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Declutter 2021: Gettin’ Cheeky – Blushes & Highlighters

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Declutter 2021: Gettin’ Cheeky – Blushes & Highlighters

Are you ready for another declutter post?  Because this week we are tackling two drawers that are absolutely bursting with blushes and highlights, and trying to tame the mess!

If you want to hear more about the products and my decision making process, don’t forget to check out the video on my YouTube Channel!  You’ll get to see the products up close and personal and hear more about why I decided to add them to the declutter pile.  For now, let’s jump in and look at some lovely blushes and highlighters!

First up we have 7 bottles of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Frost.  I’m not a huge fan of liquid highlighters in general, and this dispenser is really hard to use.  However, the blues are all really unique colors to my collection, and I might have some more special fx type applications for them so I’ll definitely be keeping those.

In the end I also decided to keep the Canary Bling shade; it’s such a different kind of yellow gold and I can imagine different ways to use it for body highlight for photo shoots, maybe to mix in with a foundation, so I kept that one.  But these other three shades are all getting decluttered.

I also have some of the Skin Frost highlighters.  It’s not my favorite formula and it doesn’t age well, so I don’t end up using these very much anymore.

I decided to keep the two Manny MUA collab highlighters and the Halloween Mystery Box highlighter, since those are pretty rare and no longer available.  I got rid of the other three shades.  Neffree is sort of a pale lavender and Princess Cut is a pale pink, and I have a bunch of those kinds of shades in formulas I like better.  Onyx Ice is the black “highlighter” that’s fun and gimmicky, but I never use it.  It can go.

When it comes to highlighters, I like to keep it simple: I love pressed powder highlights.  Here are some liquid highlighters, and a couple of powder highlighters from OMFG Cosmetics.

I decided to keep the two CoverFX products, mostly because they were stupid expensive and I want to play with them more, but I ditched the liquids from Makeup Revolution and OMFG.  The OMFG pressed highlighters are amazing, but I don’t love the loose powder, so that one got the boot as well.

I’m planning a whole separate post decluttering products from Morphe, but for some reason I had already added the blushes and highlighters to the blush drawers, so these are all blush trios and a couple of single highlighters from Morphe.  These blushes are pretty good, but they are a little basic.  But they are like $12!

This pink trio was the only one that I decided to get rid of – the colors were a little bit off for my complexion, but I generally love these trios!  I also ditched the pink duochrome highlighter single.  I have plenty of these highlights with the white base and a pink shift, so I decided to get rid of this one.

Next up we have some Urban Decay highlighters.  The trio pan is the Kristin Leann collab highlighter, and the other three are very glittery, baked highlighters.

The Kristen Leann is highlighter gorgeous, but those colors are really basic and I don’t really need them.  If I want these more basic champagne and gold shades, I tend to reach for a tarte palette that will show up later.  The Space Powder came out with the Element palette (which I loved, by the way!) but it was just a color that I didn’t really need.  I do like the other two powders if I want a really glittery highlighter, but Space Powder is just a little too yellow.  I just didn’t vibe with it.

I generally like Wet N Wild cheek products.  The Hello Halo Blushlighters are never going anywhere – I absolutely love them!

The peachy highlighter is beautiful, but I had two of them, so duplicates are generally going to get decluttered in this process.  The Gold Bar is a nice powder, but I don’t use that shade of gold very often.  The last one, from the Fantasy Makers collection, is nice, but it’s a little more of a subtle shift than the more impactful highlighters that I prefer.

Next up – KVD Beauty!  I have four of the Everlasting Blushes, and they are gorgeous!  I love the silky smooth consistency and the colors are pretty if sometimes a little muted.  But those Metal Crush highlighters are kind of trash, so…

These highlighters have to go.  They are glittery and chunky.  They have a white base that isn’t very easy to blend away.  I can make them work, but work is the key word.  They can go.

Here are some fun indie blushes and highlighters from Kylie Cosmetics, Ofra Cosmetics, and Melt Cosmetics.  None of these babies are going anywhere, so I just wanted to show them off as part of the collection.

Here are some blushes and highlighters from BH Cosmetics.  The Truffle palettes are still pretty new in my collection and I haven’t had a chance to play with them yet, so they are definitely staying.  The large 10-pan palette was a gift with purchase, and it’s got some good basics, so I’m going to hold onto it, especially in case I want to do a full face of BH Cosmetics.

The Blacklight Highlighter palette is really pretty, but it’s a big palette, and I’ve got a ton of those, so I decided it could go.  The Floral Blush was a free gift, and it’s kind of an odd color (see the video for more of that!) so I decided to pass it along.

Here are the highlighters from Kaleidos, which I love, a couple of loose powder highlighters from Give Me Glow, a pressed highlighter from Give Me Glow, and the highlighter duo from Midas X Smokey Glow.

I love the Kaleidos highlighters, but I had tried to depot the Sky Walker shade and it is just loose in the tin; plus, the hing on the lid had broken, so I decided to get rid of that one.  I also decided to get rid of one more shade when I ordered a highlighter bundle from Kaleidos – check out the video to see which one!  I got rig of Glazed from Give Me Glow because it’s a basic champagne pearl kind of color, but I kept the peachy gold one since it was more of a unique color.  Finally, I got rid of the Midas X Smokey Glow duo – it’s just not impactful enough for what I like.

Here are some fancy blushes from Cover FX, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sigma, and Cargo.  I love the Cover FX blushes; they are a little bit basic but I love the combo of matte and shimmer blushes together.  I also love that cray cray fuchsia pink from Sigma.

Initially I had decided to get rid of the Anastasia Beverly Hills blush trio because the shape of the pans sort of make it hard to use…but it just wouldn’t be a declutter unless I decided to keep at least one item!  This had to stay.  But the Cargo HD highlighter still had to go.  it’s pretty, but it’s a little too subtle for me.

A couple of drugstore brands: Physician’s Formula and LA Girl.  I loved the Butter Bronzer so I decided to try some of the Butter Blushes and Butter Highlighters.  They are ok, but not as good as the bronzers.

I decided to keep one of each of the Butter Blushes and Highlighters to keep playing with them.  I got rid of the more brownish mauve blush and the pinky pearl hgihlight.  I also kept the Rose highlighter from Physician’s Formula – those are bomb!  Both of the LA Girl highlighters are nice, but the packaging is a little too bulky and the colors just aren’t ideal for what I’m looking for.

The next group includes a large palette from ProFusion, the Jaclyn Cosmetics The Flash palette, a Tarte Rainforest of the Sea palette, and two of the Lemonade palettes from Lena Lashes.  The Tarte palette is the one that I reach for that convinced me to get rid of the Kristin Leann palette, so that’s staying.  The Jaclyn Cosmetics palette is also pretty fantastic and needs to stay.

The Profusion palette is nice, and the powders are beautiful, but it’s so big to store and I don’t ever reach for it.  And the Lemonade palette is really gorgeous, but I have two in my filming makeup because I’ve gotten a couple as gifts with purchase, so I decided to pass one alone.

Some more odds ‘n ends: two blush sticks from the defunct Tyra Cosmetics, a trio of peachy orange blushes from Sleek Cosmetics, a rainbow highlighter that I got at some discount location, a creamsicle-colored blush from Etude House, a copper highlighter from Lunar Beauty, and three risque highlighters from Bitch Slap Cosmetics.

The Lunar Beauty highlighter is just way too dark for me, and it doesn’t really pair well with any of my blushes.  I like the formula, so I would definitely consider buying a lighter color to try.  I also ditched the rainbow highlighter (how many of those does someone need, especially when they left out blue?!), and the hot pink blush stick from Tyra Beauty.

Here we have some cream blushes and highlights from Lime Crime, a large Ellen Tracy blush quad that I got from TJ Maxx, a highlight stick from Tyra Beauty, a neon pink and peach marbled eyeshadow that I used as a blush from Stila, a small potted cream blush from Tyra Beauty that is a good dupe for Orgasm by Nars, and a berry blush palette from Karity.

I kept the two highlighters from Lime Crime but ditched the two blushes.  I bought the Ellen Tracy for a full face of TJ Maxx look that never happened, and I’ve never used it, so it was time to go.  I ditched the Tyra highlighter (it’s just a simple champagne, and it’s a cream), as well as the potted blush that is starting to dry up.  Finally, I love that Stila shadow but it’s mostly pan and it’s getting old, so it’s time to retire it.

Here are some Sephora brands: a blush palette from Nars as well as a single blush and a mini of Orgasm, and a trio of blushes and highlights from Makeup Forever.

I decided to get rid of the Orgasm mini – if I want it in my collection, I’ll buy a full size.  The Makeup Forever palette is cute (I mean, I picked these shades myself – it’s a build your own palette) but I just never reach for it and I would rather someone else get use out of it.

Here are some products from Black-Owned Makeup Brands (BOMBs): two blushes from Sacha, two blushes and a highlight from Vault Cosmetics, and a green duochrome highlighter called Envy from IVIVIIV Cosmetics.

I bought the brown Sacha blush to use for contour and it was ok, but the color wasn’t quite right, so I decided to get rid of it.  I also kept the highlighter from Vault but decluttered the two blushes – the colors are nice, but I just don’t use them.

All three of these MAC highlighters and blushes are staying in my collection.  The first one was a baked highlighter from the Star Trek collection, and the middle one is four colors baked together – duochrome shades of pink, blue, gold, and green in a sheer white base.  I’m also holding onto the Patrick Starr blush duo.

Two more items that I am definitely keeping: the Huda Beauty Winter Highlight palette with gorgeous iridescent shades.  The Makeup Revolution highlighter is only so-so, but there are some really beautiful colors in this palette, so I decided to hold onto it.

I’m never very savage in my declutters.  Here are three more blush/highlight palettes that aren’t going anywhere.  The blush palette from crown is super beautiful and blends out beautifully.  Ofra has amazing blushes and highlighters, and the Island Time palette has a nice mix.  Finally, the Watch Me Blush palette from The Crayon Case has lovely blushes as well as some contours and interesting shades that are pigmented enough to use as shadows.

I love these Tutti Fruitti blushes from Too Faced and they aren’t going anywhere!  The packaging is gorgeous; I’m trying to figure out how to reuse these palettes once I pan the blushes.

Finally, here are a few more products from Too Faced.  I don’t really check for Too Faced much anymore, but I’ve always really vibed with the blushes and quite a few of the highlights, and the Tutti Fruitti line has been discontinued.

I did decide to get rid of one of the jelly highlighter, the Rose Pink shade.  It’s nice enough, but I don’t love jelly products.  The smell is gorgeous, but I kept the other shade in case I need to smell it, and this shade can make someone else happy.

That’s it for this installment of the declutter!  Be sure to check back for all of the future installments as well – we’re slowly working through and spring cleaning this out of control makeup collection!

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