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Declutter 2021: Complexion Products – Foundations, Concealers, Primers, Powders, Etc.

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Declutter 2021: Complexion Products – Foundations, Concealers, Primers, Powders, Etc.

Hey there Champagne Dreamers, and welcome to my new declutter series!  In a recent video, I mentioned that I prefer watching declutter videos that show the whole collection, and the person talks about what they are getting rid of and why, as opposed to people who just run through the products that they are decluttering.  I did acknowledge that it’s easier to film after you’ve done the decluttering and just show the products, and as I was getting ready to film a declutter I decided that I wanted to do that as well.  But because I love declutters that sort of also work as collection videos, I decided to create a series of posts on here to go along with my videos!  The videos will show what’s being decluttered and why; these posts will show everything that I looked at in the category in small batches, then show you what was decluttered and why.  Some of this will be repeated info if you watch the video and read the post, but I will probably go into more detail in the video.  If you just want to see the collection and briefly see what was decluttered, this post is the best place for you.  If you prefer to see the products and hear a bit more about why I decided to get rid of them, the video is the best place to start.  And of course, you can always enjoy both!

The Makeup Collection Tag: this is the video where I talked about my feelings about declutters.  Check it out if you want to know more about that, or my feelings about my makeup collection in general!

For this first post, I am going to be going through my base products drawer.  I have one drawer in my office organizer that is full of complexion staples: primers, foundations, setting poweders, concealers, color correctors, and products to bronze and contour.  This is the first category that I’m going to be working with.  I’ll show you a small grouping of products and then show you what I’m getting rid of.  I don’t include a lot of shade names or numbers (unless it’s relevant to the declutter), but if you’re wondering how my skintone relates to yours, I am a light-leaning-toward-medium; I forget which brand of foundation she was using in one of her videos, but my shade was the same as Angelica Nyqvist.  In Uoma Beauty I wear a Fair Lady T3C, in Urban Decay All Nighter I wear a 3.5, and in Juvia’s Place I wear the shade 610 Cebu.

In the first group of foundations I’ve got two shades of the Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix foundation, The BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation, an LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation, and two LA Girl Foundation Mixing Pigments (blue to cool, white to lighten).

I decided to keep the darker shade of the Beauty Bakerie foundation and declutter the lighter shade.  I did a Face Friday look with these last year during Pride, and it was a bit of a struggle, but I want to play around with it a bit more, so I kept the darker shade.  I also got rid of the LA Girl foundation as the shade I had was way too golden for me.  I love the BH foundation so I kept that, and I also kept the LA Girl foundation mixers (always good to have those on hand!).

Another group of random foundations: Uoma Beauty, Tarte Face Tape, Wet N Wild liquid and cushion foundation, Santee, and Morphe.

Obviously the Uoma Beauty wasn’t going anywhere – that’s a ride or die!  The Face Tape is probably too light for me, but I did like the coverage and it’s pretty new to my collection, so I’ll hold onto it for now.  I also like the Morphe foundation.  I know a lot of people didn’t like the feeling on the skin, or they thought the undertones were off, but I generally like it, and it’s a nice cheap option when I don’t want to run down my supply of fancy foundation!  So that means that on the chopping block are the two Wet N Wild foundations and the Santee.  I don’t really like Cushion foundations in general, and neither of these Wet N Wild products ever looked very good on my skin.  And to be honest, that Santee foundation I only bought at Daiso so that I could use it in the “Husband Guesses Makeup Prices” video that I did not long after I started my channel.

In the last group of foundations, I have the Too Faced Dew You Luminous foundation, the Second Skin by Tacha, two stick foundations by Black Opal, and two tubes of my shade Cebu from Juvia’s Place (one is almost empty!).

In this group, the Sacha Second Skin got the chop for being too golden (the description on the back refers to the whole range as golden, which is odd since I thought they had some noted as being for cool undertones, but I could be wrong) and the lighter of the two Black Opal stick foundations.  I don’t really like Stick Foundations, but the shade that I kept is a perfect match to my skin, so I thought I’d keep it in case I wanted to play around with it more.  I kept the Too Faced for now, though I don’t know that it will stay – I’m too much of an oily beast to truly love a luminous foundation! – and the Juvia’s is a staple in my collection and I love the full, matte coverage.

Next up is the first group of primers.  I’ve got one from Figs & Rouge, which is a brand I’ve never heard of but that a friend got in a subscription box and gifted to me.  I don’t love it alone, but it’s not bad when combined with a pore filling primer, so I’ll stick with it a bit and see if I learn to really like it.  I also got the Glass Skin Primer from Makeup Revolution, The True Color Primer from Black Opal, the Mint Melt cooling primer from elf, and the Dew You Luminous primer from Too Faced.

The only one that got the ax in this group is the Black Opal.  It looks sort of peachy/champagne in the tube, but when I would apply it, it had this weird red tone that would come out and it almost made my face look dirty.  This is not great for lighter skintones.  I decided to keep the rest.  The Glass Skin primer was fun, though a little oily – not sure if it will make it through another declutter, but I’m interested enough to hold onto it for now.  The Mint Melt is nice, and while it’s not totally a dupe for the Milk Makeup primer, it does have a similar tackiness that I like.  And I’m almost done with the Too Faced primer, so that’s going to make it in a future empties video before it ever makes it into a declutter!

I’ve only got one eye primer in the drawer currently, from Ulta, so obviously that is staying.  This group also includes two primers from I Heart Revolution (peach and strawberry), the BH Studio Pro primer, and sample sizes of the Bobbi Brown Face Base, Smash Box Photo Finish, YSL Touche Eclait, and Urban Decay All Nighter.

I got rid of three of the sample sizes, just keeping the Bobbi Brown because everyone seems to rave about it and I want to give it a shot.  The I Heart Revolution Primers are bomb and under $10, so they are definitely staying and will be repurchased when I use these up!  I was up in the air about the BH Cosmetics primer, but since I’ve been loving so many things from BH lately, I decided to keep it – maybe I’ll do a full face of BH Cosmetics and try it out with the rest of the line!

I decided to declutter both of these face palettes: the Nude Rose from BH Cosmetics and the Shade & Light palette from KVD Vegan Beauty.  The BH one is nice enough, but it gets lost in my collection and I never reach for it.  I would much rather pass it on to a good home.  The KVD product is great and as you can see, I’ve already hit pan on the two shades that I use the most.  I’m getting rid of it because I want to repurchase it in the new packaging that allows you to buy refill shades (that’s not really new, but that tells you how long I’ve been using and loving this palette!).

These are all of my concealers…well, skintone concealers anyway!  The first product is a wheel from BH Cosmetics, then two Magic Star concealers from Jeffree Star, a Morphe Fluidity concealer, a Black Opal Even True concealer, a Revlon concealer that is supposed to have skincare properties in it, and two Boi-ing Concealers from benefit.

Noticing a theme here?  I didn’t love the Black Opal concealer.  Black Opal is a black-owned makeup brand, and while there are lots of BOMBs out there with complexion products that work well for lighter skintones, Black Opal isn’t one of them.  I think if you are light to medium and have a golden undertone, you might want to check out their products, but I didn’t really find much of anything that worked well for my pasty and pink skin.  And that’s fine – not everything needs to be for me (or other white people).  The Revlon concealer never really did it for me and the application is super messy (it’s one of those click pen style products that pushes product out into the fuzzy tip).  The BH concealer wheel was nice enough, but I just don’t reach for it and I don’t love that wheel format for application.

This group of products is pretty specialized: I’ve got two white concealers, one from Morphe and one from Jeffree Star.  These are great for cut crease eye looks or for lightening a foundation.  The color correction wheel is old school Morphe (check that vintage logo!).  I also had green color correctors from Jeffree Star and the Crayon Case, and a pink color corrector from the Crayon Case.

The only one that got the ax from this section is the pink corrector from the Crayon Case.  All of the concealers/color correctors from the Crayon Case are very pigmented, which makes the correctors a bit challenging to blend out.  I’ve never really gotten the hang of the best way to use this to brighten without making the flushed pink color I already have worse, so I figured it could move on to a new home.

I also kept this elf color correcting powder quad.  I’m not sure why – I’ve never really known how to use this effectively.  Actually, I do know why I’m keeping it: I’ve decluttered it at least twice, and I keep repurchasing it!  I’ll just hold onto this, if for no other reason than to hold off the impulse to buy it again!

Next up are a few contouring products: a dark powder foundation from KVD, three shades of the Uoma Beauty Duo Sticks, and a contour stick from Tyra Beauty (may it rest in peace!).

I love my cream contour sticks, so those are definitely staying put, but this powder foundation that I found at TJ Max is just too golden to really work with how I like to contour my face.

Three bronzers, which I primarily use for contouring purposes (I’m still not totally convinced that they are different things!).  The Ulta Beauty was a gift with purchase and isn’t available in their permanent line, but ironically is the best product I’ve ever tried from the Ulta store brand.  The Butter Bronzer is a great contour, especially this deeper shade, and Wet N Wild cheek products are generally prety good.

The Wet N Wild bronzer was the only product to get the chop.  It’s fine, but I don’t love it; I much prefer my cream contour products.  Plus, you can see here that it’s started to crack down the middle.  This will probably just go in the garbage to prevent it making a huge mess in my space or someone else’s.

Loose powders are up next!  I have two of the Dew You luminous powders from the Too Faced Tutti Fruitti line, the Sacha Buttercup powder, a finishing powder and an “invisible” oil bocking powder from Black Opal, the Sugar Cookie setting powder from Give Me Glow that has been in a ton of Face Friday posts, and a yellow banana powder from Sephora.

I feel like I’m purging a lot of products from black-owned brands, but the Sacha powder is made for deeper skintones and it’s just too dark and golden for me.  It’s a lovely powder, and I’m sure someone will get great use out of it.  The Black Opal finishing powder didn’t really impress me, and the Oil Blocking powder – “invisible” my ass!  I used it in another Face Friday during Pride and it looked like I had rubbed dirt on my face.  It definitely isn’t meant to be used over creamy products, or else it’s meant to be used in a way that I wasn’t able to figure out.  Either way, it’s time to hit the road!

Last up, we’ve got some more random powders, mostly pressed powders and a couple of loose powders.  There are three products from Too Faced: the #NoFilter Selfie palette (it has a yellow toned, a purple toned, and a sepia toned powder that are supposed to imitate filters on the skin?), the banana pressed powder from Tutti Fruitti, and the Primed and Poreless Setting Powder.  I also have a Physician’s Formula glowy setting powder that comes with a skin gloss, two samples of Becca Loos Powder, a sample of KVD Lock It Powder, and LA Girl Pro Powder.

I had to keep the Selfie palette (it’s just too weird not to!) and the banana powder (love that Tutti Fruitti packaging!) but I got rid of the Primed and Poreless.  I also ditched the LA Girl Powder; it feels super soft and silky, but almost too silky if that makes sense.  It doesn’t like to play well with creamier products.  I also ditched the sample sizes of Becca and KVD.  I have a full size of the KVD at home if I ever want to use it, and I’m just not interested in much at all from Becca, and this is no exception.  And I am very interested to play more with the Physician’s Formula product – plus, it smells heavenly!

So that is the first round of my declutter, with a total of 27 individual items leaving my collection!  I didn’t take before and after pictures of the drawer (I will do that for future installments, if possible) but everything fits in much better and it’s so much easier to reach for the products that I want.  That’s the best part of a declutter, for me: putting the products back into my storage and seeing how much cleaner and more organized my collection is!

If you want to see the video where I go through the items I decluttered and go through them a little bit more, definitely check out my YouTube channel, and subscribe for more great makeup content!  Let me know in the comments of that video what you think about that series, and how you feel about this hybrid format, with the videos and the separate posts.

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