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ColourPop’s Disney Villains Collection: Ursula

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ColourPop’s Disney Villains Collection: Ursula

Alright princesses, time to get this last little bit of evil out of our systems: we’re here for the final review in my mini-series on the ColourPop Disney Villains collab.  And this time I’m looking at my all time favorite villain, Disney or otherwise: the sassy, curvaceous, Divine-inspired sorceress from under the sea, Ursula!  I absolutely love this character, so it was a no-brainer that I was going to buy this collection, but does the makeup live up to its namesake?

I love her style and her look, and the way she slunk around that cave?  Dead.  It wasn’t until years later that I learned that the look of Ursula was at least partially based on drag legend Divine, but even as a young, budding queer I knew that this character was straight #Inspo.  And besides the dose of glamour, it was unheard of for me to see a character who was that large who was so at home in their own body and even, dare I say it, sensual?  Forget #Inspo – this bitch is #Goals!

This is the third time I’m reviewing one of these kits, and it’s the same sort of deal: $25 gets you a Lux Lipstick, Ultra Glossy Lip, and Super Shock Highlighter.  This is the most cool toned of the three kits that I bought, somewhat similar to Maleficent in terms of the lip products but with a couple of key differences: the lipstick is definitely darker and more blackened plum, and the lig gloss isn’t so much glittery as it is pearly.  But the vibe for the lips is somewhat the same, paired with a pastel shimmer instead of a champagne nude.

L to R: Ursula Lux Lipstick, Sad But True Ultra Glossy Lip, Ursula and Sad But True layered

While I like that the Maleficent collection lipstick better in terms of color, I do really like the matte formula more than the crème.  The one problem I ran into was that while I was swatching it, the lipstick snapped!  I was surprised that the matte formula would be softer than the crème, and maybe I did something I shouldn’t have, but that’s the reason why the swatches are as sloppy as they are: I was in the first swipe of the color on the left when the tip broke right off!

In terms of the gloss, this has a blue pearl effect; if you look really closely you can see some glittery-ness, but the effect when worn is more of a pearly blue topcoat, which I love.  I love the combination of the two the best of any of the pairs from the other kits – the blue-toned gloss really lightens and brightens this lipstick and I love it so much!  I would have maybe liked a more blue-toned purple to be more in line with the character’s original design, but this is still a pretty gorgeous combination.

Super Shock Highlighter in Poor Unfortunate Souls swatched with a finger (L) and a brush (R)

This highlighter is so me – I love a pale lilac highlight!  I love to use it when I want a cool, pastel highlight and I think that on stage the purple reads a little better than a pastel pink (which can sometimes read a bit white and chalky).  This one is nice and pigmented and has a lovely silvery shimmer.  It’s not super unique – I have a ColourPop pressed powder highlight from the My Little Pony Collection which is pretty much indistinguishable – but it’s pretty and if you are looking for a pale purple highlight that will give you some great mileage, this might be a wonderful affordable option for you.

Overall, I would say that my foray into the Disney Villains collection was pretty successful: the Ursula lip combo was my favorite, though I think I liked the individual lipsticks in Cruella and Maleficent better than Ursula, and I loved all three of the highlights.  I’m interested to see how this formula ages without the airtight packaging; I’m remaining hopeful, but the testers in Ulta suggest that maybe it shortens the life considerably.

If you just can’t get enough of the darker side of Disney, don’t worry – coming soon I’ll also have a review of the Misunderstood palette from the Villains collab, along with some other great ColourPop goodies!  And even though I’m trying to keep myself under control, the Dr. Facelier and Hades collections have also been calling my name… *le sigh*  So we’ll see how strong my willpower is – maybe this series will get extended!

For now, head on down to the comments section, and let me know what you think of this Ursula collection – does it make you want to pucker up and kiss the girl, or do you feel bad for the poor, unfortunate souls who picked it up?  Which of the three kits I reviewed do you like best?  Which one do you think I should wear in an upcoming video?  Let me know below!

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