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Chunky Dunking: Getting Naked With The Nudes Lip Collection From Juvia’s Place

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Chunky Dunking: Getting Naked With The Nudes Lip Collection From Juvia’s Place

I’ve tried to make it clear before, but in case you missed it: we stan Juvia’s Place in this house.  And we don’t stan anyone.

When I saw that Juvia’s was putting out a full lip collection called the Nudes that included lipsticks, liners, and glosses, I was pretty excited.  I have quite a few of their liquid lipsticks and the quality was pretty good, so I was interested to see how they did with more traditional tube lipsticks.  I also have the two glosses from the Fumi collab, so I know that they can make a really good, pigmented gloss formula.  Lipsticks aren’t necessarily my thing, and nudes aren’t my typical wheelhouse, but I love the concept and I’m always ready to support this fantastic black-owned makeup brand.

I didn’t end up getting the whole collection.  I was brokety broke when it initially launched and they had a full collection box for $250 ($319 value), but it sold out pretty quickly.  Hindsight is 20/20, and if I had known that they would restock the box collection only a couple of days after I placed my order, I would have waited and picked it up.  Put since I was picking and choosing, I decided to go with the things that seemed to make the most sense in terms of my own personal makeup style.  They had bundle deals on pieces of the collection as well, so I decided to get the bundles of two of the three Nudes “families”: the Mauves and the Peaches.  The last family, the Chocolates, is least compatible with my style as they are mostly pretty warm brown in tone (warm browns are the least relevant to my life) but they did have a cool, taupe-y brown called Muted so I grabbed that as well.  I also got the bundle of the 6 liners – who can’t use more great liners?! – and three of the glosses, two of the Lip Reflect glosses and one of the Glass glosses.

I don’t love love opaque glosses, but since I’ve been doing more photos and looks in my office rather than shows and live events, I’ve been playing with more glosses and exploring formulations.  The Fumi glosses were both really good and very opaque, so I wanted to give these a shot.  Plus, glittery pink is never a bad idea.

The liners are pretty nice, if you like mechanical liners.  I personally prefer a pencil that can be sharpened, as I feel like I get less product breakage, but I don’t mind a mechanical.  The formula is nice and creamy, but not so soft that it goes everywhere.  One of the pencils had a broken tip when I opened it, but it still worked as well as the others.  They are a little more preceise when they are new and have that sharpened tip point, but even once that wears down you can get fairly good control (you can see that in the middle shade of the second set of swatches – that’s the one that broke).

L to R: Love Me, Lush, Scorpio

The first three shades are very pink/berry toned, and match the best with the Mauves, though the darkest shade could also make an interesting contrast to either the Peaches or the Chocolates.  Love Me is a bright dusty pink.  Lush is lighter, and a bit more brown in tone.  Scorpio is a rich berry wine shade.

L to R: Kola, So Rare, Sweet Nothing

Kola is a medium chocolate brown.  So Rare isn’t very well represented by the color on the outside of the packaging: the strip of color looks almost orange, but this is definitely more of a warm latte brown, maybe leaning a little bit peach.  Sweet Nothing is a light beige-y tan.  These are much warmer in tone, and would generally be good matches for the Peaches and the Chocolates.  Kola is deep enough that you could use it with most of the Mauves to get that 90s dark brown liner with lighter lipstick look (I rock that pretty much all the time, so I’m here for it!).

So let’s start with my lone Chocolates lipstick shade, Muted.  I forgot to mention this before, but all of my swatches are on bare skin.  I also play with them on my lips a bit, but I don’t usually take photos of that (because I hate how my lips look if I don’t have a full face on).

This is a gorgeous cool-toned brown.  I saw this in the Chocolates and I knew I wanted to have it.  I don’t do a ton of brown lipsticks, but when I do I love a cool option like this one.  This was nice and smooth and applied very opaque.  I didn’t have any pulling or dryness at all.  I’m a big fan of this formula.  It’s creamy enough to go on smooth and blot out to a soft perfection, but it’s not so soft that it gets all over or bleeds into fine lines (not that I have any…mind your business!).

The Peaches is the family that has the peach and orange toned neutrals.  For both the Peaches and the Mauves I feel like the sticks themselves look fairly similar, but you can really see the differences in tone in the swatches.

L to R: Mademoiselle, In Vogue, Libra, Me

Mademoiselle is a light, bright peachy beige nude.  In Vogue is a little deeper and more orange-y apricot.  Libra goes deeper and starts to lean a little brown, almost like a muted pumpkin shade.  Me is a little more red-toned, not exactly terracotta but like a muted brick orange-red.

The packaging on these is beautiful, and I’m loving the gradient from hot pink to cream with the Juvia’s logo on the top.  One of the lipsticks did have a defect, and that was the shade Me:

The metallic piece that holds the lipstick wasn’t glued into the base, so it comes out.  There was no damage to the lipstick, as the product is still able to be twisted up and down, but it does just pull out.  It’s a simple fix, just a couple of dots of glue, but be aware that this could be a potential problem you might see.

The Mauves, unsurprisingly, are the more pink and berry toned lipsticks.  These shades also look pretty similar next to each other (except maybe Chic, bottom left) but when you watch them out you can really see the differences.  These are my favorite shades in the collection, and I anticipate that I’ll get the most use out of these.  I’m a cool-toned beast, so I love a good soft pink shade!

L to R: Kebi, A Mauve Moment, Chic, 2020

Kebi is the deepest shade, a muted deep berry pink.  A Mauve Moment is a medium to deep mauve pink.  Chic is the lightest and probably the most cool-toned of the group, a pale greyed out pink.  2020 looks least like the color stripe on the box and is a slightly warmer dusty rose shade.

All of these are very pigmented and apply very smoothly.  They look nice and play well with the liners, but I didn’t find the liner to be absolutely necessary – they are firm enough to stay put even without a liner if that’s your thing.

L to R: So Glazed, Barely There, Kiss Me

So Glazed is a sheer gloss with a bright baby pink sparkle.  There is a lot of glitter and shine to this one, definitely more than the photo shows.  Barely There is a bright apricot nude.  If you have the Fumi glosses and are wondering how this compares to Royalty, this one is less opaque and much, much lighter.  Royalty is sort of a latte brown, where this is definitely a bright, light peachy kind of shade.  Kiss Me is a rich berry pink, fairly opaque, but still with lots of glossy shine.

I love to see Juvia’s place continue to grow and expand, and launch new expansions on their product lines.  These lipsticks are pretty great, and for those that are fleeing from liquid lipsticks in favor of the traditional tubes, these are some great nude and neutral options for you to play with.  I’m hoping that they continue to expand and we will eventually see this formula with some brighter, more vivid colors to coordinate with some of their amazing palettes!

And if you’re wondering where the phrase “chunky dunking” came from, it’s from Eve Ensler’s follow up to The Vagina Monologues, The Good Body, in which one of the characters decides to go “skinny dipping,” but reclaims it for her fat body.  The minute I heard that, I was in love with it.  It seemed a perfect fit for a collection of nudes!

PS – if you want to see how I ranked all 21 of my Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes (at the time of filming – my collection has expanded even since then!), then check out my video!


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