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Days of the Dead Convention Table Photos, 2016-2018

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Days of the Dead Convention Table Photos, 2016-2018

The newest gallery in service of recreating some of our best content from the last version of the World of Champagne is a collection of amazing signed table photos from Days of the Dead conventions from 2016-2018.  Miss Jaye attended 5 conventions in that time: Indianapolis all 3 years, Atlanta in 2017, and Charlotte in 2018.  Rather than try to divide the pictures into specific years (Miss Jaye’s memory isn’t that good…she drinks too much! lol) we decided instead to go ahead and divide them up into themes.  There are a few of the pro photo ops in here that were in a previous gallery, but only if the “hard copy” photo was signed by the guest.  Enjoy!

Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street (with a surprise Michael Myers cameo!)

Next up we have a gallery of fabulous SCREAM QUEENS!

Romero’s Stars, Wrestlers, and Gorgeous Gentlemen!

(Let’s see if anyone clocks me for that Ken Foree shot – he was in Dawn of the Dead, but that picture was from somewhere else – anyone know where?!  Shout it out in the comments!)

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