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Days Of The Dead – Miss Jaye’s Signed Funko Pop Collection!

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Days Of The Dead – Miss Jaye’s Signed Funko Pop Collection!

In addition to posing for pro photos and snapping up table photos on her travels to Days of the Dead events, Miss Jaye has also been gathering a nice collection of signed Funko Pop figures of characters played by the various guests!  Although Funko hasn’t done as good of a job at representing cinematic horror as they have with some horror television and other pop culture properties, Miss Jaye has been able to get some pretty interesting characters!

Here are the 6 Pops that Miss Jaye brought with to Atlanta:

Some fun facts about these Pops:

Doug Jones as the Amphibian Man from The Shape of Water is the only signed Pop that Miss Jaye has that she didn’t actually meet the celeb and get it signed herself!  Due to filming obligations, Doug Jones only appeared at the con for 3 hours, and it was right during Miss Jaye’s photo shoot with Brooklyn Ewing.  Luckily, Jerry Larew was willing to go stand in line and get the Pop signed for her!

This is the first convention where Miss Jaye was smart enough to realize that she could take the figures out of the boxes and fold them flat for easier travel and less potential for damage.  Hey, she’s way too pretty to be smart!  That’s why Richard Dreyfus’ signature travels onto the side of the window: the box was folded flat, and he decided to make use of all the available area!

Lisa Loring accidentally forgot to actually sign her name!  When Miss Jaye got the signature, Lisa asked if she wanted it personalized or is she wanted to keep it “collectable” with just Lisa’s name at the top of the window and the character name at the bottom.  Miss Jaye isn’t a collector like that, so she definitely wanted it personalized!  Well, Lisa was so used to doing it the collectors’ way that she put “To Janessa” at the top and the character name at the bottom, but no signature!  Luckily Miss Jaye was able to go back the next day after she noticed it and get the signature added, and they had a good laugh about it!

And here is the rest of Miss Jaye’s signed Funko Pop collection:

Fabulous Ladies of Cinema!

If you check our galleries, Miss Jaye has a picture with Kathleen Turner wearing a Jessica Rabbit-inspired look – if Jessica Rabbit were a plus-sized pinup model!

Although she loves Hocus Pocus, Miss Jaye talked to Kathy Najimy about her small but impactful role in the movie Dumplin’.  It’s a sweet movie that features some great drag performances, and the message of acceptance and individuality is heart-warming!

Not counting celebs who have appeared in the costume of their character(s), Linda Blair is the person that Miss Jaye has the most pro photo ops with – a total of 5 pictures from the last 4 years!

Miss Janessa didn’t actually have to do any “chasing” to get the Glow in the Dark chase variant Elvira Pop – her local Hot Topic was out of stock, so they ordered it in for her, and she was lucky enough to get one of the chase figures!

By the way – if you want to see the photo of Miss Jaye getting photobombed by actress Cassandra Peterson, head over to her Instagram (@JanessaJayeOfficial) and check out her highlight called “That happened…”

Twin Peaks

Miss Jaye has actually met two additional Twin Peaks cast members, Kimmy Robertson and Harry Goaz, but sadly they have not yet been immortalized in Pop form!  There is a pro photo op with the two available in the galleries here on the site!

Sexy Slasher Gentlemen!

Derek Mears is the only person that Miss Jaye has gotten to sign more than one Pop!  In addition to these two variations of Jason Voorhees, the Swamp Thing Pop shown above is the third!

The Ghostface Pop is the one of only two that Miss Jaye has that is not personalized to her.  The other is Kathleen Turner’s Jessica Rabbit.

The Tony Moran-signed Pop is the original version of the Michael Myers design.  The Pop signed by Tyler Mane is a blood-spattered variant of the same design.

Miscellaneous – Nut No Less Fabulous – Icons!

Alan Oppenheimer actually misspelled Miss Jaye’s name on the signature: Jenessa.  His manager had a small moment of panic and asked if she wanted it fixed; Miss Jaye was very clear that if Alan Oppenheimer wanted to spell her name with an “e” instead of an “a,” that was just fine with her.  She still knew who it was for!

The Danny Lloyd signature is the only signed piece that Miss Jaye has related to The Shining that she obtained herself.  She has a signed 4×6 card of Lisa and Louise Burns (the Grady twins) but this was from a Horror Block subscription box.

The Doug Bradley Pinhead Pop is the one that started it all!  This was another item Miss Jaye got in a Horror Block subscription box, and when she went to her first Days of the Dead in 2016 (Indianapolis!) she decided to bring it along to get it signed.  Since then, she usually checks the guest list to see if anyone has any pops that are available – at a reasonable price!  More on that below…

Seth Gilliam’s Father Gabriel is the only signed Pop she has from The Walking Dead, and one of only two TWD Pops in her overall collection.  Days of the Dead doesn’t get a lot of TWD stars (probably because they have their own dedicated conventions!), but in 2018 they had Seth Gilliam and Ross Marquand.  Sadly, Marquand’s Aaron, one of the most prominent queer characters on the show, has never been represented in Pop form.  Overall, TWD hasn’t done a very good job of representing queer characters in their Pop lineup – as of this writing, Jesus is the only queer character to receive the Pop treatment.  Get on it, AMC!  In addition to Aaron and Tara, how cool would it be to have a Denise Pop with Dwight’s arrow through her eye?!

There have been several wrestlers at DOTD events that have Pops, but Miss Jaye hasn’t ventured into wrestlers until Sgt. Slaughter.  Why?  Nostalgia!  When Miss Jaye was a kid in the 80s, she had the Sgt. Slaughter figure that was part of the G.I.Joe toy line!

The Ones That Got Away…

Miss Jaye bought a CJ Parker from Baywatch pop for Indianapolis 2019, but Pamela Anderson cancelled before the convention.

Ricou Browning, who played The Creature from the Black Lagoon, was in Atlanta and there is a classic Universal Monster Pop of the creature – but Miss Jaye wasn’t able to find it for sale for less than $80 anywhere!  She’s a fan of the classic monsters, but not that big of a fan!  The most expensive Pop to acquire was the Jessica Rabbit pop that cost about $46 to acquire.

Stacy Dash was supposed to appear in Atlanta in 2020, but cancelled.  Miss Jaye was feeling conflicted because there is a Dionne pop from Clueless, but Stacy Dash is a heinous bitch.  Luckily, Stacy Dash decided to cancel and saved Miss Jaye some coin…and her dignity.  Fuck that bitch.

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