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ColourPop’s Disney Villains Collection: Maleficent

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ColourPop’s Disney Villains Collection: Maleficent

Well, we’re back for round 2 of the Disney Villain collections from ColourPop, and this time we’ve got the villain who is the least comedic – I remember seeing this movie in the theatre as a kid and being scared shitless by the one and only Maleficent!  I’ll confess that I didn’t see the live action version with Angelina Jolie, but I’m glad that this wicked woman is getting some much needed attention and character development.

I’ve always loved the look of the character, with her over the top makeup and pale green skin.  She was everything I thought of whenever I heard the words witch or sorceress – so unapologetically evil!  There are so many villains that are sort of misunderstood, or started good and had their visions twisted, or whatever.  I love that with Maleficent, she was just pissed off that she didn’t get an invite.  I mean, nowadays Shane Dawson would probably make a docu-series about her and how she had always been bullied and only did evil things because “hurt people hurt people” or whatever.  Regardless, I loved that she was evil…well, just because.  There’s something liberating about that.

Just like the other kits, this one includes a Lux Lipstick, an Ultra Glossy Lip, and a Super Shock Highlighter in a cardboard palette featuring really cool neon-inspired palette art.  I don’t know that I’ll have anything revolutionary to say about these products – if you’ve tried any of these formulas before, you know how these products are as these aren’t really any different than other versions offered by the brand – but I really liked this collection.

L to R: Maleficent Lux Lipstick, My Pet Ulta Glossy Lip, Maleficent and My Pet layered

Maleficent is a really gorgeous color – it’s right at the ends of where pink meets purple, and if it were any more purple I wouldn’t like it, but this still has just enough berry pink and I love it.  It’s creamy and pigmented, and you get amazing coverage from this formula.  It’s got a subtle sheen, not glossy per se, but not really a true satin finish.  My Pet is a sheer gloss with purple/blue reflects of glitter, and it’s ok by itself but I think itreally looks gorgeous layered over the lipstick.  It’s fine by itself but I tend to like more glitter if I’m just wearing a gloss.  The colors are cool toned and absolutely perfect for the character.

Super Shock Highlighter in Mistress of All Evil, finger swatch (L) and brush swatch (R)

Ok, I have to put it out there – this was a miss opportunity to give us a truly stunning light green highlight to match the sheen of Maleficent’s skin.  Come on now!  It’s not like ColourPop never does wild vivid colors – look for a review coming soon of their new neon festival collection! – so to see this as the highlighter chosen for this collection was a bit of a disappointment.  Having said that, this is a really, really, really pretty highlighter!  It’s a cool champagne taupe, and the shimmer is really metallic and beautiful.  The brush swatch was just as striking as the finger swatch, and I do love a color like this as it pairs easily with so many looks.  If a metallic shade can be considered “neutral” then I guess this is a probably a good “neutral” option – this will look amazing with so many color combos!  I love it.  But green, though…

I think this is a really great collection for someone who lieks a bold lip color but maybe likes to keep their highlight a little more “wearable” (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean these days!).  This with a purple and forest green smoky eye?  Stunning!  I would absolutely love that!  It’s a perfect setup for a jeweltoned eye, and I think with that highlight you could totally rock a dramatic eye.  I have never and will never subsribe to that ridiculous idea that you have to only have a bold lip or a bold eye.  I want all the bold – ALL OF IT!

Let me know in the comments below – are you dreaming about this collection, or did another one of the CP villains tickle your evil fancy?  What are your thoughts on the collection as a whole?  What other Disney Villains do you wish had been included?  Let me know below in the comments section and let’s chat up this affordable thriller killers!  And don’t forget to check back on Friday when I publish the third and final review in this little series featuring that sensational sea witch, Ursula!  Maleficent out!

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