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Declutter 2021: Brand Declutter – Our Benevolent Overlord, ColourPop

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Declutter 2021: Brand Declutter – Our Benevolent Overlord, ColourPop

Welcome to the next installment of my declutter series where this time I am thinning the ranks from one of the most prolific brands on the market: ColourPop!

I used to buy a lot of ColourPop products, but I’ve definitely slowed my purchases them down to barely a trickle over the last year or two; that’s ironic considering that ColourPop itself has been opening the floodgates and releasing products at a breakneck speed!  They had mangled releases at Halloween with the Hocus Pocus-inspired palette as well as with the Valentine’s Day collection, so I’ve been keeping them at bay.

I haven’t always been so standoffish with the brand, however, so we have a LOT of products to go through!

Before we get started, I should tell you that I’ve decided to switch things up for these posts!  I am still going to show you all of the products in my collection that I went through, but I’m not going to tell you all of the products that I decluttered – I still want you to go and watch the video, y’know?!  It’s just easier, especially as we are getting into larger items, to not have to keep track of which ones I got rid of and which ones I didn’t so peep this page to see the collection, and then head over to the video to see what hit the chopping block!  I’ll still let you know some of the products that are going away, but if you want the full story, definitely watch the video!

Let’s dive in!

These are some of the oldest ColourPop products in my collection!  I’m a monster and I keep lip products forever, and even though I never reach for them those green shades are just too unique in my collection. The orange red shade is going, but the other three are staying.  They don’t smell funny or anything, so I’ll take my chances for another round!

Here are 10 stick lipsticks: 3 from the Disney Cillains collection, and 7 others in assorted formulas.  I don’t reach for stick lipsticks a ton, but I do like quite a few of the colors, depending on the formula.  And though I love the shade of the Ursula lipstick (top row, far left!) I had to get rid of it.  Check the video to find out why…

Speaking of lipsticks, I also have the full set of the collab lipsticks with Safiya Nygard.  I won’t keep you in suspense: I’m keeping all of them!  I adore Safiya, and I think her collab idea, recreating some of her “Frankenmakeup” projects from her channel was super creative and fun!

These are a bunch of liquid lipsticks in matte and metallic formulas.  Some of these, like the dark green on the end and the deep blue in the middle, are legit from my first ColourPop order ever, so they are probably about 10 years old!  The ColourPop liquid lipstick formula was great for getting me into liquid lipstick more, but there are just so many better options out there now, and a lot of these are old.  This whole group is going!

Glosses!  I’m not really a gloss junkie (I would prefer to add glitter to a lip with a fixative that will keep it in place) so most of these are going to go.  I’ve got an idea for the bright red So Juicy tube, and a couple of the others might make the cut, but most of these are getting passed on to friends.

Why do I keep talking myself into buying colored mascara?!  I always wear falsies, so if I want to use it, I have to find a pair of lashes that I don’t mind coating with the color, and that never works out completely.  Here we have a white, a coral, and a red mascara.  The formula is nice, but it just doesn’t work for me.  I did try out the white with a blue “Ice Queen” look that I did for Face Friday, but these can go.  So can the liquid shadow – I’m terrible with figuring out how to use them!

I have a love/hate relationship with ColourPop liners.  When they work, they are one of the only pencils that will stay in my waterline!  When they don’t, they are a dry, craggy mess that feels like it’s trying to rip my skin open.  The ones in white packaging with the color at the bottom are definitely going, as those are very old, but for the ones with the colorful tubes, I’m only getting rid of the ones that have dried out.  The one on the far right is actually a red liquid liner.  I’m not sure what I’m doing with that…I like the idea of keeping it, but I am not great with liquid liners.  Decisions, decisions…

Cheek products!  I like the Super Shock cheek formula, but I don’t love it.  I find it easier to use than a lot of cream cheek products…but only just.  I also went a little wild buying up some of the Stix blushes and highlights, but I don’t really reach for them  And the gold highlighter in the bottom left is from the Shayla collection.  It’s pretty, but it’s too gold for me and I don’t love loose powder highlights either.  When it comes to cheek products, I am a basic Becky – I love pressed powders!

Some more cheek products!  The column on the left are two powder blushes and a highlight from the My Little Pony Collection.  The column on the right are the highlighters from the Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella collections for Disney Villains.  By the time the declutter is over, half of these products will be leaving my collection.  But which ones?  Hmmmm…

A collection for the complexion!  I haven’t played with them near enough: all of my ColourPop products have been in a drawer together, so I always forget about them when I reach for foundations and concealers.  Do they deserve another chance to shine?

The start and the finish: All Star primer and setting spray.  One of these is definitely going away, and one is getting a second chance to win me over!

If you’ve already watched the declutter, then you know that these are the reason for my hands being so blingy!  If you haven’t…well, you’re in for a treat!  The effect is fun, but unfortunately most of these had dried up!  I only kept a couple that were still usable and the rest are hitting the trash!

I’ll make this easy for you – I’m not getting rid of any of my monochromatic 9-pan palettes, so this gallery is just for your viewing pleasure!  I love these little palettes, and some of them I have customized with shades I’ve depotted from other palettes, so these are perfect for me.  I need to keep them somewhere that I am more likely to reach for them, because these are fun!

The So Jaded palette packaging is gorgeous, but there are too many nudes and pressed glitters.  I’m going to use some of the shades from palettes that are coming up and I’m going to create the perfect So Jaded palette for me from what I have available, and the rest of the shades will all be decluttered.  Here are some of the palettes that may be contributing shades!

The Perception palette done in collab with Shayla has some gorgeous colors, but I don’t need most of it.  Some of these shades will be perfect for my revamped So Jaded palette!

I customized this Misunderstood palette from a bunch of other ColourPop palettes – and I think it’s much better than the original.  It’s one that I did for a Palette Redesign series post…but will I keep it, or break it up for spare parts?!

The Dream Street palette is another one that I customized – the color story on the original was pretty, but I loved combining all of these gorgeous shimmers and duochromes into a single place, and they match perfectly with the palette design!

Here are three more palettes that have the same size pans as the So Jaded.  The My Little Pony and Fem Rosa palettes are still their original shades, but the Chasing Rainbows is yet another of my custom curations.  But all of these shades are up for grabs in putting together my personal So Jaded palette!

Finally, this is a big double-sided magnetic palette that I got off Amazon.  Notice how if you depot a bunch of ColourPop palettes it looks just like an old school Morphe palette?!  Speaking of Morphe, check for that declutter coming next Sunday!  Anyway, all of these shades are also available for the So Jaded palette, though they are pretty neutral for me – I’ll looking to get rid of a bunch of neutrals!  Whatever is left over will get passed on to a friend.

These two palettes are from the ColourPop singles collection, which are a frustratingly different size than most of their older palettes.  The one on the left is a custom rainbow palette – which I did just before they launched their own palette of curated rainbow singles, and now they have launched another rainbow pre-made palette!  On the right is a neon and glitter festival collection they did a couple of summers back.  One of these two palettes is going to go…but which one?!

Here are two face palettes that are also magentic.  I’ve got my eye on one or two shades that I’m going to keep, but the rest will get passed on to better homes.

A bunch of Super Shock shadows and 4 singles in the jankiest little palette ever made – the mirror was falling out before I even opened the box!  I don’t love the Super Shock formula, but some of these colors keep pulling me back in!  Some of these will probably make the cut, but I definitely need to thin the herd!

Finally, I’ve got 8 Jelly Much shadows and two gel liners.  If you’re going to order either of these products, make sure you have plans to use them right away – these dried up so freakin’ fast!  This whole lot is trash, and it makes me sad because some of these colors are really fun and I was looking forward to playing around with them!

That’s it for the ColourPop declutter – head on over to my YouTube channel and watch the declutter to see all of the products that got the chop!  And be sure to come back next week when I’m doing another brand declutter: Morphe and Revolution Beauty brands, with a surprise brand thrown in, just for funsies!

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