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Days of the Dead – Signed Photos, Indianapolis 2019

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Days of the Dead – Signed Photos, Indianapolis 2019

It’s that time of year again: once again our intrepid queen packed up her polyester hair and flew to the ever welcoming home state of Mike Pence, Indiana, for Days of the Dead Indianapolis!  In addition to all kinds of convention shenanigans, she had a chance to stop by some celeb tables and pick up some signed table photos.  The guest list was a little different this year, with a pretty strong emphasis on sci fi franchises, and with rising prices added in to the mix Miss Jaye decided to play it a little more conservative in terms of how many photos she came home with – she’d rather spend the money to do the professional photo ops (gallery of those coming soon!).  Still, there were some pretty yummy guests and she came home with this well curated gallery of 9 signed table photos from a range of people from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Serial Mom star Kathleen Turner to singer and actress Alicia Witt (who has plenty of horror sci fi cred, but Miss Jaye was most excited that she played Ms. Burns in the Queen Latifah remake of The Last Holiday!), 90s It kids Adam Faraizl and gorgeous blondie bear Brandon Crane to sexy wrestler Kurt Angle.  Enjoy!

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