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Days of the Dead – Signed Photos, Atlanta 2019

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Days of the Dead – Signed Photos, Atlanta 2019

The pro photos at Days of the Dead are always a fun time, and give Miss Jaye a chance to appear in a picture with some of her favorite stars, but let’s not forget the assortment of signed photos that she accumulates during the weekend as well!  This gallery includes the photos that Miss Jaye picked up at the various stars’ tables, as well as a couple of signed items (in some cases she opted to get an item signed instead of a photo).  There are also a couple of the photo op pictures that were signed; generally Miss Jaye doesn’t pay to get a pro photo signed (if you’re paying an additional amount, why not get an additional picture for the collection, you feel me?!), but if they offer to sign it for free…well, Miss Jaye isn’t the kind of bitch to say no to some shit that’s free!

A few fun notes about this gallery:

We may try to rescan the PJ Soles/Lynda “motivational poster” as it’s one of Miss Jaye’s favorites.  It didn’t come out looking very good in the scan, but it’s fabulous and funny!

The Cenobites in the Jellykoe print are the same ones who are featured in the pro photo op in the previous gallery!

The picture of Amelia Kinkade and Linnea Quigley was one of the test shots before the photo op; the photographers made some of the test shots available for sale.  Miss Jaye picked this one up because Amelia is smiling, whereas in the op she’s serving fierce face!

Atlanta roomie Brooklyn Ewing had a friend who was featured in one of the short films that played who came to the con who just happens to be a bit of a ringer for David Howard Thornton.  When he introduced himself to her, she gave him a little bit of side eye – she thought he was Art the Clown and that they had already met!

There’s always at least one picture of a random hot guy that Miss Jaye wasn’t planning to get a picture of, but then they are just too darn sexy.  Usually it’s a wrestler, but this time it was hunky Steve Nappe. Meow!

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