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Days of the Dead – Pro Photo Ops, Indianapolis 2019

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Days of the Dead – Pro Photo Ops, Indianapolis 2019

Alright, Champagne Dreamers – let’s talk.

Miss Jaye has been going to Days of the Dead, in Indianapolis and a couple of other cities, since 2016.  One of the highlights of her trip is always the pro photo ops – and we hope you love them too!  With Atlanta 2019, the convention changed photographers which led to a different background and different look to the photos (they have more lights on and the color balance is a little bit off) as well as increased prices.  Now, with Indy there was a new twist: photo ops no longer come with a free digital copy of the photo.  This has always been included at previous shows, including Atlanta which was with this same studio.  Instead, they expected you to pay $10 per photo for a digital copy.  For this trip, that would have been an additional $120 (plus taxes, I’m sure!) on top of the higher prices already paid for the ops.

So if you’re wondering why these files are generally smaller and the size of the photos is irregular, it’s because Miss Jaye scanned the hard copies of the photos herself and then cropped them to try to get a better, slightly bigger file.  They aren’t perfect, but they are still pretty cool and it was much more cost effective than laying out a 10-spot for each of the 12 photos!  We hope you’ll understand!

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