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Everybody’s Workin’ For The Weekend: BH Cosmetics Serves Up A Beauty Brunch!

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Everybody’s Workin’ For The Weekend: BH Cosmetics Serves Up A Beauty Brunch!

BH Cosmetics is really starting to change things up, and I’m here for it!

After the mini Zodiac palettes, which were a bit of a mess (did anyone actually buy one of those? on purpose?!), BH Cosmetics had a pretty strong showing in their eyeshadow palettes for 2020.  The Sweet Shoppe palettes were a huge hit, sold out, and were immediately promoted to the top of everyone’s FOMO lists, prompting a surprise restock in December.  The Halloween collection was decidedly lackluster (if you missed it, you can read my review of that HERE), but they also brought us another collection of colorful palettes: the Weekend Vibes collection.

Each of these three 16-pan palettes is a pretty balanced mixture of colorful shades with complementary neutrals.  Avocado Toast is a mix of greens with earthy browns and creams, Blueberry Muffin combines blues and purples with cooler-toned neutrals, and Mimosa is a mix of reds, corals, and yellows with pale peachy neutrals.  These palettes avoid the “pop of blue” effect by trying to keep a more even balance between the colorful shades and the neutrals.  I actually talked about Blueberry Muffin in my 2021 Makeup Predictions video, and while I was talking about blue specifically, I think that we may start to see more palettes like this that are a clear half and half kind of palette.  I also talked about BH as a brand and how I think they might be on the way to becoming the new NYX Cosmetics – for better or worse!  I’ll include the video below in case you haven’t seen it!

All of the swatches were done over the Morphe eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

Let’s start with the Avocado Toast palette, because I’m a green whore and I say so!

L to R: Avocuddle, Pink Salt, Expensive, Spicy

Avocuddle is a bright peach-tinged champagne shimmer.  Pink Salt is a pink beige matte.  Expensive is a bright brown shimmer with coppery tones.  Spicy is a deep, cool brown with green/gold shift.

L to R: Lemon Pepper, Avo Toast, Ripe, Hass

Lemon Pepper is a bright,s himmery buttercream yellow gold.  Avo Toast is a bright lime matte.  Ripe is a matte emerald green, very cool-toned.  Hass is an olive shimmer with golden shift.

L to R: Over Easy, Super Food, Paprika, Pit

Over Easy is a bright yellow-toned vanilla matte.  Super Food is a medium army green matte.  paprika is a tan matte with strong red undertones.  Pit is a warm chocolate brown matte.

L to R: Green Juice, Guac, Extra, Holy Moly

Green Juice is a creamy shimmer with a blue-tinged green base and silvery reflect.  This shade tended to stick in one spot and was a little harder to blend than the rest of the shades – I have no idea why since it’s the only one in the palette to behave like that and I treated it exactly the same as all of the other shades – but it’s still workable.  There always has to be one problem child, right?!  Guac is a bright, deep turquoise matte.  Extra is a deep blackened green shimmer with some brown at the base.  Holy Moly is a black matte.  It’s pigmented enough to give you good coverage, but it’s definitely not the blackest black.  if you apply this lightly you can get more of a charcoal gray look, but it can be build up to a nice level of satin-y opaqueness.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with these shadows.  These palettes are $18 each, the same price as the Sweet Shoppe palettes, and I would say that the quality is on par with those.  If you like the colorful nature of the Sweet Shoppe palettes but wanted more shades, or maybe wanted some neutrals to help build your looks, these palettes are a great option for that.

Now, on to Blueberry Muffin!

L to R: Sweet, Cheat Day, Crumble, Decadent

Sweet is a bright champagne shimmer with a nice metallic shine.  Cheat Day is a matte periwinkle.  I’m not sure why my finger swatch got so crazy, but it blended out well enough, maybe a little patchy around the edges if you don’t take your time.  Crumble is a silvery beige shimmer.  Decadent is a warm chocolate with strong red tones, and matte finish.

L to R: Sugared, Cravings, Treat, 350 Degrees

Sugared is a bright pearl white shimmer.  This one was a little chunky, and definitely benefits from some setting spray or a finger application to help smooth it out.  Cravings is a similar silvery shade but has more of a sterling silver base to it.  It is a similar consistency as well, and performs better with a finger or using a spray.  Treat is a light cool gray matte.  350 Degrees is a bright brown matte, a little patchy at times, but workable and buildable.

L to R: So Good, Tempting, Yummy, Baker’s Dozen

So good is a bright electric blue matte, a little finicky in the way that neon brights tend to be, but it’s not patchy and I ended up getting a really nice fade when I blended it out.  This is a great electric blue matte.  Tempting is a shimmery turquoise mattes with a reddish tone at the base.  Yummy is an oddball shade, and I love it!  It’s a reddish-toned peach at the base, and has lots of lovely lilac and silver shimmer to it.  Baker’s Dozen is a matte black that allegedly has glitter in it – you’d never know it once you applied it!  This one would benefit from glitter glue, but let’s be real – it would benefit a lot more if they had just made it matte black and let you add your own damn glitter!  The glitter blends away pretty much immediately, and there doesn’t seem to be enough glitter in the pan to make a huge difference even if you did try a glitter glue.  I know that they probably didn’t want to just add another matte black (for those like me who are monsters and have to buy all of the palettes!) but this shade is kind of a waste for me.  At least the black itself is good quality and builds up to a lovely satin matte finish.

L to R: Hot & Fresh, Delish, Fluffy, Stud Muffin

Hot & Fresh is a bright chrome silver metallic shimmer with great shine.  Delish is a bright cornflower blue.  This is fairly similar to Cheat Day, though this is more straight up blue and Cheat Day has more of a purple tone to it.  They are different, but I’m not sure they are different enough to both be necessary.  Another interpretation of blue, maybe a bright true blue, would have been a better option.  Fluffy is a bright and very opaque peach matte.  Stud Muffin is a deep navy blue shimmer.

Finally, we round out the collection with the Mimosa palette!

L to R: Sunny, Vibes, Pop, Pomegranate

Sunny is a bright yellow matte.  It’s pretty good for such a bright yellow: not really patchy when applied with a brush (the finger was a bit of a struggle, but nothing out of the ordinary to applying a matte with a finger!) and pretty good opacity.  Vibes is a bright coral peach matte.  Pop is a pinky coral shimmer with strong gold reflect.  Pomegranate is a bright matte maraschino cherry red.

L to R: Chilled, Champagne, OJ, Happy Hour

Chilled is a bright matte white.  This white is pretty damn good, nice and opaque, and great for blending and mixing other shades.  Champagne is a buttery yellow gold shimmer, sheer at the base but with lots of shine.  OJ is a bright yellow matte with a bit of a mustard-y tone.  Happy Hour is a very warm-toned light brown.

L to R: Cheers, Bottomless, Guava, Raspberry

Cheers is a peachy pink shimmer with gold shift.  Bottomless is a light bubblegum pink matte, not as opaque as I’d like but definitely workable.  Guava is an electric coral matte.  Raspberry is a bright neon pink with yellow undertones.

L to R: Bubbly, We Heart Brunch, Fizzy, Saluti

Bubbly is a cool champagne beige with silvery shimmer.  We Heart Brunch is a bright peachy beige matte.  Fizzy is a plummy pink shimmer, a little dodgy without spray, though the dry brush application was ok.  I’m always a little confused when shimmers work better with a dry brush than a finger, but here we are.  Saluti is a bright and very cool-toned baby pink matte.

I am absolutely in love with these palettes.  They aren’t perfect, but for 18 bucks you get a solid collection of shades that’s colorful enough for #HookerClowns like me but has some neutrals and basics to help build a wider variety of looks than you get with a straight up rainbow palette or a strictly colorful palette.  I think the palette balance is generally good, and I like that while each palette is a standalone color story, there aren’t a lot of repeats or dupes between palettes for those who might like to buy the whole set.

I got my palettes from Ulta; as I was putting together this post, I realized that this collection also features three face palettes that look absolutely gorgeous!  I’ve got the Frose’ highlight palette on order now, and knowing me I will probably add the other two to my collection at some point!  I’m not sure if they will get a full review, but I’ll try to work them into future Face Fridays so that you can at least see them at work!

Let’s raise our bottomless mimosa glass to BH Cosmetics!  Here’s hoping that everything they serve us in 2021 is as good as this collection!

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