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Days Of The Dead – Pro Photo Ops, Atlanta 2020

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Days Of The Dead – Pro Photo Ops, Atlanta 2020

Hello Uglies!  Miss Jaye kicked off her 2020 adventures with a trip to Atlanta for her third visit to Days of the Dead!  Not only did she have a chance to meet a bunch of the stars from the Sleepaway Camp franchise (look for another gallery with signed table photos coming soon!) and get a picture with the hunky Tyler Mane with her gender-bent Halloween mask (courtesy of the amazing Angela at Beautiful Eccentric), but she also had the honor of moderating a panel with the one and only Boulet Brothers!

They were absolutely wonderful and their vision for Dragula is something that we here at the World of Champagne can’t wait to see continue to grow and evolve!  Plus, they promised that season 4 would feature more of the gorgeous Israel, so we are definitely there!

During the weekend, our intrepid queen got a total of 11 pro photo ops with a wide variety of people, and we’re so excited to share them with you here!  If you want a list of who is in the group shots, as well as some behind the scenes info, check below the gallery!

The Sleepaway Camp series cast reunion photo includes (L to R): Jill Terashita (SC3), Kim Wall (SC3), Amy Fields (SC2), Felissa Rose (SC), Jarrett Beal (SC3), Miss Jaye’s enormous head, Carol Chambers (SC2), Heather Binion (SC2), Kendall Bean (SC2), Mark Oliver (SC3), and Bill Johnson (special effects).

Night of the Demons cast reunion photo includes (L to R): Kevin Tenney, Linnea Quigley, Miss Jaye, Amelia Kinkade, Jill Terashita, Hal Havins

Girls of Halloween group includes (L to R): Danielle Harris, Miss Jaye, Kristina Klebe, Scout Taylor-Compton

Fun Facts:

This is Miss Jaye’s 5th picture with the lovely Linda Blair from The Exorcist!

John Cusack is kind of an odd dude – but he did give Miss Jaye a fist bump!

Many people don’t know the Boulet Brothers’ first names!  In the pic, Dracmorda is on the left and Swanthula is on the right.  They were accompanied by one of the Dragula producers, Ian, who appeared on the panel and is featured in an episode of the show – the Cabin in the Woods slasher episode!

Tyler Mane is not only tall and gorgeous, but he is originally from Saskatchewan.  Miss Jaye group up in a tiny Podunk town only 14 miles from the border – they were practically neighbors!

In addition to appearing at the convention to sign autographs and meet fans, the Sleepaway Camp cast members will filming footage for Angela, an upcoming documentary about the franchise!  Can’t wait to see the film when it’s released!

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