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Declutter 2021: Eyeshadows – Palettes & Singles

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Declutter 2021: Eyeshadows – Palettes & Singles

Hello Champagne Dreamers and welcome back to my 2021 Declutter series!  I’m guessing that this might be the installment that a lot of you have been waiting for – in this one, we’re going to be looking at eyeshadow palettes!  I’ve got a fairly big collection – even for a big ol’ drag queen! – and I’m excited to go through and see what I can do to thin out my collection…a little bit.  I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: I’m not known for my savage declutters, so don’t be surprised when you watch the video and I’m not completing clearing the shelves!

I hope you enjoy this little tour of my collection, and make sure to go and check out the latest video on my YouTube channel to see which palettes got decluttered!

(Note: when I first started taking the pictures, I just snapped pictures of the covers, but then I thought it would be better to go back and also get picks of the palettes opened so you can see in side them, if you aren’t already familiar with them.  Unfortunately, I missed some – so if you see a few where it’s just the cover, you know why.  I’m an old, and my memory is shit.  Sorry about it! XOXO – Miss Jaye)

I was kicking myself that I couldn’t find this palette to show off during a recent Review Roundup – I set it on top of my makeup storage unit and it somehow blended in to where I couldn’t see it!  I love this palette from Prados Beauty and this is definitely not going anywhere!

Here are some bargain/drugstore palettes – but lower price point doesn’t always mean lower quality!  The Stranger Things palette is from Hot Topic; it was nice enough, but I’m kinda over the cheap palettes from there.  They are fun, and they do a good job with the themes, but they aren’t super impressive.  The next three palettes are from Coastal Scents – I can’t believe they recently shut down forever!  That’s so strange to me as they were one of the OG companies when I was first getting into YouTube.  The next pair of pics includes drugstore palettes from Model’s Own, LA Colors, and a Wonder Woman 1984 palette Revlon.  I haven’t had a chance to use the Revlon palette; I usually really dislike their shadows, but I love Wonder Woman, so I decided it was worth it to give it a try!

The Diamond Nudes palette is one that I got from TJ Maxx.  I had this whole plan to do a full face of TJ Maxx makeup, but it never materialized.  The WandaVision Ulta palettes were surprisingly good – but is that enough to keep them in my collection?  The blush palette was in my top 3 for April!

Finally we’ve got another small collection of drugstore palettes” 3 oddly shaped quads from LA Girl, a couple of duos from Black Opal, a nudes palette from Physician’s Formula, a face paint palette in a pastel rainbow from Wet N Wild, and 3 mini palettes from e.l.f.

BH Cosmetics is a brand that’s usually hit and miss, but they have been a lot more hit lately, and I’m excited to see where they go!  The Zodiac Love Signs palette has some yummy shimmers but rather pedestrian mattes.  The Halloween collection Drop Dead Gorgeous was a total bust, so those will definitely be getting decluttered, but I’m on the fence about the Garnet palette.  There is part of me that wants to go and pick up the rest of the birthstone series…but that sort of thinking is what got me into this mess in the first place!  The Sweet Shoppe palettes are amazing, and there is no way even one of them is going anywhere; if I hadn’t been slacking off on my review duties, these would easily have been in the top 5 of my Top 20 of 2020 Beauty!  Finally we have the Weekend Vibes face and eye palettes.  These were good, but still a lot of neutrals.  What do you think will happen?

I know that the Sweet Shoppe are staying and the Halloween are going but if you want to know the fate of the rest of my BH Cosmetics palettes, be sure to check out my video!

I have 22 pigments from Concrete Minerals.  These are great, and some of the colors are really lovely, but I just don’t use loose pigments enough, and these should be enjoyed by someone who will love them.  This whole lot is going!

I have quite a collection of Urban Decay, and I have even more in my makeup at home!  I haven’t been that impressed with them the last couple of years, but that doesn’t stop me from getting my hopes up and picking up a lot of their new releases.  Here we have all of the named Naked palettes (except Reloaded), the Alice In Wonderland palettes with that stunning packaging, the full size and mini versions of the Crystal Visions palettes, and one of the Basquiat palettes that I picked up on super clearance.

Let’s get into some of my indie collection.  I have 6 of the 7 Futurism palettes from Kaleidos (weirdly enough, the one I’m missing is the green one!) as well as the Escape Pod and the Club Nebula palettes.  I have three palettes from Lunar Beauty: Strawberry Dreams, Moonspell, and Eclipse.  I also have the original Life’s a Drag palette, but that must have been in my makeup at home.  For the Monster fans, I have the Kumiho and Medusa palettes from Dazzle Me Dead.  This is a new indie brand that I just discovered, and the palettes aren’t that expensive, but they were a little finicky – think they’ll make it through to the end, or will they get the chop?!

One of the brands that I said I wanted to try in my 8 Brands to Try in 2021 video was Lucky Bunny, and I have the Envy and Greed palettes from the brand.  I tried them – but will I keep them?!  Also in that video was Made By Mitchell, and here is the Feet on the Ground palette.  Finally, in the last pair of photos I have a random collection of palettes: The Detroit palette from Face FX by Phoebe Scott, the Darkness Rising palette by Ferocious Beauty Cosmetics, the It’s Freakin’ Bats palette from Shroud, and the Dia & Noches palette from J. Cat Beauty.  These are all fairly new to my collection – but does that mean they are going to stay?

I just ranked all of my Melt Cosmetics palettes, but I’m not ready to give up any of them just yet.  Not even the ones that ended up on the bottom!  Not sure how my ranking shook out?  Be sure to check out my video and see!  But know that no matter what I had to say, all of these babies are staying in my collection…for now!

I love color, and I really love indie makeup!  Here is a collection of palettes from some of my favorite indie brands.  In the top pair of photos, we have Peachy Queen’s Spirit Board, Thank You For Being A Friend, and Balancing Chakras palettes.  Then we have Menagerie Cosmetics with the Arthurine blush palette as well as the Serenity and Flight Club eyeshadow palettes.  Supporting my girls in the drag community, I have the Bottle Blonde and Daytime Realness palettes from Trixie Cosmetics and the Juicy Mojito and Juicy Velvet palettes from Kim Chi Chic Beauty.  Next up is Give Me Glow, and I can promise you that none of these palettes are going anywhere!  I love Give Me Glow and these palettes are all fire!  I have the Pastel Dreams, Vintage Roase, Christmas Morning, Vivid Rose, and Juicy Olive.  Finally, I have a few Huda Beauty palettes.  Most of my Obsessions palettes are in my makeup at home, but I had the Mercury Retrograde and the Pastel Obsessions minis in the office for a review and a Face Friday, so I included them in this declutter.  They aren’t going anywhere, I’m afraid – except back to my house to be with the rest of the brand!

So this is sort of an update on one of my first ever videos on my channel where I showed off what was in my magnetic palettes.  I probably won’t be decluttering a lot from this section unless I decide to get rid of everything in a palette, because I don’t have a great way to store them once they are decluttered!  Top row of pictures includes a bunch of random shit in two Z palettes, a double sided palette with all of my Makeup Geek collection, and a large magnetic palette with singles from Coloured Raine and Juvia’s Place.  Second row includes a palette with a mix of Urban Decay and Make Up For Ever, then two palettes of Devinah singles and highlighters.  The last pair of magnetic palettes includes singles and a couple of highlighters from Terra Moons, singles from Clionadh (both Terra Moons and Clionadh are on my 8 Brands to Try list as well!), and some random, non-subscription box items from The Collective Cosmetics.  Third row includes two palettes fill of Lethal Cosmetics singles that I haven’t touched because I keep saying I’m going to review them (get on that already!), a palette full of JD Glow singles, and my palette filled with The Collective Cosmetics subscription box shadows and highlighters.  Finally, we have a palette filled with large singles from Crown Brush and Morphe, a “Build Your Own Palette” from Coastal Scents (RIP!), and the depotted shades from Ofra’s first Glitch palette.

If you watch this video, remember that it was one of the very early videos on my channel – I’ve gotten so much better at this since then!

Here’s a mixed bag of a bunch of great indie brands and Sephora favorites.  From Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs I have the Glam Room Vol. 1 and the Stupid Love palettes.  I have all three of the deliciously scented Tutti Fruitti palettes from Too Faced – I’m so sad that they decided to do away with that line!  For doll fanatics, I have a Jem palette from the Sephora collection and a Barbie palette from Pur!  The palettes from Ruby May Cosmetics are up next: Pop Zombie, #Vibes, and Neon Dreams.  Two palettes from Lethal that have gotten a little bit of play.  A Valentines and a Halloween palette from OMFG Cosmetics.  Two palettes from Sigma: the Viper palette and the Brilliant & Spellbinding palette.  The Forever palette and the Summer on Earth palette from Alien Cosmetics.  I get rid of one of them – but you’ll have to watch the video to find out which one!  Finally, I’ve got the Beetlejuice palette from Hot Topic and the Burn Book palette from Storybook Cosmetics.  You might be surprised to find out how many palettes from this section are going out with the declutter!  I’ll give you a hint: it’s more than 5!

Oh tarte, you basic Becky lookin’ bitch!  I definitely ditch the three Rainforest of the Sea palettes, but that’s not all I declutter!  There are two more palettes that also get the boot.  You might be surprised to find out which ones…

I love, love, LOVE the Kesha Rose Beauty palette bu Hipdot – this colorful baby isn’t going anywhere!  I definitely need to use this in a look soon and show you how fantastic it is!

Alright, another big gallery filled with lots of fantastic palettes!  First up are some indie palettes: Come As You Are by Karity, Crime Scene Evidence by makeup A Murder, Sparkling Cherry Limeade by Violet Voss, Neon Dreams Revamped by Blush Tribe, and Soul Blossoming by Nabla.  In the next pair we’ve got the Dis Bitch palette from Crate Finds (RIP!), the Retro Love palettes from Face Candy 9a dupe for ABH’s Subculture, and another RIP brand!), and a customized 5-pan palette from Inglot.  Next up is a trio of collabs: the Little Twin Stars palette from Sugarpill, the Midas x Smokey Glow palette, and a Patrick Starr quad from MAC.  Black-Owned Makeup Brands are the mext little collection: two palettes from Uoma Beauty, the Smize palette from Tyra Beauty, the Blaqe Power 2.0 palette from Blaqe Cosmetics, and the New Rule Nudes palette from The Crayon Case.  Two out of these 5 end up on the chopping block.  In our next pair of photos we have some “previously problematic” brands: the Shade & Light Glimmer eye palette and the Lolita palette from KVD, and the Venus Greatest Hits palette from Lime Crime.  I also have the KVD Fetish eye and cheek palettes.  Finally, we’ve got the 20th anniversary palette from Too Faced (I don’t care if it’s bulky – this one’s a banger!), and then two additional palettes from Violet Voss, the Sugar Crystals and Flamingo palettes.  I’m definitely holding onto the Sugar Crystals, but I’m still undecided about the Flamingo…

Finally, my collection of ABH palettes, including the full Norvina line.  I’m a bit of a completionist at times, but I got rid of a few things from this bunch!  There are three ABH palettes (Riviera, Prism, and Subculture) as well as 4 collab palettes (Jackie Aina, Alyssa Edwards, Carli Bybel, and Amrezy); I also had the Modern Renaissance when I did my ABH ranking video, but as soon as the camera stopped I decluttered that to Angie to get some use out of it!

I also have all four of the Norvina palettes. – well, I guess now I should say the first four, since they recently released a volume 5! – as well as the three mini palettes.  I also did a ranking video of these!

That is my entire eyeshadow collection – well, at least what isn’t included in some other videos!  You’ll see some more eyeshadows next week when the next installment of the declutter comes out featuring a 5 brand declutter: Glamlite, Fenty Beauty, Beauty Bakerie, Milani, and Juvia’s Place!  These are some of my favorite brands, so I was surprised that I was able to clear out as much as I did – be sure to come back and check out both the collection post and the video!

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