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Face 420: Let’s Blaze Up Some Weed-Themed Makeup Products For A Very “Green” Look! Feat. Melt Cosmetics!

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Face 420: Let’s Blaze Up Some Weed-Themed Makeup Products For A Very “Green” Look! Feat. Melt Cosmetics!

Hello Champagne Dreamers!  Welcome to a very special 4/20 edition of Face Friday!  In today’s post, I’m going to be creating a look with my favorite color – green – using a bunch of products that either reference weed or include cannabis-derived ingredients!  It’s a whole new toke…I mean, take on green!

Now, not every single product in this post is referencing or affiliated with weed or cannabis – it will be pretty clear in the names of the products, and I’ll call out any ingredients of note in each individual step.  I had originally planned for this look to feature two palettes from Melt Cosmetics, the Smoke Sessions palette and the new Mary Jane palette, but unfortunately Miss Rona is still fucking with my postal deliveries and the palette didn’t arrive in time!  That’s also why the review of that palette didn’t post yesterday; instead, I swapped in THIS REVIEW of the WandaVision collection from Ulta Beauty.  Don’t worry: the Mary Jane palette review will be up next Monday, and I’ll be sure it shows up in a Face Friday look soon – maybe even as soon as this Friday!

I was originally planning more of a mix between neutrals and greens, but since the Mary Jane was late (I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere about stoners being late?!) I shifted to this green gradient look instead.  However, I still needed a neutral shade to help pull it together and shape the look, so I grabbed the shade Stoner from the Up In Smoke palette from Peachy Queen.  This is a fairly simple look compared to what I usually do, but I love how it turned out!  Let’s dive in!

To get things primed and ready, I started off with a generous later of the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer.  This primer contains cannabis seed extract that helps to moisturize the skin.  It’s got a tacky feel, and you should let it set for at least 60 seconds before putting makeup down over it, but I really liked it!  I love the way the foundation sat on top of it.  If I was going to do one thing different, I would have paired it with a pore-filling primer.  I have a lot of texture on my skin, and I love pairing primers together to get the effect I want.

For the foundation, I decided to use my Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Foundation in 610 Cebu.  It’s a nice full coverage foundation, and since I wasn’t using a pore-filling primer, I wanted to make sure that I had a lot of coverage.  Then I highlighted my face with the benefit Boi-Ing concealer in No 1 under the eyes and No 2.5 down the center of the face, and blended out with a sponge.  Neither of these products have anything to do with weed, but I didn’t have any foundation options that did!  These are pretty regular features in my Face Friday looks, so I knew what to expect from them.

To bake under the eyes I used some of the appropriately named Puff Puff Pass Set & Bake Powder from Kim Chi Chic Beauty.  This is a pretty good powder, and I’ve come to like this even more than the Give Me Glow Sugar Cookie powder I used to always use.  I still like that other powder, and clearly I’m not opposed to owning multiple options in pretty much every category, but if I had to choose between the two, I would repurchase the Kim Chi powder.  Luckily I don’t have to choose.  To prime the eyes, I used the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden.  There is nothing weed-themed about this product either, but the first makeup product I remember encountering that had a weed reference in the name was a beautiful shade of green Urban Decay eyeshadow called Kush.  I was actually such a noob that I didn’t know what the word meant and I had to ask someone!  Oh, baby Miss Jaye.  What an innocent fool you were…

I started by taking the shade Stoner from the Peachy Queen Up In Smoke palette on a fluffy brush, and running that over where I wanted the crease to be.  Then I took the lightest green shimmer from the Melt Cosmetics’ Smoke Session palette, Blue Dream, and put that in the inner corner of the look, up onto the lid, and into the crease, ending at an angle.

Next I added to the shimmer with the shade Sweet Tooth, again ending at an angle, with the lower part of the shadow ending at the outer corner of the lid.  Then I used the dark, cool-green matte shade Space Queen to darken the outer v, keeping it very triangular, and leaving a black space above the matte and next to Sweet Tooth.  I actually really liked that interesting, graphic twist, and I almost kept it like that; it sort of reminded me of the jagged edges of the marijuana leaf.

But I gave in!  I wanted the full, rounded shade, so I used the last of the cool green shimmers in the Smoke Session palette, Mean Green, and I filled in that empty space above the matte and next to the shimmer, blending it softly into the edges of both.

Colored ombre brows are my jam, and since the eye look is a little smaller and more understated than what I often do, I wanted a full on green gradient!  I started by sketching the shape of the brow with the Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Demolition.  Then I used all 4 of the green shades that I used in the eye look.  I started by setting the whole brow with Space Queen to darken and give a greenish base.  Then I went over the whole brow with Mean Green to give it a deep green shimmer.  Next I took Sweet Tooth and blended that from the inner point of the brow outward, about 2/3 of the way up to the arch.  Then I added the lightest shade, Blue Dream, and the very inner point of the brown and lightly blended it outward.  I also carved out the bottom edge of the brow with the No 1 concealer used above, and highlighted under the arch with Blue Dream for a little extra pop of minty freshness!

If you were trying to de-drag this look, you could do the same blended of greens and use a more skintone-colored shadow to make the crease/transition less noticeable.  Pair with your regular brow products and it’s a nice green gradient look that is definitely wearable.  This look in general is more adaptable than a lot of looks I do; pair with some peach plus and a blue-based red lip, and you’ll make everyone at the office green with envy!

Opting for a mascara that includes cannabis seed extract, I darkened my lashes with the Milk Kush mascara and then added Choco Taco lashes from Glamlite.  I have been living for my Zombae lashes, but they are just too big and fluffy for this smaller scale look.  I wanted lashes that flared out on the end, but I wanted to green to be the star!

I wanted to go a little lighter with the contour this time around (I know – who even am I?!) so I started with the Uoma Beauty Double Take Sculpt + Strobe Duo Stick in White Pearl.  This gave me the lightest little triangle of contour on which to build my contour.  This shade really is too light for me to do anything really impactful, but I do like to use it to set a base and then go in with powder products over it for times when I want a more subtle, stripped down cheek contour.

To bring in a little more depth, I added some of the Nabla Skin Bronzing powder in Soft Revenge to help refine the cheeks even more.

I absolutely love pairing a green eye look with peach blush – I think it looks stunning together! – so I dipped into the shade Twilight from the Lunar Beauty Moon Prism blush palette.  These blushes are so soft and wonderful, and they are such a delight to work with.  I started this on the apples of my cheeks and blended down toward the contour and up along the cheekbone, just under where I usually apply highlight.

The peach didn’t really blend as seamlessly into the contour as I wanted, so I used a little of the shade Spacey from the Moon Prism palette to just smoothe out the rough transition between those two colors.

I adore the Hello Halo Blushlighters from Wet N Wild, and I haven’t used one in a long time, so I thought this would be a perfect way to glow up the peach blush!  I swirled the two colors together and worked that from the apples of my cheeks, onto the cheekbone where I apply highlight and blended down into the peach.  I also used this for a highlight on my nose, cupid’s bow, chin, and a little above each brow – I love that look, even though it pretty much always gets covered up by whatever wig I’m wearing!  This is the shade After Sex Bling, but they seem to have changed the name, so I’ll try to link to the right shade, and just look for the one that is the most peach/gold if you’re shopping from the three options.

(Editing Janessa here: I think the shade is now called I Met Someone.  Boring, but the product is still just as gorgeous!)

I did have a couple of pot-themed highlighters from Bitch Slap Cosmetics (I used one of them in the last Face Friday look) but again I didn’t want to distract away from the simple beauty of the green gradient.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t still love a ridiculous amount of shine!  I dipped into the Glazed Donut shade of highlighter from Ofra Cosmetics to give my chookbones the perfect champagne pearl glow!  I touched a little tiny bit onto my nose, but left the rest of the highlights on my face as the Wet N Wild.

This look was for a filming day, so I wanted to get the Jabba the Hut situation on my neck under a little bit of control!  I used the Uoma Duo Stick, this time in the shade Fair Lady, to darken my neck and behind my ears, blending out the edges along the jawline with a damp sponge.

For the lips, I dipped back into some weed-themed options from Melt Cosmetics: the liner pencil in 420, a very blue-toned teal, and Toke, a dark green matte liquid lipstick.

Since this was a filming day, I did make a couple of tweaks through the process of filming, just to get a little variety in the look from video to video.  I started by adding a Gloss from Jeffree Star Cosmetics in the shade Blood Money.  This isn’t a weed-themed item, but JStar is pretty infamous for his love of the ganja.  It just amped up the shine and added a slightly lighter green tone to the overall lip look.

After we’d filmed a couple of videos, I also thought it would be fun to change up the lip color and go for something a little less dramatic.  I mean, I went for neon pink – the Melt Cosmetics liquid lipstick in the shade Bellostona – but at least a little more comfortable for everyday makeup wearers that don’t want to feed the green monster the way I do!

Once I had the liquid lipstick on, I went over it with the Miss Argentina stick lipstick from the Melt X Beetlejuice collection to give it more of a cool-toned berry red appearance, for the color that you see in the photo above.  I love a pink lip with green, but when I do that I usually use pink blush; because I had peach blush, I wanted to bring this a little closer to a red, and I love these two shades combined.

In the future, if a Face Friday look is for a filming day, let me know if you’re interested in seeing little tweaks or changes that I make throughout the filming process.  You can see them in the videos, obviously, but I think it’s fun to get a little “behind the scenes” action, and it’s not that hard to take a few extra pictures to include with the post!

As always, none of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated in any way.  I simply provide them so that you can browse the products, discover new brands, and make a purchase if you so desire.  Never feel like you have to have the exact products used in this – or any! – makeup tutorial to achieve or adapt the same look.  Don’t be afraid to shop your stash!

And as always, if you have any requests or suggestions for things you’d like to see in these Face Friday posts, hit me up on my socials and let me know – I’m always looking for new ideas or challenges to try!

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