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Declutter 2021: Brand Declutter – Morphe, Revolution Beauty, & A Surprise Guest Brand!

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Declutter 2021: Brand Declutter – Morphe, Revolution Beauty, & A Surprise Guest Brand!

Hello Champagne Dreamers and welcome to the 4th installment of my declutter series!  For this one, we’re going into the bargain bish archives and decluttering a couple of more affordably priced brands: Morphe and Revolution Beauty (the umbrella company for Makeup Revolution, XX Revolution, I Heart Revolution, Makeup Obsession, and a few more!).  Plus, while I was going through my drawers, I found a few palettes by another brand shoved in with the Morphe, so we’re going to feature those as well!

As with the last declutter, Our Benevolent Overlord ColourPop, I’m not going to tell you absolutely everything – you’ll have to go to my YouTube Channel and watch the video for that!  This post will show you the entire collection that I considered, and I’ll tell you the fate of a few of the products, just to whet your appetite!

Let’s get started with Morphe!

I had a total of 7 full size Morphe glosses in my collection.  I’m not a huge gloss wearer, but for some reason I keep getting sucked into buying more of them.  The flesh is weak…

I was able to talk myself out of these three.  Maybe next year we’ll clear the lot…

I also had 5 liquid lipstick shades.  I don’t love the Morphe formula, but I don’t hate it, and I use a lot of liquid lipstick.

Call me Taylor Swift – I’m a sucker for red lipstick!  I was able to talk myself out of these three shades, but the two reds had to stay.

Even more gloss!  These are collab glosses with Saweetie and Jeffree Star.

I kept one of the JStar glosses (there was a pink shade that I thought was cute) but decluttered all of the rest.  I also decided to keep the Saweetie glosses.  They are fun colors, and I want to play with them more for some photos.

One of these things is not like the other…

The dark lipstick shade, Ex, is gorgeous and isn’t going anywhere…but what made me think I needed three almost identical shades of red lipstick?!

I kept the one that was the most true red, and decluttered this lighter tomato red and a deeper, blue-toned red.  These will make someone very happy, but I have too many red lipsticks.

Now let’s look at eyeshadow palettes.  This is where I’m not going to tell you which ones stayed and which ones went.  Well, I might drop a few clues, but definitely watch the video to get the full story!

Here we have two 15-pan palettes and one 9-pan palette.  These are all gorgeous.  I love the swampy greens with the orange tones, the pop of electric pink with purple and deep teal, and the smokiness of the smaller palette with that pop of orange red and the greenish shimmer.  Only one of these palettes makes it back into my collection – any guesses which one?!

The Such a Gem palette!  This is one that I bought while I was on a work trip to Arizona.  I had just figured out that there was a Morphe store near me, in the Scottsdale mall!  I went in and found this lovely collection of purples and pinks.  I haven’t really reached for it much, but it has a sentimental spot in my heart.  Is that sentiment enough to save it from decluttering?

This palette is fun in theory – having 4 different influencers curate a small corner of shades and add some fun highlighters down the center – but the palette had some issues and the shades don’t really coordinate well together.  I do love neons, and I love highlighters, but things aren’t looking good for this bulky palette.

I talk more about this palette in the video.  Here I’ll just say: “Bye sister!”

Three gorgeous highlighter palettes!  The top left is a collab with Deysi Danger and the top right is a collab with Bretman Rock.  The bottom isn’t a collab, but has some gorgeous shades!

This palette is proof that you can get my to buy literally anything if you just throw two green shades into it!  This is the 35O3, and the amount of times I’ve made fun of the Basic Beckys for the 35O and the 35O2…I feel deep shame.  Except I don’t because those two green shades are gorgeous, and there are a couple of hot reds that are just spectacular!  But is that enough?

Ahh, the Bronze Goals palette. I keep thinking that someday I’ll figure out how to transform me into the Bronze Goddess of my YouTube dreams.  So far, it ain’t happened.  Not sure this is the golden ticket, but there are some very pretty shimmers in here…

I really like the design of this palette – cool tones on one side, warm tones on the other, and a row of true neutrals down the center to tie it all together!  This is another purchase from one of my work trips to Arizona!  Clearly, being in a place where I don’t feel safe or valued convinces me to emotionally purchase huge palettes.  I should maybe talk to someone about that…

I love pastels, but I tried using this in a look once and it went south in a big way.  Is this pastel dream worth another look?

The JStar collab palette.  This one has a couple of fun shades, but there is a lot of neutrals.  is it worth holding on to.  But that electric green on the bottom…damn, that’s a good shade!

Love it or hate it, the Morphe Pride releases have been bangers!  These are fun palettes, and I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to purge these from my collection.

The 35M Boss Mood palette is a perfect complement to that 15-pan green and orange palette I showed earlier.  While that one was primarily orange with a few greens, this one gives us a ton more greens, a few more oranges, and adds in some purples and reds!  Those two palettes are a killer combo!

The 35B Lisa Frank palette – I was so enamored by the unicorns on the front, I forgot to take a photo of the inside!  Clearly I’m not ready to let this one go yet, so this is staying right where it belongs – in my collection!  But it’s not perfect by any means.  When I used it for this Face Friday look, I needed to pull in other palettes to get the shades I needed!

That’s it for Morphe!  I did have several blushes and highlights from Morphe, but those were included in part 2 of this series!

Now let’s move on to Revolution Beauty.

Let’s start with I Heart Revolution.  I really vibe with their fun and playful aesthetic, like their donut packaging seen here!  It’s all drugstore priced, and the quality is often (though not always) very good.

The two domed donuts are very colorful eyeshadow palettes.  Spoiler alert: those aren’t going anywhere.  The other three are all face palettes, a bronzer, a highlighter, and a blush duo.  They came in the donut box originally, but I shifted them out to have all eyeshadow palettes in the box.  These are fun, but I’m not sure I need them.

In the end, I decided to keep the bronzer, since I don’t have a lot of contour/bronzer type products from these brands, and got rid of the highlighter and the blush duo.  They were fine, but they weren’t great and I’ve got those colors a hundred times over, so there is no need to have them take up space in my collection.

Now for the 6 in the donut box.  I wanted to clear out at least two so I could swap in the two colorful ones.  But which ones to get rid of?

I decided to get rid of the brown shades, as they weren’t as colorful as most of the other options, and I also ditched the yellow one.  This one is cute, but it’s not as vibrant as the other yellow one, so it’s time for this to find a new home.

Now into the chocolate bar palettes.  These started as a sort of knock off of the Too Faced chocolate palettes, but they have certainly gained a life of their own, and Too Faced even duped them back when they added a drip detail to the packaging of their Chocolate Gold palette!  These are pretty collections of pink and red…but only one of these three palettes survives the cut!

Three more of this style palette, though we’ve expanded our foods – the face palette on the end is the Waffle palette, and the drip is clear plastic to look like syrup!  So cute!  But is that enough to save it from decluttering?  One of these three palettes gets decluttered!

The chocolate bar style also comes in minis, and while I generally like the blushes and highlighters that they’ve done in this format, I clearly only bought the Mint Chip palette because of the cute green outside and that one teal shade.  The face palettes are staying, but the eyeshadow palette needs to find a new home elsewhere!

I haven’t had a chance to really play with these burger palettes, yet, but they aren’t going anywhere!  They inspired a whole video on my channel about things I love that everyone else hates!

I Heart Revolution does a lot of food-themed products, and honestly I’m here for it.  Here I have two palettes with their matching mini palettes (I have a swatching video of the Tasty Peach palette that I’ll include below!), two loose powders, three highlighters, and a blush.  I’m going to think this over a little more, but I don’t think any of these products will be leaving my collection – I love them all!  They are fun themes, and the performance on these is great!

Here is an assortment of liquid lipsticks and lip glosses from I Heart Revolution’s Cherry series, Peach series, and Chocolate series (and one Makeup Revolution liquid lipstick smack dab in the middle that just snuck in there).  I like having lip options, but I’m not sure I love all of these.

In the end, I got rid of the most neutral of the Cherry lippies, the Chocolate gloss, and the medium pink from the Peach collection.  They were fine, but I just don’t need them in my collection.

I will say right up front that I am getting rid of the Emily Edit palette from Makeup Revolution.  It’s fine, but I bought it because I thought I would get off my ass and start my channel earlier, but I didn’t and I missed my window to make meaningful content with it.  Without that incentive, it’s just a pretty palette that doesn’t have the kind of high impact shades that I need as a drag queen hooker clown.  Someone else will get much more use out of it!

Two eyeshadow palettes and a blush palette.  The blush palette is staying – I love it!  But one of these eyeshadow palettes have to go.  Which one should I keep: the midnight unicorn with green and purple and blue shades, or the foiled shadow collection with nummy metallics?  I can only keep one…

Here we have a shimmery pastel highlighter palette and two Pride palettes, one a cream face paint palette and one a shadow palette.  That damn highlighter palette has made it through so many declutters by the skin of its teeth, and I’m still not ready to commit to giving it away.  It’s my Kryptonite!

I like the Pride shadow palette, but I don’t know why I keep buying these face paint palettes – I don’t use them, and I don’t really like them!  I gave them my money for Pride, and now it can go live with someone else!

Some highlighters and blushes from Makeup Revolution.  I love their formula, and I don’t know if any of these will go – check the video to see if any did end up getting cut, but right now I’m leaning toward keeping all of them!

A liquid foundation, a foundation stick, and two sizes of the same shade of concealer.  I definitely want to play around with these a bit more – maybe an upcoming Face Friday should be a full face of Revolution Beauty brands?!

That said, I don’t really need two of this same concealer shade, so this is getting passed along.

Finally, the only products I have from the “fancy” Revolution brand, XX Revolution, are these face palettes.  I just reviewed these a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t had them long enough to really form an opinion.  For now, all four of them are staying (even the one that arrived broken – TWICE!) but if they don’t impress me, you’ll be seeing them in next year’s declutter.

That’s it for Revolution Beauty – let’s get to the bonus brand!

As I was clearing out the Morphe drawer, I realized that I had ditched some palettes by an indie brand that I don’t hear talked about all that often – Peachy Queen!  Most of my Peachy Queen palettes are in my makeup at home, but these 8 were here, so I figured I would talk about them in this declutter.

First we have the four Tarot palettes.  I’m keeping all 4 of these – I want to do something with them, but I’m not sure what.  I could review them, but I don’t think most of them are even available anymore, and there is a lot of pressed glitter in these palettes, so maybe not.  Maybe a Face Friday?  Maybe a YouTube video?  I’m not sure, but until I figure out what use they will be, I’ll go ahead and hang onto them.

Then I had these four beauties: the Sweet Dreams palette (A Nightmare on Elm Street-inspired palette that I used for this Face Friday look last Halloween), the Amethyst palette, the Tropical Babe palette, and the Explicit Content palette.

The Tropical Babe palette is one that I got in a Mystery Box and have literally never touched.  That one is pretty, but I have a million brights, so that can go make someone else’s day.  The Explicit Content palette – I’m still mad about this one!  I’m going to redo this palette.  I’m going to depot the boring shades that are found here, and replace them with beautiful, vibrant, shimmering duochrome shades that are worth the salty names on this palette!  So this packaging will live again, but not those lackluster shades!

(If you want to hear more about the Explicit Content palette, check the review linked above, or watch my January 2021 Review Roundup where I named that palette the worst product of the month!)

We are halfway through the declutter series!  I don’t know about you, but I’m having a lot of fun, and I really enjoy presenting it this way with the coordinated posts and videos!  The next installment will be my two lip product drawers, and then after that will be one that I know people have been waiting for – eyeshadow palettes!  So make sure you subscribe to my channel so you’ll be the first one to catch all of the newest declutters!

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