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Declutter Series Archive

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Declutter Series Archive

Hello fellow declutter lovers!  This page will house all of the links to my various declutters!  Assuming I keep doing them (which I probably will – even though this year’s declutter was a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun!) I will have them separated by year with the newest collection on top.  The title link will take you to the World of Champagne post where I show off the full collection, and the VIDEO link will take you to the related video on my YouTube channel.


2021 Declutter Series   

[VIDEO 08] Declutter 2021: The Final Countdown – So Much Random Makeup!

[VIDEO 07] Declutter 2021: 5 Brand Declutter – Juvia’s Place, Milani, Beauty Bakerie, Glamlite, & Fenty!

[VIDEO 06] Declutter 2021: Eyeshadows – Palettes & Singles

[VIDEO 05] Declutter 2021: Downgrading The DSL – Lipstick, Glosses, & Lip Products

[VIDEO 04] Declutter 2021: Brand Declutter – Morphe, Revolution Beauty, & A Surprise Guest Brand!

[VIDEO 03] Declutter 2021: Our Benevolent Overlord – Brand Declutter, ColourPop

[VIDEO 02] Declutter 2021: Getting Cheeky – Blushes & Highlights

[VIDEO 01] Declutter 2021: Complexion Products – Foundations, Concealers, Primers, Powders, Etc.

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for even more great makeup content!  Here’s one of the videos from my channel that I’m especially proud of!

XOXO – Miss Jaye

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