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ColourPop Serves Up Some Rainforest Realness With Lush Life Palette

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ColourPop Serves Up Some Rainforest Realness With Lush Life Palette

You’re never going to fuckin’ believe it: ya girl is about to review some green makeup!

I know that I’m obsessed with green makeup (and I don’t do a great job of hiding it) but when I saw that ColourPop had a new Lush Life palette that had some gorgeous greens, I was very tempted.  They had previously released the 5-pan monochromatic Hi, Society palette but I had managed to resist it, so I thought maybe I could resist this one too.  Obviously not, because here we are – and the Hi, Society palette is the other palette in the picture above.  Go on, judge me.  I don’t care.

I probably could have resisted this one if I hadn’t been watching so many YouTubers who were also talking about how rich and gorgeous this looked.  It does have some similarities to the Raw Beauty Kristy collab palette, but there is something about this one that really just drew me in, and hearing other people also talk about how gorgeous it was finally reeled me in.  There are some gorgeous greens, to be sure, but the other shades, even the more neutral colors, and also gorgeous.  Let’s take a look at some swatches.

The swatches are done over the Ulta Matte Eye Primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Eco, Wild Life, It’s Paradise, Guava

Eco is a bright banana yellow matte.  Wild Life is a bright yellow gold metallic shimmer.  It’s Paradise is a swampy chartreuse metallic.  This one is a little chunkier than the other shimmers, but still beautiful and can be smoothed out with a little work.  Guava is a matte terra cotta orange.

L to R: Hotness, Palm Palm, Juicy, Hideaway

Hotness is a copper orange shimmer metallic.  This one has some strong golden highlights in it and looks fairly glittery.  Palm Palm is a electric lime shimmer metallic.  Juicy is an emerald green shimmer.  This one was a little weaker than the rest of the shades in the palette, but it’s still workable.  It’s just annoying that the most beautiful green is the one that causes problems!  Hideaway is a bronze shimmer with some silvery tones.

L to R: Noni, On the Prowl, Monsoon, Eden

Noni is a brick red matte with some orange tones.  On the Prowl is a deep emerald matte.  Monsoon is a satin matte shade that’s Royal Blue.  This one had some struggles, and it feels like it’s trying to be more shimmery or glittery than it is?  It’s an odd formula, but if you work at it you can get good performance and it is a lovely color.  Eden is a neutral medium brown matte, not too chocolately or warm.

I love this color selection, and except for the couple of quirks I noted above, this is some of the best performance I’ve seen from ColourPop.  I love that the other “neutral” shades aren’t just browns and beiges.  There is one brown matte and a bronzey shimmer, but the other companion shades are oranges and reds and golds, and they make a very colorful but wearable selection of shades.

Since I was placing a ColourPop order anyway, I decided to get the Hi, Society palette after all.  I’d been eyeing it for a while, and it coordianted perfectly with this collection, so I thought it would be fun.  The quality on this isn’t quite as good as the larger palette, but it’s still gorgeous.

L to R: Diamond Cut, Blair, Love Lock, Hoops, Chain Mail

Diamond Cut is a bright spring green shimmer with golden metallic notes.  Blair is interesting in the pan, but it does kind of fall apart in the application.  It’s a bright yellow matte base, but it has glitter in the formula that is silvery and bright blue.  I would suggest a glitter glue to try and get more of the glittery effect, but it blends away pretty easily.  Love Lock is a bright swampy lime green shimmer.  Hoops is a spring green matte that has nice base pigmentation and blends out really smoothly.  Chain Mail is a little bit trickier; it’s an emerald green matte that has a bright ness in the base that is lovely, but it can be a bit patchy.  Needs a little bit of effort to really keep it looking good.

I usually prefer a lipstick to a gloss, but this gorgeous Lux Gloss in the Lush Life collection was irresistible.  This is swatched over bare skin, but the lighting is the same as described above.

The shade Vanda is a beautiful reddish orange.  It has a nice color ot it, but it’s not at all opaque.  If you want this sort of blood orange color to complement the palette, I would suggest using it to top a lipstick in a similar shade to get a full, juicy lip.

I can’t keep up with the breakneck speed with which ColourPop is releasing collections, and that’s ok.  People need to get over this idea that they need to have every single product in every release just because they like a brand.  Now that I’ve slowed down, I can wait and spend a little time evaluating a collection before I add it to my stash.  I’m hoping that this approach will lead to a much smaller declutter the next time I do one!

(In case you missed the ColourPop episode of my 2021 declutter series, I’ll include it below!)

I’m loving this little collection that I picked up, and it’s the sort of thing that reminds me what I love most about ColourPop: lower prices but good quality, interesting color stories (sometimes…), and the chance to try out different looks and moods without breaking the bank.  I think they are a pretty reliable brand that is also accessible, and I think they are giving us an interesting array of options.  If you’re still thinking that they “release too much” you might be holding on to your old completionist impulses; it’s time to let that go, baby, and just enjoy the things that come along that look like they were made just for you!

And green?  That’s always for me.  Always.  That’s the Lush Life I want to be living.

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