Opal True Color Perfecting Primer in the shade Fair.  As you can see in the bottom left picture, the cream turns a slightly darker shade once applied, and it definitely scared me on my hands (it looked almost red!) but I liked the overall application, and it gave me a glowy, bronzed look similar to my Too Faced primer that I’ve been using.  I like it, but I don’t know that I would repurchase it again – I need to check and see if they have any without a base pigment, because I did like the formula other than that.

I had a liquid foundation from Sacha but I decided to go in with two shades of the Black Opal Crème Stick Foundation: the slightly darker Champagne Beige around the perimeter of my face and the lighter Cool Nude in the center, which I then blended out with a Beauty Bakerie Blending Egg.  I really liked the coverage of this, and the shades blended together perfectly.  I also appreciated that they were truly cool in tone – no yellow banana face!

As you’re about to see, the undereye area was this week’s primary struggle, and it started with concealer.  I did have a concealer that I bought from Black Opal, but I somehow managed to get it about 2 shades darker than the foundation.  That’s why I hate online foundation/concealer shopping – I can’t be trusted to understand colors and descriptions!  So instead of low-lighting my undereyes, I just went in with old standby Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer in White Pearl T1 and blended it out under the eyes and down the center of the face.

I managed to not ruin my undereye area with the concealer, and then I turned around and did it with the loose powder that I baked with: the Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Powder.  It was…not invisible.  It was very visible, several shades darker than my foundation, and proceeded to darken the longer I left it on.  It was my nightmare.  The shade was “translucent” so I’m not sure why the color was so aggressive, but I spent the whole eye look in a mild panic, hoping that I could rein it all in with concealer after the eyes were done.

For the eyes, I primed with the Beauty Bakerie Eyescream in Pancake.  I wish they would bring these back!  I think this is just as good (if not a little better) than MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly.

Green is my favorite color, so I decided I wanted a green look to close out Pride Month – on the Rainbow Flag, green stands for “nature,” and even though the closest I get to “roughing it” is staying in a hotel without room service, I still love it.  By the way – if you want to see my Bismarck Virtual Pride 2020 video where I talk about Pride symbols like the rainbow flag and the pink triangle along with their history, you can check that video out HERE!

To get started, I went into the Box of Crayons palette from The Crayon Case, and took the shade Lime Green on a big fluffy brush and gave my inner eye socket a good wash of the sheer, light green matte shade.

Next I went into the Vivid Pigments collection single shade Level Up and squared off the inner part of the look and started to build out the arch shape about halfway across my eye.  These singles are no longer available, but they are usually available as a collection in a palette.  They are all gorgeous, and I may pick up the palette even though I already have about 3 of the individual singles, but I wish they would bring them back in their single form as well!

Back into the Box of Crayons palette, I used the shade Green to finish creating the arch and blended it into the Coloured Rain shade.  I liked that the Box of Crayons shade was similar but a little more blue-toned.  It was the perfect shade for what I wanted to put down next!

Prismatic from the JD Glow Galaxy collection is a gorgeous spring green with a strong blue shift.  It’s really pretty and I loved the way it played with the lightest, brightest green in the inner corner as well as the more blue-toned green in the arch.

Note: As I was working on this post, I’ve heard some rumblings that perhaps JD Glow is not a black-owned makeup brand.  I also included them in my video linked above because I saw them mentioned on a list of BOMBs and also saw them included in a BOMB video by Tina at The Fancy Face.  I did a little research, and the truth is…I don’t know!  I can’t find any really solid information on who owns the brand.  I’m including them, but if I find out that it’s not legit, I will come in and update this post.  I used this and one other shade from the brand.

To start darkening the outer section of the eye, I went in with the Coloured Raine single Forbidden, a slightly shimmery forest green satin shade.  I used this on the outer v and smudged it up toward the arch slightly.

To blend the forest green up into the grass green matte of the arch, I used Paradise Isle from Coloured Raine.  I went back in with a little more Prismatic and patted it along the edge of the darker shades to soften the line.

To add some shimmer to the lid and further blend out the division between the lighter and darker shades, I used the shimmer shade Bay Breeze from Coloured Raine, starting at the inner edge of the lid and blending up and out at an angle.

Coloured Raine’s Glisten was the perfect palest yellow shimmer to lighten and brighten the inner corner, bringing it down onto the lower lashline.

I decided that I didn’t want to do brows with this look and instead bring in a contrast color for the lower lashline and the inner part of the arch, echoing where a brow would be if I had one.  I thought that Anomaly from JD Glow Cosmetics was the perfect option!  It’s a blue-toned pruple with a gorgeous bright blue shift.

Eyelash Icing from Beauty Bakerie is still the only BOMB mascara I own.  I still hate it.  If I used mascara more, I would invest in a good BOMB mascara, but since I don’t wear it often enough to spend much on a full size, and most of the BOMBs I’ve found don’t sell travel/sampler size mascaras, this one made an appearance again…sort of.  In the picture, you can’t even really tell that my lashes are darker, and they certainly didn’t gain any length or volume.  I’m sure someone loves this mascara, but I’ve had a terrible experience with it so far.  It’s a waterproof mascara, and I have notoriously bad luck with waterproof formulas, so maybe that’s it?

Lena Lashes is a great BOMB option for lashes, both synthetic and mink.  If you don’t like mink lashes, they have lots of options that are synthetic that still look lush and gorgeous, and they have amazing sales.  They also carry color cosmetics, so be sure to check them out.  I used a pair of synthetic lashes from their Lash Girl collection.

This is where I broke with the BOMB theme of this face, and I hope you’ll indulge me.  I did use a BOMB pair of lashes on the bottom as well as a BOMB mascara, so I figured it might be ok to cheat so that I could show off a pair of amazing lashes that I got from my friend Mary Kelly.  She does truly amazing custom lashes, all hand-glued with gorgeous Swarovski stones and other details.  Since we’re still on lockdown, and who knows when I’ll actually get out into the world again, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to break out this pair of fluffy synthetic lashes with two shades of green crystals.

To contour, I used the Sacha Powder Blush in Matte Brown.  It’s a smooth powder formula and it blended nicely into the stick foundation, though you’ll want to use a somewhat stiff blush brush for more control (if your brush is too fluffy, I think you’ll lose control easily!).

To build up the rest of the cheeks, I used a few blushes from Vault Cosmetics, which has since been renamed Jaque Mgido Cosmetics.  Note, she has changed the spelling from Jackie to Jacque – keep that in mind if you are searching out the brand!  The bright pink blush is the shade Minaj, and it is pigmented as hell!  I had to go really light and still blend it out with the lighter shade, Peach Sparkle.  Both of these shades are still available in the revamped brand.

I still felt like the blush was more intense than I wanted – I knew I wanted a statement lip with the statement eye, so the cheeks could be a little more subdued!  I blended over the blush and contour with the Vault Cosmetics blush in the shade Shimmer.  This is no longer available in the new brand.  In the theme of products no longer available, I used the 1.6.75 Cosmetics highlighter in the shade envy on my cheeks to give them a greenish gold shimmer.  I love this brand’s powder face products, and I’m hoping they are just on a temporary break, not gone forever.

For the highlight in the middle of my face, I didn’t want the greenish hue, so I switched over to the pinkish shade in the upper left of the Lemonade Highlighter palette from Lena Lashes.  That shade is called Bikini and it’s the lightest and most cool-toned option in the palette.

For the lips, I wanted a bright, electric pink fantasy, so I started with my newest BOMB purchase: The Lip Bar’s liquid matte lipstick in Haute Mess.  A review of all of the lip products I got from The Lip Bar will be up at 11 am central on Monday!  This shade is a deep electric pink, but it read really, really red in the pictures, so I decided to amp up the pink.  The Wet Paint Gloss in Rich Bytch from Ka’oir Cosmetics was perfect.  It has a sort of minty/hempy smell that reminds me so much of old school OCC Lip Tars.  This is a gorgeous color and not at all sticky.

It’s extreme, and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to recover from the undereye disaster (all I had to do was use a little more concealer and blend it all downward – it set up the contour nicely!), but I’m satisfied.  I’m making a face because I can’t remember how long it has been since I’ve worn a bottom lash and my face is low key not sure what’s happening.

As always, I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the brands included in this post, and I do not earn any commission of the links.  I merely provide them as a convenience so that you can discover new brands, browse their products, and make a purchase if you so choose.  Don’t feel like to you need to have these exact products to recreate or alter this or any other look you see on the internet – don’t be afraid to shop your own stash!

If you have any comments, suggestions, or requests for future Face Friday posts, please let me know below!

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