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Declutter 2021: The Final Countdown – So Much Miscellaneous Makeup!

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Declutter 2021: The Final Countdown – So Much Miscellaneous Makeup!

Hello Champagne Dreamers – can you believe we finally made it this far?  This is the last post in my 2021 Declutter series – and this is where things get weird!  I’ve taken you through all of the major categories in my collection, but I have a couple of drawers that are a mix of extra things or specialized products.  I mean, I always knew I was extra, but then I realized I had a “glitter & neon” drawer in my life!  There are also a few random bins of products that I put together for videos, so those products weren’t in with their respective categories.  Remember, in this post I’m showing all of the items in my collection, and while I’ll probably give some hints you’ll have to watch the video if you want to see everything that was decluttered.  Let’s take a look at the last bits of my collection!

I almost said the dregs of my collection, but the first bin is some of the most bougie makeup that I own – the Karen bin!  These are products from “fancy brands” like Pat McGrath Labs, Natasha Denona, and Hourglass.  I used these products for a Face Friday Karen-torial – if you missed it, you can check it out HERE!

First up are all of my Natasha Denona products.  I don’t love ND, but I sure have ended up with a lot of her stuff!  The blush products look gorgeous in the packaging, but they are always just a little too soft.  That doesn’t mean I’ll be getting rid of a lot: I’m a bit of a pack rat, and these cost some coin even if I did get almost everything on some sort of sale!  Spoiler alert: I did get rid of at least one of the big palettes – can you guess which one?!

And then we have Pat McGrath.  Again, I bought pretty much everything here on some sort of sale or discount, but they are still pretty pricey.  Obviously the blushes aren’t going anywhere (they are brand new in my collection, and I haven’t even had a chance to review them yet – at least not when I’m writing this!) but that happy meal toy flimsy plastic mini palette is hitting the road.  Did anything else from “Auntie Pat” get the chop?  Better check the video!

I don’t have a ton of stuff from Marc Jacobs and most of it I really like.  The blush will definitely stay – it’s one of my favorites in my entire collection! – and the highlighters are gorgeous.  The lip products are pretty good too so they are styaing.  But the foundation I just bought on a whim because it was in the Sephora sale section and they didn’t have a great color selection; it’s not quite dark enough to be classified as a hate crime, but it’s definitely not what I would have normally picked!  That is definitely getting passed along to someone else.

Finally, these are the only products I own from Hourglass.  I don’t love these, but I honestly haven’t played with them enough to decide that I was ready to get rid of them.  Check out that very classy cameo by my Coke Zero can!  Professionalism, folks!

Next, I moved onto the drawer I mentioned earlier: glitter & neon!  I love both of those things, so it’s no surprise that I have a plethora of glitter options, though I was surprised that only one of my Lit glitters made its way over to the office – I have a TON of the stuff at home!  I do have a growing collection of glitters from Trixie Cosmetics, spooky glitters from the ABH Halloween collection and LunatiCK Labs, neon glitters and a “blood” glitter gel from BH Cosmetics, some bottled glitters from the Lipstick Apocalypse, 5 bright glitters from Lena Lashes, and a few assorted glitter gels.  Pretty much all of the glitter gels got tossed because they are all dried up (why is it so hard to keep these sealed and protected?!) but you’ll have to check the video to see what happened with the rest of the glitter!

I love the Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitters – I recently picked up two new shades when they were half off.  I still prefer my Lemonhead LA glitter gels, but these are still fun, and they come in interesting colors!

The other part of the drawer is neon…plus some cake liners, gel liners, and a random Sugarpill loose shadow pigment for no reason!  Makeup A Murder has fantastic neon pigments – I bought the original set of 7 as well as the pastel neons – and even though I don’t love working with loose pigments, these create some really gorgeous results.  The neon face paints aren’t typical cosmetics quality, but if you use them right you can get some interesting, blacklight-responsive effects!  Cake liners are an interesting challenge that I’m not sure I’ll ever master but I am definitely going to try!  And I have some lovely options from Glam Vice Cosmetics, ABH, Suva Beauty, and Midas to keep me practicing.  Finally, I don’t love gel liners, but the gel pots from Melt are also great blended out as bases for colorful looks!  The blue shades are from the Blueprint palette release and the green and purple shades are from the Beetlejuice.

Next up was my main lash drawer which has a ton of lashes from Peachy Queen (the Sweet Treats collection, which is sadly no longer available on the website) as well as a few pairs from Lena Lashes.  I also have this weird tool from ONFG Cosmetics that I got in a mystery box; it’s supposed to make it easier to put on lashes, but I’m always a little scared that I’m going to put out my eye!

And of course, I love the lashes from Glamlite – food themed and gorgeous!  To be honest, I probably won’t have a lot of lashes from this drawer to go in the declutter as I pick the styles myself and I love their quality.  If you’re looking to me for a savage declutter…well, that’s your problem, not mine!

The third drawer in the little container that holds all of the glitter and neon and lashes is sort of the makeup equivalent of a “junk drawer” – a little bit of everything!  And apparently at some point, I moved my luminous finishing powders from Jaclyn Cosmetics over to this drawer.  I’ve been searching for these for ages!

This drawer has a collection of Too Faced lip products as well as one of the Chocolate liquid shadows – I need to remember to use that in an upcoming look!  Apparently this drawer is where makeup goes for me to forget about it!  I also had some pencils from KVD: the Anti-Precision liner (which used to be called Basket Case liner but the woke lords made quick work of that!) and the three pencil jumbo liner set.  I also had a couple of products from Kryolan: some leafing flakes that I added to my order when I ordered their mixing medium to compare with the Makeup By Mario mixer which has the exact same formula, as well as a cake foundation in a soft metallic peachy pink that they included as a gift with the order.  I also had some Kylie Cosmetics blushes and highlights that I ordered when they went to $8 each at Ulta (and bought with points – still not interested in spending money on that creature!), and a couple of pairs of metallic rainbow fringe pride lashes.

The main thing in this drawer is my gorgeous collection of embellished lashes from Mary Kelly!  These are so gorgeous!  I’ve ordered most of them, but she has also gifted me with a few of the pairs.  One of the gifted pairs is the one with skulls on them – not only did I wear them for my Queen of the Night photo shoot with Brooklyn Ewing in Atlanta, my last shoot before the pandemic, but I also wore them to meet the Boulet Brothers and host their panel at Days of the Dead in Atlanta!

These ooky spooky queens were so lovely and I treasure this gift so much!  Obviously none of these lashes are going anywhere in this declutter…and probably ever!  They’ll be coming in my urn with me when I go!

Next up is a bin that I had put together when I was filling my “More Black-Owned Makeup Brands” video (I’ll include that below, if you haven’t seen it.  Typical for me, it’s mostly eyeshadow palettes and lip products, but there are a few other face products here as well!  Although The Lip Br does do a whole face (and I really want to try a wider range of their products!) so far I’ve mostly stuck with their flagship products.  September Rose Cosmetics is a European BOMB, and their Slush palette is a rainbow dream.  I have quite a few liquid lipsticks from Coloured Raine as well as their Juicy Boost palette.  Their singles showed up in a previous declutter, but here is the rest of my CR stash!  From Mented Cosmetics I tried some face products: two blushes and a deep, cool bronzer.  There are some other Ace Beaute palettes I have my eyes on, but so far I’ve just picked up the Paradise palette collection.  There are several shades of liquid lipsticks from Lena Lashes as well as a bunch of stick lipsticks from Propa Beauty (I most recently reviewed their Red Collection HERE!).  Finally, here are the products that I picked up from Black Radiance which, as it turns out, might not be a BOMB after all!

This is the second video I did on BOMBs – make sure to check out the first video on my channel as well!

The next bucket was the one that I put together for my video on marijuana-themed makeup, where I also talked about legalization issues.  I also had a ton of Jeffree Star glosses in this bin.  The caps make them difficult to store and I didn’t know where to put them.  I mean, they don’t have anything cannabis in them, but it still kinda makes sense.  I havfe eyeshadow palettes from Peachy Queen, Midas Cosmetics, Ruby may Cosmetics, and OMFG Cosmetics as well as highlighters from Bitch Slap Cosmetics, Lime Crime’s Lip Blazes, a primer and a mascara with cannabis seed extract/oil from Milk Makeup, Midas Cosmetics glitters with a weed theme, and lip products from Melt!  There were defintiely some products from this group that got the cut!

I’m definitely thinking about a follow up to this video – let me know what style of video you might like to see for that!

Last up, the bottom drawer in my makeup organizer is sort of the Island of Misfit Toys – lots of spare lashes, including some gorgeous colored lashes from Likely Makeup, as well as a bunch of other loose pigments and glitters, some products from BOMBs, a bunch of Jeffree Star minis, some face gems and temporary tattoos, and one random fish brush.

I hope you enjoyed this tour through my collection, and if you haven’t checked out the playlist of the declutter on my YouTube channel, I definitely recommend that you do so.  I’m not as savage as some people would probably like me to be, but I always feel great after doing a big declutter!

Full disclosure: there were still a few things that didn’t get included in the declutter.  I totally forgot about my Leprechaun mug full of liner pencils, and I had some Beauty Bay palettes stashed on top of my filing cabinet.  I also have my entire collection of Deck of Scarlet items that I put together and promptly forgot about (and that should help you understand how I feel about that subscription service!).  I’m sure there are a few other odds and ends I forgot, but this is pretty much my entire collection, and I hope you enjoyed this journey!

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