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Days Of The Dead – Signed Table Photos, Atlanta 2020

Posted By on February 19, 2020 in Photo Galleries | 3 comments

Days Of The Dead – Signed Table Photos, Atlanta 2020

We’re back with another fabulous gallery of images from Miss jaye’s recent trip to Atlanta for Days of the Dead, this time looking at the signed table photos that she picked up!  There were a lot of great guests, and we have another surprise gallery coming next week, but for photos Miss Jaye focused primarily on the members of the Sleepaway Camp franchise as well as a couple actors who have played Janessa’s favorite campground killer, Jason Voorhees!

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers

Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland

Sexy Leading Men: Derek Mears and Warrington Gillette

Fun Facts:

The pictures in the two Sleepaway Camp galleries are posted in order that the characters died in the films!

The campers in Sleepaway Camp 2 are all named after famous “Brat Pack” stars of the 80s!  The four who appear above were named for Phoebe Cates, Brooke Shields, Jodi Foster, and Demi Moore!

The campers’ names in Sleepaway Camp 3 also have significance, which seems intended to highlight the divide between the rich kids and the poor kids.  The rich kids at camp are named after the children on The Brady Bunch, while the poor kids are all named after characters who are part of the Jets in West Side Story!

Jill Terashita was doing double duty at Days of the Dead: not only was she there for a Sleepaway Camp series reunion, she was also one of the actors who appeared in Night of the Demons, which also had a reunion at the show!

Miss Jaye decided to pick up the picture of Derek Mears as Romo not only because it’s a badass design, but because she saw that film on IMAX with Mama Champagne while she was on a work trip to Arizona.  Mama Champagne traveled to Arizona to visit in celebration of her birthday!

Derek brought a pink paint marker with to the convention specifically for his photo as Romo from Alita: Battle Angel.  He thought it was a fun match to the streak in his character’s hair…and he was right!

The “photo” of Jason Voorhees killing the blonde guy with a sweater around his neck is actually art from Friday the 13th: The Game!  This is the second piece of art from that game that Miss Jaye has gotten signed at a DOTD convention – the first was Thom Matthews as Tommy Jarvis from Charlotte 2018.

Check back next week for another surprise gallery related to Miss Jaye’s Days of the Dead adventures!  It’s a little different, but we think you’ll like it.  You’ll have to wait to see what it is, but we promise it will be poppin’!


  1. AffiliateLabz 02/20/2020

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Great photos, my sistah, Miss Jaye! My favorite is that sexy one of Derek Mears! Is he still that hot in person, and how receptive was he to your fangurl praise? You look amazing in the pic with Jason!

    • Janessa Jaye 02/21/2020

      Derek is such a sweetheart! And definitely still that hot in person lol I’ve actually known him and his wife since my first Days of the Dead in 2016, so it’s always a little like a homecoming when I get to see them <3

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