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Declutter 2021: Downgrading The DSL – Lipsticks, Glosses, & Lip Products

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Declutter 2021: Downgrading The DSL – Lipsticks, Glosses, & Lip Products

Alright Champagne Dreamers, we took a little break from the declutter series (mainly because I, uh, well, I hadn’t actually DONE the other half of the declutter yet!) but now we’re back with the final four installments!  We’re kicking off the second half with one of my favorite “soothe shopping” purchases: lip products!  There is just something comforting about picking up a new lipstick…and it looks like I’ve done plenty of comforting!

Don’t forget to head over to my YouTube channel to see what I’m actually getting rid of, but here is a look at my lipstick collection in my filming office.  I have two drawers in my main storage container filled with lip products (as well as a few random eye products – more on that at the end!) as well as a spinning lipstick tower with some of the brands that I purchase from most often.

Let’s dive in!

Lime Crime is sometimes a little all over the place in terms of quality (anyone else remember those shimmer shadows that molded and rusted in the pans?!) but I do generally like their lip products.  The Wet Cherry glosses have a gorgeous, yummy scent that I love, and they are thick and slick without feeling sticky.  The Lip Pops were a fun collection of semi-sheer lipsticks – I don’t really do the “blotted lip” thing, but I still managed to hang onto half of these shades!  Their stick lipsticks are where they truly shine!  There Perlees were probably my favorite collection: metallic, smooth application, and some really gorgeous colors!  I managed to declutter one of these shades, but even that was a struggle!  Finally, the Unicorn Lipsticks are favorites and I have some from the OG launch as well as the re-release from Lime Crime’s 10th anniversary.  Serpentina is still one of the best shimmery green lipsticks I have ever found!

Let’s get the main “problematic pick” out of the way: Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  I’ve been all over the place on this brand, and I’m definitely trying to use his products less and less on my channel and on this site, but there are some things from the brand that I really do love.  The newest lipsticks, the Velvet Trap, are still pretty new to my collection, so I’ll hold onto them, but I’m definitely going to be getting rid of quite a few of the Lip Ammunition lipsticks.  I’m a whore for cute packaging, so I’ll probably keep one from each collection, but a lot of these are going to be heading out.  I also didn’t love the Supreme Gloss formula – check out my review HERE (especially if you’re not a JStar fan – I have not nice things to say!) and you won’t be surprised to know that more than half of these ended up in the declutter video!  I do love the JSC liquid lipstick formula (sorry ’bout it – it’s one of the best out there!) but I don’t love the minis, so quite a few of these will go…though I might have trouble getting rid of any of the green ones!  Finally, I also really like the Velvet Lip Scrubs, but I have too many, and I don’t use them often enough so some of them are getting a bit old and need to go.

Too Faced is kind of a problematic brand as well, but I don’t think people talk about them because of how absolutely boring they’ve become.  I used to really vibe with what they put out, but not anymore.  The glosses from the Tutti Fruitti line are gorgeous, but the line is discontinued.  What a shame – that was such a fun collection!  The Melted Mattes were a decent liquid lipstick formula – not my absolute favorite but definitely dependable – but I’m just not inspired by a lot of the shades and the packaging is kind of awkward.  About half of these shades ended up in the declutter pile.  If you want to see everything that got decluttered…you know what to do!

I love Lady Gaga as a musician, but nothing from Haus Labs has really blown me away.  The Le Monster lip crayons are a nice formula, but that packaging rolls around and the lid is domed so you can’t even set them up on the end.  It’s a hassle.  The glosses are fine, but they are just glosses.  There is nothing about them that makes me think about them first when I decide to use a gloss.

Urban Decay is that love that keeps disappointing me, but I keep coming back for more.  Luckily the quality of their lip products…well, stick lipsticks, is usually pretty good.  I have a ton of the Vice Lispticks, but since I don’t use stick lipsticks that often I am definitely looking to get rid of quite a few of these, especially the more nude/neutral colors.  I also have both Vice lipstick palettes, and while they contain lovely shades and the packaging is amazing, I don’t like working with lip brushes and these mostly just sit around.  I’m not sure I can convince myself to get rid of both of them, though.

I don’t remember what this collection of Urban Decay lipsticks are called, but I never reach for these (at least one of them is completely untouched!).  These were definitely an ill-advised purchase from the Nordstrom Rack!  I’m letting go of all three!  I’m sure they are great quality, but I just don’t need to hold onto them.

This is just a public service announcement to let you know that I love my lip products from Trixie Cosmetics, and I’m not getting rid of any of them.  Maybe in a future declutter – I do wish that she did more lipsticks than glosses! – but these are still too new and the honeymoon isn’t over, so they are staying with me!

Everytime I use these gorgeous lipsticks from Melt Cosmetics, I’m reminded why I don’t buy more lipsticks from the brand: these are stiff almost to the point of being uncomfortable!  I love these colors and the packaging, so I’m going to hang onto them, but it’s a good reminder that I don’t need to stock up on these any time soon!

Mac Cosmetics.  As much as I rag on how their formulas have changed over the years (and their eyeshadows have really gone downhill!) the lip products are still pretty solid!  I wish they would bring back the Oh Sweetie collection glosses as they smelled amazing and the colors were really fun and interesting.  The lip toppers were alright – not sure why that KVD lip topper in Wizard snuck into this picture, but that’s cool.

Glosses and liquid lipsticks from Glamlite.  I absolutely adore the eyeshadow palettes from Glamlite, but I don’t really love the lip products.  They are ok, but there is nothing really special about them and they just strike me as drugstore quality at a slightly higher price.  I decluttered a big chunk of these for sure!

I picked up quite a few lip products from Gerard Cosmetics when they had a big summer sale.  It was fun to try them out, and I’ll definitely be keeping some of them, but there are quite a few I will be passing along to good homes.  They are fun, but not perfect for me, so it’s time to let them move on!

Here are some random drugstore/affordable lipsticks.  The first pic is a bunch of liquid lipsticks from LA Colors that I picked up at Daiso in Seattle on a work trip.  Sometimes, if I was gone on really long work trips, it was hard to keep up with makeup content on my site, so finding cheap little gems was a great way to do some reviewing on the road!  The NYX liquid lipsticks with the clear gloss are new to my collection and I haven’t had a chance to review them yet.  NYX’s quality has really gone down the last couple of years, but I feel like their lip products are usually pretty dependable.  I’m going to hold onto these at least until I can get a review done.  And then we have some Sephora brand lipsticks.  The Pantone collection lipstick on the end was a little more expensive, but the rest are all from the #LipStories collection – these are great!  The colors are fun, they come in a bunch of different finishes, and the cost is less than $10!  I really like them!

Ok, here are a bunch of random products from Black-Owned Makeup Brands (BOMBs), indie brands, and a few other random places.  The organization got a little loose with some of these!  The first pick includes lip products from BOMBs Face FX by Phoebe Scott (3 liquid lipsticks), two lipsticks from Gold Label Cosmetics, and The Lip Bar.  The second picture is a collection of lipsticks from BOMB Ka’oir Beauty.  In the third picture, we’ve got a selection of colorful glosses from BOMB Lena Lashes, then a bunch of other random glosses: Lorac, Smith & Cult (created by the original founder of Hard Candy!), Becca, and Dior.  The final photo is some lipsticks from Kylie Cosmetics (I kept these two shades but there were two other shades that I had already decluttered before I took pictures – I got a 4 piece set as a gift with purchase from Ulta!), 3 lipsticks from Revolon (including classic shades Fire & Ice and Cherries In The Snow), and a Marc Jacobs lipstick that he did for Sephora Rouge when it first launched.  This was the full size that you had to buy, but you got a sample size as your gift when you first hit Rouge.

Speaking of BOMBs, a brand I’ve really come to love over the last year and a half or so is Uoma Beauty!  Their Say What!? Foundation is my new favorite foundation (dethroning longtime staple, Urban Decay All Nighter!) and these lipsticks come in super luxurious packaging and are very creamy and beautiful to wear.

Now for a little “In Memorium” segment: here are a bunch of Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics as well as some lip crayons and lipsticks from Tyra Beauty.  I love the OCC Lip Tars, though I preferred the original pro formula to these “reasy to wear” glosses that they launched later.  I wish they were still around!  Tyra Beauty may have had some sketchy MLM business practices, but their lip products were bangers!  The lip crayons are metallic, glittery, and gorgeous!  The lipsticks were also really good, though the colors are bordering on basic.  Nice staple pieces, but nothing to get super excited about.  RIP babies!

I’ve never purchased any full sized lip products from Huda, but she’s had a few little collections of minis that I’ve checked out.  I like them, but I’m not sure I’ve been impressed enough to pick up a full size.  Sometimes you just need a mini to give you a little taste, and then you can move on with your life!  These are all staying in my collection…at least for now!

We’re getting close tot he end, so it’s getting really random!  This gallery includes a lot of great products.  First up we have a big collection of glasses from Dazzle Me Dead, The Lipstick Apocalypse, Catrice, Revolon (Wonder Woman 1984 – that’s definitely not going anywhere!), KVD, Smashbox, and Midas Cosmetics.  Next up is a collection of affordable liquid lipsticks from Models Own, Wet N Wild, LA Girl, BH Cosmetics, and L’Oreal.  The third picture includes liquid lipsticks from Karity Cosmetics, Ferocious Beauty Cosmetics, Give Me Glow, and Lunatick Cosmetics Labs.

In the second row, we start with a baby sample size of smashbox liquid lipstick and a slightly larger sample from ABH.  Then we have liquid lipsticks from Urban Decay, Kylie Cosmetics, and Tyra beauty.  In the second photo are lipsticks from Midas Cosmetics, OMFG Cosmetics, Besame Cosmetics, The Balm (their “Balm Girl” line is so cute, but the appeal is all in the unit carton – the bullet itself is blah!), Etude House, and BH Cosmetics.  Finally we end with two recent purchases that aren’t going anywhere: two NARS lipsticks, including a shocking pink called Schiap for Elsa Schiaparelli, an amazing designer from the mid-20th Century who is famous for her shocking pink designs!

In a little indie spotlight, here are a bunch of liquid lipsticks and two glosses from Glam Vice Cosmetics.  These were a little tricky to work with (you can check out my review HERE) but I do love the vivid, saturated colors!

Next up we have some liquid lipsticks from Ofra Cosmetics.  They are in a bit of hot water lately, so I’m not sure if they will be showing up much on my channel or on this site, but let’s take a look at these shades and see what we think.  The three neutral shades on the left are the Jen Luv collab that are meant to be used alone or mixed with other lip products to change the tone.  I’m definitely holding on to those, but I think some of these liquid lipsticks might be finding their way to new homes.

This year I decided to try out the subscription box from The Collective Cosmetics.  These are the lip products that have come in my boxes.  I’m in it for the highlighters and eyeshadows, so the lip products are always a bit of a bonus, but I’m not sure I love these colors for me.  Some of these may end up getting the chop – but definitely check out the archive to see all of my reviews so you can decide for yourself if you want to subscribe!

Honestly, this picture just got missed, so I’m including it at the end.  It’s a bunch of liquid lipsticks!  There are three from Give Me Glow (these are the Velvet formula, I think?), four full size and two sampels from Melt Cosmetics, a sample from Rare Beauty, and 4 from Jeffree Star Cosmetics (these came in subscription boxes.  There may be a couple of things from this picture in the declutter, but I do generally like most of these brands!

For this last gallery, I had some random eye products in my lip drawers, so I got them together and went through them.  if you want to see the eyeshadow declutter, be sure to come back next week – that’s the next installment in the declutter series!  The top picture is all liquid/cream shadows.  I don’t love that type of formula, so expect that a good number of those will end up in the declutter.  There are shadows from Too Faced, Black Moon Cosmetics, Kaja, Urban Decay, Wet N Wild, and Haus Labs.  Next up we have an absolutely ANCIENT eyeliner from Lime Crime (how long has it been since they used this packaging?!) and a few mascaras from Beauty Bakerie, Essence, BH Cosmetics, and Urban Decay.  Next up are 4 eyebrow color pots from KVD.  I keep thinking I want to try using these as color bases for eye looks, but I just haven’t done much with them.  Then I have 4 mini quads from Almay…that’s one forgettable brand!  These sort of excited me, but this brand is basically a snooze.  Then I have a few randoms: a glittery baked Maleficent shadow from MAC, loose pigments from OMFG Cosmetics and The Lipstick Apocalypse, a shimmer glitter pigment from Wet N Wild, and a cream color base stack from Ben Nye.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest look at my collection!  If you haven’t already watched the Declutter Series on my YouTube channel, you can find them HERE!  Just look for the bright yellow thumbnails that say 2021 Declutter, or click over to the Playlists tab and watch them all!

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