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Creature Feature: Getting Spooky With The Collective Cosmetics

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Creature Feature: Getting Spooky With The Collective Cosmetics

I’m probably shooting myself in the foot reviewing this now instead of waiting until October – I have so much trouble finding new spooky makeup for Halloween reviews!  But I just couldn’t wait to talk about these fabulous monster collections from The Collective Cosmetics!

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There are four collections: Fire & Brimstone (a devilish collection of reds and pinks), Frankenstein’s Monster (greens, obvi!), The Vampire – Fall Forever (a mix of bright pops of color), and The Werewolf (a brown neutrals collection).  Each collection includes 5 shadows, a highlighter, and a lip product; what’s great about these bundles is that you can order the whole thing or just get some of the pieces at a lower price.  I decided to pick up the Fire & Brimstone and Frankenstein’s Monster collections, but I also grabbed the highlighters from the other two collections.

Let’s start with the highlighters!

Iblis (F&B) is a light pink and white marbled pan that comes off mostly pearl white though with the right light and angle you do get more of the pink tone showing through.  This one can be sheered down to get a gentler wash of shimmer, but I love it built up to really get that pinky pearl drama on my cheeks!

The Fate of Frankenstein is a minty pearl highlight that has some very cool green tones, but it’s not so green that “everyday” makeup wearers couldn’t get away with this.  This would be great for someone who wants to dip their toe into green but isn’t prepared for full on swamp witch (we don’t know her, but she’s out there somewhere!).  This is another one that sheers out nicely for a smoother application and is generally less glittery than other highlights so if glitter isn’t your thing this is definitely one that might be more up your alley.

Moonlit Morgue is the highlighter from the Vampire collection, and I am here for it.  This is green for someone who IS ready to embrace their inner swamp witch!  This is a gorgeous light lime green with golden shimmer, and there is a nice glitter sparkle to this as well.  This one doesn’t have much of a white base, so if you are very pale and sometimes have problems with flashback, this is probably a good choice for you.  I love this color!  I am a sucker for green, and I love how unapologetically green this is, and the golden notes give it some very interesting dimension!

Has The Collective Cosmetics been low key hiding a multichrome highlighter under our noses all of this time?!  Bad Moon, from the Werewolf collection, is a shifty violet that has some white pearl as well as a little bit of of pinkish (almost orange in certain light?!) hiding underneath.  This one is a lot of fun, and it’s probably the most dramatic of the quartet – yes, even next to the bright green!

The highlighters are probably my favorite products from The Collective Cosmetics.  I know I always say that I’m doing the subscription box for the shadows and the highlighters, but honestly the highlighters are first, and the shadows are second – I love how much drama they always have!  They are gorgeous and while you can sheer them down a little if you want…why would you want that?!  I love that these can be built up and really steal the show!

Let’s get into the shadows, starting with the Fire & Brimstone collection.

All of the shadows are swatched over the Ulta Matte Eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

Fallen is a blackened plum/purple base with pink glitter and subtle hints of orange in the mix.  Nice solid base color and the glitter is really interesting and complex, but I recommend a glitter glue for best results (that’s true of all the glittery shades).

Sulphur is a gorgeous blackened red base with pink, red, and orange glitter particles, again best with glitter glue to keep as much sparkle in place as possible.  This shade is one of my favorites – it’s like looking into the darkening embers of a fire and blowing on it.

Inferno looks like it’s going to be a plain matte red, but it comes out with a surprising satin finish and a little bit of ruby shimmer to it.

Shaitan is like a singed terra cotta orange satin with a little bit of subtle shine to it.  It’s got a very brown base to it, so you could use this with a lot of different neutrals to bring in a subtle touch of red if you are just starting out with red shadows.

Morning Star looks like a matte peachy pink in the pan, and it has a pink base to it but it’s semi-sheer and has this really lovely pink and peach metallic shimmer shift to it.  I adore this shade – it reminds me a lot of the shade Nebula from the Kaleidos Club Nebula palette, but with a little less red in the shimmer.  This shimmer with a brick red matte?  Perfection!

This collection is a lot of fun, and I love playing with red shadows so this is one that I can see myself getting a lot of use out of.

Now for Frankenstein’s Monster!

We know that greens are my jam, so this collection was a no-brainer!  There are some really lovely greens here!

The Alchemist is a lovely deep, deep forest green.  I love the cool, blue-based look of this matte shadow; so many deep greens that are dark have a blue/teal sort of tone, so I love that this stays truly green.  Such a gorgeous, rich color.

Shunned From Society is a bright matte green, a little inconsistent at first (you can see a little of what I mean in the finger swatch) but it just needs a little bit of finesse to make it apply beautifully.

I love it when Collective shadows have unexpected undertones or shifts, and this is a gorgeous one.  It’s a medium green with a strong green and slightly golden glitter shimmer, but as you blend it out, the base has a swampy yellow green tone that is so interesting and fun.  It’s semi-sheer, so don’t worry about it overwhelming your look, but it’s a gorgeous complexity that you might not expect looking at the shadow in the pan.

Bolted is a rich minty green with a strong silver shimmer.  It’s a little thicker than some of the other shades, but it blends out nicely and the green and silver are a nice complement.  This one has a sort of pearlized finish when applied.

Rejection is a pastel sage green matte.  This one is a little chalky, and I had a bit of trouble trying to use it for a big block of that color, but as a blending/transition shade, it’s got a fun, corpse-y color to it that really spooks up a look!  Or you can use it with pastels to get a green transition…but I like the creepy angle better!

These are so much fun, and I’m glad that I finally placed an order for something from The Collective Cosmetics besides their subscription boxes!

Oh year, and the two sets came with liquid lipsticks as well!

L to R: Lake of Fire, Elizabeth’s End

Lake of Fire is a bright red with some subtle shimmer.  Elizabeth’s End is a yellow-leaning mossy green.  I’ve said in my previous reviews that this is not my favorite formula, but I do like these colors the best so far.  They can be a bit sheer when applied, but they can be good to lay down a base of color and building lipsticks or lip glosses on top of it.  If you like a full, mousse-y formula for liquid lipstick, like I do, these may not be for you, but I think they work best when used more like a stain, and then have other shades or products layered over them.

Here are a few other odds and ends that came in that order as well – is it any surprise that I can’t stay away from green makeup?!


Once again, I have to question if Collective has been out here doing the Lordt’s work and bringing us multichrome highlighters without talking about it: Concrete Rose is a lovely combination of berry purple with turquoise, teal, and a little bit of green.  It is sort of subtle, and the purple largely blends away, but it’s an amazing shift that is very interesting and gorgeous to look at.  Seriously, their highlighters are stupid good, you really should be checking them out.

6EQ UJ5 is a bright emerald green with green glitter shine and hints of subtle gold.  This is a really pretty shimmer, and very glittery – use a glue to keep everything where you want it for the highest impact!

Europa is a stunning pukey green chartreuse matte.  This is one of those colors that is so ugly, it’s pretty – y’know?  It’s such a swampy, fun matte color and it blends out nicely, though it can sometimes react with a sticky primer and you get a little bit more of a lime kind of effect (see the top of the brush swatch for what I mean).  This is a gorgeous shade.

Proxima Centauriis is a bright green matte.  Sometimes I get all flowery and call things swampy or emerald or grass or kelly.  This is just green.  When I think of a box of Crayola crayons, this is green.  This is such a gorgeous, saturated green matte, perfect for building up the base of all your green looks!

6 months in and I am still loving the subscription box (I’m running behind as always, but look for a review on the June and July boxes soon!) but it was time to dig around in the collection and see what sort of ooky spooky treasures I could dig up.  I’m very pleased to see that the collection is very similar to what you get in the sub boxes – no skrimping on quality for the subscribers, it’s all the same delightful, hand-crafted goodness!  These monster-themed goodies are new favorites, and I can’t wait to play with them some more – and perhaps we’ll revisit the collections when Halloween rolls around!



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