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Declutter 2021: 5 Brand Declutter – Juvia’s Place, Milani, Beauty Bakerie, Glamlite, & Fenty

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Declutter 2021: 5 Brand Declutter – Juvia’s Place, Milani, Beauty Bakerie, Glamlite, & Fenty

Hello again Champagne Dreamers and welcome to the 7th installment of my 2021 declutter series!  For this one, I’m decluttering 5 of my favorite brands.  Each of these brands has its own bin (or in the case of Juvia’s Place, multiple bins!) in my office.  For some I was doing a full face of the product and I wanted them organized, or maybe I had planned on it and never got around to it (hey Milani!), or for some it just worked better to keep them all together.  Whatever the reason, these brands are some of my favorites – so check out the Declutter video to see what I got rid of, but the usual disclaimer about not expecting me to be super savage applies!

First up: Juvia’s Palce!

Last year for Pride I did Face Friday looks each week using Black-Owned Makeup Brands (BOMBs) including this rainbow look using Juvia’s Place.  I’ve been collecting Juvia’s Place for a while, and I really felt a pressure to collect every single one of their eyeshadow palettes.  It gave me severe FOMO, but it was probably a stroke of luck that I had already spent my makeup budget for the month when the Fumi collab quad came out, and it was sold out by the time I could afford to place an order.  That gave me permission to look at my Juvia’s palette collection more critically and think about what I wanted to keep.  I’m not saying I got rid of many palettes, but I did get rid of a few.  Let’s take a look at the collection!

First up are the Nubian palettes.  The first Nubian palette is the OG palette that they launched with, and the Nubian 2 was already out by the time I discovered the brand.  The Nubian coral came later and it’s my favorite of the three: that interesting mix of corals, peaches, and silver is really unique and fun (though I haven’t had much of a chance to paly with it!).

The Warrior Series was a neutral lovers dream with shimmering bronzes and golds in the first palette and then unique, somewhat more cool-leaning neutral mattes in the second palette.  The series took a strange turn with the third palettes, giving us a skewed rainbow palette with two blue-tinged shimmers.  I don’t do a lot of gold, but when I do the original Warrior is definitely my go to, so that one for sure isn’t going anywhere!

The Saharan collection includes two eyeshadow palettes and two blush palettes (though truthfully, these blushes are pigmented enough to be eyeshadows as well!).  I love Saharan 2 the best – it’s such a fun and unique color story, mixing rusty, cranberry reds with a pop of teal-leaning blue, peach, and a couple of gorgeous duochrome shimmers.  This one was always underestimated!

The blush palettes are lovely, and I have used the darker one for contour and with eye looks, but I think I’m going to pass the darker one on.  It’s time for someone else to enjoy her.

The mini palettes are a more recent addition to the line – and they’ve been coming hard and fast!  This is where I started to get a little bit of fatique with the brand.  A new palette or two would come out, and I would place an order fairly early.  Before the order even arrived to me, there were new minis coming out!  It was just a lot, and there are quite a few of these that haven’t been used since I got them.  I need to sit down and have a play date with a lot of these so most of them are staying, but there may be a couple here that don’t make the final cut!

The Wahala, or Drama, palettes are gorgeous!  I haven’t had much chance to play with these either (that’s the nature of my life these days – I’ve really tried committing to shopping less and playing more!) but I love that they each include a multichrome shadow in addition to the usual gorgeous Juvia’s mattes and shimmers.

This gallery is all of my individual palettes that aren’t part of a series or collection: Afrique, The Queen Palette (Fumi X Juvia’s Place), Tribe, Nomad, Deuce, Zulu, Festival, Masquerade, and Magic.  There are so many great color stories here.  The Masquerade was the first palette that I ever bought from the brand, and really kicked off my love.  The Festival palette is an often overlooked little gem, and the Deuce palette is sort of a deeper interpretation of the Too Faced White Chocolate bar palette.

To round out the brand I’ve got a small collection of their pressed highlighters as well as the two blushes from the Afrique collection, the Heroine baked highighters and a loose highlighter, a loose setting powder, two shades of concealer and two shades of the Shade Stick Foundation (the darker shades are for contouring), and then a large collection of lip products.  I have both glosses from the first Fumi release, three of the shades from the first gloss release, three random liquid lipsticks (I think the orange and the black came from the Saharan palette release but I can’t remember, and the red came from the Afrique collection release), 5 of their coordinated matte and metallic liquid lipstick duos, and the original launch of the nude lipstick line.

Now let’s move on to a drugstore favorite Milani.  I had a bin of all of their products because I do generally like them and I’ve reviewed a few of the releases: the Salt N Pepa Collab collection HERE, the Ludicrous Lights festival collection HERE, and their last Halloween collection HERE.

I generally like Milani’s eyeshadows, though I don’t often reach for them (or for any drugstore eyeshadows, if I’m honest!).  These are a range of their palettes, including some of the Gilded palettes, the Salt N Pepa collab palettes, the two Halloween palettes, 4 of their Essentials palettes, and some eye gems that were part of the Halloween collection.

I think cheek products are where Milani really shines!  In fact, I totally forgot to include them in my recent drugstore makeup video because they were in their own bin and I didn’t see them as I was going through my collection!  But I love Milani blushes, and their highlighters are usually pretty good as well.  The Rose blushes are probably my favorite, but the baked blushes are pretty good as well.  The Ludicrous Lights highlighters were part of my Top 20 of 2020 video – and for good reason!  The rectangle highlighter palettes are good too, though the golden one is a bit too warm and dark for my pasty ass!  That one is probably going to get the chop!

Just in case you missed them, I’ll include both of the videos that I referenced above!

I don’t love liquid eyeshadows…but for some unknown reason, I keep trying to convince myself to love liquid eyeshadows?  These colors are lovely, and I keep thinking that I should give them another chance, but I sure some of these will get decluttered.  I just have too many!

Milani also does a pretty great job with their lip products and I’ve accumulated quite a collection!  I’ve got some of the glosses, including some really pretty iridescent glosses, as well as some matte and frost lipsticks, liquid lipsticks in matte and metallic, and few random lip pencils.

Finally, we round out the brand with some of their complexion products, including the Screen Queen foundation, several other foundation formulas (darker shades are for contour), concealers, primers, setting sprays, and a couple of lash products.

Now on to Beauty Bakerie.  I have spent a lot of money on Beauty Bakerie over the years – I mean a LOT – and I do really love some of it, but it’s not always the most user friendly brand.  This look here from last year’s Pride posts is a perfect example of the struggles that I’ve gone through with this brand.

Eyeshadows have been hit and miss with mostly hits, at least judging by these three palettes.  The Graham palette is good with a few great shades, the Game of Cones palette is mixed, and the Puddin’ palette is just alright.  When I ordered my Puddin’ palette, one of the shades came broken, so while I was waiting for the replacement I played with the shades that I had.  They were ok, but fairly boring, and I haven’t touched this palette since I got the new one, so clearly this didn’t make the strongest impression on me.

Blushes and highlighters are where I think this brand really shines.  I love the light springy shades of the Milk & Honey palette, and the blushlighters of the Cotton Candy Champagne palette are to die for!  The Scoops blush palette and the Coffee & Cocoa palettes are gorgeous, but they aren’t as well suited to my skintone.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t love loose highlighters, but I adore these cute little packages!  I’m very tempted to put the powders into other containers and just keep these as display pieces – with a lot of other Beauty Bakerie packaging like the Blending Egg cartons and the Flour Setting Powder sacks!  Whatever you have to say about the products themselves, you have to admit that they know how to do an adorable presentation!

I first remember hearing about Beauty Bakerie because of their Lip Whip liquid lipsticks.  I have never liked them that much (hard to tell because of how many of the damn things I’ve bought over the years!) and the matte are definitely better than the metallics, but I really wish they would reformulate them.  Not likely, though; anyone remember the cringey video that the owner made telling people that if they had problems with the Lip Whips they probably just didn’t know how to “wear them correctly.”  Ma’am.  I also have a package and a half of the Lip Whip removers.  I’m not going to get rid of them, but I’ve moved them to make them more accessible so I can hopefully get some use out of them!

Finally, we’ve got a few random complexion items like the Cake Face concealer and the Wake & Bake Oil, three shades of the Flour Setting Powder, as well as three different gel products (one brow gel and two cream shadows), and a little pot of purple glitter.  The gel pots have to go – they are completely dried up! – but the others will take a little thinking – be sure to watch the full video to see what I keep and what I declutter!

The fourth brand in this declutter is one that I absolutely love.  Once again I have to remind you that I am not the most savage declutterer, so if that’s what you’re looking for I’m not sure you’ve found the right place.  But as I was going through my GlamLite palettes, I was able to push through my collector’s impulse and do a little – hear that? LITTLE! – bit of decluttering.  This declutter only includes the eyeshadow palettes from the brand; the lashes will be in next week’s video where I cover a bunch of miscellaneous makeup (including my lash drawer!) and the lip products were already mixed in with the products from the lip declutter a couple of videos ago!

I’m a dessert first kinda bitch!  Obviously the Cake palette and the Ice Cream Dreams palette aren’t going anywhere: both were featured in my Top 20 of 2020 Beauty video, and they are staying put!  If you saw my Makeup Thunderdome video featuring Glamlite, you know that I don’t like the mini palettes as much as the full size, so things are maybe a little less certain for the Donut, Chocolate Donut, and Pie palettes!

Next up are the Burger palette and the Burger SLider mini palette.  Will these palette make the cut into my permanent collection, or will I be left asking, “Where’s the Beef?!”  Sorry, I could resist.  I know, I hate me too.

I also have both of the Taco palettes, the Viva Taco full size and the Street Taco mini.  These are cute, but they are oddly shaped and not terribly easy to store.  Plus there are a couple of repeat shades between the two, and it’s a repeat of the most boring shades.  I’m not sure what to do about these.

I never picked up the original Pizza palette that started all of the hype, but I did get both of the slices: Veggie Lovers and Meat Lovers.  These are fun palettes, and I did a Face Friday post where I pitted them against each other in a pizza showdown!

Finally, the last two palettes I have from the brand aren’t food themed at all: they are the Artist palettes and I have the full size and the mini size.  I haven’t even had a chance to play with these yet, so I’m not sure if I should hold onto them and give them a fair shot, or decided that not playing with them really signals a lack of desire and pass them along.  Decisions, decisions…

I’ve done two videos now about Black-Owned Makeup Brands that aren’t Fenty or Pat McGrath – but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love me some Fenty Beauty!  I did this Face Friday look last year for the first week after Pride featuring products from the brand, and there are quite a few things from the brand I really like!

Let me start by saying that while I’ve criticized the brand for being very inconsistent (which I stand behind), I have to give them credit for having probably the best liquid lipstick formula on the market!  It’s thin and paints on gorgeously, but it doesn’t feel as dry and uncomfortable as some of the thinner formulas.  I wish they would come out with even more shades because this is a great liquid lipstick!

In terms of complexion stuff, the foundation is a little dry but I’m an oily best so I don’t mind.  I initially bought a shade too light for me, so I’ve been trying a darker shade and I don’t mind it.  The concealer isn’t bad, but I don’t love it.  The powders are pretty good; I have the full size in the lavender and the mini size of the butter.  I also have a duo of the Match Stix cream contour and highlight.  These are ok; again, they didn’t blow me away, but I don’t think they are terrible.

Cheek and lip products are where this brand really shines.  The holiday highlighter palette from a couple of years ago is wild, but I love the mix of colors and these can easily be used as blushes and eyeshadows as well.  The Match Stix highlighters are good, though I don’t love cream highlights.  The colors are gorgeous and they do blend out really well, but don’t use them after you’ve put down any powder unless you want to make a mudslide.  The cheek duos are gorgeous and the powders are so silky and soft!  I love the really colorful highlighters, but even the more muted tones look lovely.  And the cream blushes are still pretty new to my collection, but I’ve been playing a little and in intrigued.

The first two eyeshadow palettes from Fenty were the first limited edition holiday palette, packed with sparkle, and then the Moroccan Spice palette that hung around for a while before getting discontinued.  They didn’t really have much in terms of eyeshadow after that until they launched the mini palettes that snap together.  They are a fun gimmick, but Fenty has never had a super strong showing in terms of eye shadow – that’s definitely an area for the brand to improve in.

To round out my Fenty collection I’ve got quite a few shades of their liners, several of the Mattemoiselle lipsticks, 5 limited edition glosses, and three of the Gloss Bombs.  The lip products are generally pretty good, though the packaging on the lipsticks is flimsy and the size is much smaller than most stick lipsticks (at about the same price).

Be sure to check out the video to see which products from these 5 brands got decluttered – and don’t forget to come back next week when we unveil the final chapter in this seemingly never-ending declutter!

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