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Everything’s Cancelled, But Look Festival Ready In Your Bunker With Milani’s Ludicrous Lights

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Everything’s Cancelled, But Look Festival Ready In Your Bunker With Milani’s Ludicrous Lights

Apocalypse or not, I’ll be looking good…

It’s weird to be in the middle of a national health crisis and still be writing articles about makeup.  It seems a little frivolous, you know what I mean?  But while we’re all quarantined at home and the world crumbles around us, this seems like a perfect time to get lost in the arts and creative projects that give us happiness.  So while this is a review, and reviews are often a way to help you decide whether or not you want to purchase something, don’t ever feel like I’m pushing you to buy things that you can’t afford (during this crisis, or at any other time for that matter).  FOMO is bullshit.  Enjoy the pretty colors, make good decisions for you, and just enjoy the ride!

Milani recently released their Ludicsous Lights collection, perfect for the festival circuit, whenever life returns to normal, but equally glam in your underground bunker or Alexandria safe zone.  The collection includes three sets of a pressed powder highlighter, liquid eyeshadow, and lip gloss named after three of the largest and most popular music festivals out there: Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Bonaroo.




I love how perfectly coordinated they are, in case you want to go for a monochromatic moment, but the colors actually pair nicely really well together as well if you want to mix it up.  I’m going to show swatches of each individual product type, but I thought it would be fun to see each trio of together.  Very visually pleasing, or whatevah…

For swatches, I just did these over bare skin, no specific primer, though I did swatch these after some eyeshadows that will be showing up in a separate post, so there may have been some residual eye primer left on my skin from that.  For the glosses and the liquid shadows, I just did a swatch with the doe foot applicator that is part of the product packaging.  For the highlighters, I did a finger swatch on the left to show the color concentrated, and then a more diffused swatch using a Morphe M173 brush.  That’s a pretty dense brush, so the color on the brush swatch is still a little more concentrated than you would probably get if you used a fluffier brush.  So if these colors seem a little aggressive in the brush swatch, know that you wouldn’t have to have them quite as concentrated as I show them here.  On the other hand, if you are trying to get more color and pigment out of the product, you can apply with a finger or a denser brush and get a more true-to-pan payoff (especially for Lollapa-Blue-Za and Pink-Aroo – Peach-Ella is the most sheet of the three).

I also took three short videos showing the way the colors look as they move and shift in the light.  I didn’t feel like the photos were really giving you a sense of how the products looked “in the wild.”  I’m not a master at cell phone video, so hopefully this is helpful; if you don’t like it, you’re welcome to ignore it…or come be an unpaid intern at Champagne Dreams Productions and do all of our product swatch videos for us moving forward.  M’kay?

Here are the lip glosses, which are apparently also a collab with…someone?  The cap looks like it says Ally, but I frankly didn’t care enough to look it up.  I’m feeling a bit of collab burnout, and it’s weird that she collabed with them on the glosses but not the rest of the collection…maybe?  I mean her name isn’t on anything else, but who knows.  I don’t and I’m a lazy researcher.  Deal with it.  Clearly this bunker chic living is making me crank!

Peach-Ella is a peachy pink shade with lots of pink glitter reflect.  Lollapa-Blue-Za is a blue with turquoise reflect.  Pink-Aroo has a pink base and a strong blue glitter shift.  The shades are pretty consistent across the collection, so I won’t bore you with my descriptions for the same colors with each product.  Instead, enjoy my janky cell phone video footage with random music in the background courtesy of my office Alexa!

They are pretty, but they are still just glosses, pretty sheer but with lost of shimmer and pearly, glittery goodness.  If you love a sparkly gloss, this might be a good option for you, and they are thick but not terribly sticky.  I like them.

The liquid eyeshadows are a little sheer, and would definitely be better to accent or build up an eye look with some color underneath, but these were actually the reason that I wanted to do short videos.  These swatch photos just aren’t cute, not compared to how these shadows look in motion.  Pop them over your favorite pastel base shadow and you’ll get a ton of gorgeous reflect!

Finally, we have the pressed powder highlighters, easily my favorite products in the collection!  I love a good highlight, and these have a ton of color, are very glittery and reflective, and can be sheered out or really built up for a colorful statement.

I think you could easily work these into an eye look if you wanted; Peach-Ella would look especially lovely as an inner corner highlight!  The powders are soft without being too powdery or messy, and they are glittery without just being a mass explosion of glitter.

Overall, I’m in love with this collection.  The highlighters are everything I would want from a highlighter, and the fact that these are from a drugstore brand (even if they are on the higher end for drugstore prices) is just a dream come true.  The eyesahdows and glosses are not my favorite kinds of formulas, but I love the color and the sparkle, and I think they make sense with the whole collection.  I love that they did the three individual colors and made each of the products consistent in that color story.  You can just get the color that speaks to you, or mix and match to your technicolor heart’s content!

Times are tough, but luckily we have shiny, sparkly, pretty things to help make the days in quarantine a little brighter.  And someday the world is going to calm the fuck down, people will get back to some sort of routine, and we’ll remember that while some assholes were out hoarding toilet paper and defying travel bans, we were hunkered down trying to be decent goddamn human beings just looking and pretty pretties until all the badness goes away…

Oh, and if you like my bunker soundtrack from the videos, both songs, “Hello” and “I Want It All,” are by Karmin!

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