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Coming Soon: The World Of Champagne Archives Are Coming Back!

Posted By on May 6, 2020 in Announcements | 0 comments

Coming Soon: The World Of Champagne Archives Are Coming Back!

Hey there Champagne Dreamers!

One of the things I miss about the old version of this site were the post archives.  All of the content I’ve published is always available on the site, but it can be cumbersome to have to go back through old posts and figuree out what page the post you are looking for is on, etc.  I also get questions from time to time about what brands or products I’ve reviewed in the LifeStyle Section.  So I’ve decided to start bringing the archives back!

I haven’t really been doing much with the Local Arts & Theatre section (I lost some of my passion for reviews – but that’s a whole separate post!) so I decided that would be the perfect section to convert over to an archives section.  The archive posts are a little bit labor intensive to create, and I also need to go through all of the posts in the current section and find them new “homes” on the site, so it will take a bit for the archives to be fully functional.

I’m going to focus on getting the blogs archived first, and then work on the LifeStyle section.  The LifeStyle section is clearly going to take the most time, as it’s the largest content section of the site, but I really want to make sure I have an accessible brand list as well as sections where you can find all of the Face Friday posts, the Palette Redesign series. etc.

So “pardon our dust during contruction,” but I’m excited to make the World of Champagne more accessible and user friendly, especially for all of you makeup lovers out there!


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