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Check The Material: Trixie Mattel Introduces Me To Native American Owned Brand Prados Beauty

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Check The Material: Trixie Mattel Introduces Me To Native American Owned Brand Prados Beauty

Lately I have been obsessed with Trixie Mattel’s YouTube channel.  From one clown to another, I love her outrageous and stylized look, her makeup launches have been bomb, and who doesn’t love an Easy Bake Oven adventure?!

Trixie recently did a video with Kambucha Girl herself, Brittany Broski, where they did “date night makeup” and Trixie showed off a palette by Native American-owned brand Prados Beauty, and I was definitely interested.  It’s a big baby, 30 pans of eyeshadow, but it’s the sort of big format palette that I like: a rainbow palette that gives you multiple options of each other colors in the rainbow, but still have a few neutrals thrown in for blending and changing up your looks.  There is nothing I hate more than a big palette like that claiming to be a rainbow palette, but then there are like 8 colorful shades and a shit ton of neutrals.  Not here, baby!  This one is all about the color!

The palette is in a collection on the website that is a collaboration with Steven Paul Judd, a fantastic artist, though I’m not sure if he collaborated on the makeup products themselves, or if he just provided the stunning cover artwork for the palette.  The collection also included a four pan blush palette and a four pan highlighter palette, which are also reviewed here, as well as some lipsticks, mini mirrors, and a set of brushes.  There was a full collection of all the products together, but it was sold out, so I settled for the eye and face palettes.

Let’s start with the swatches of the eye palette.  These were done over the Kaleidos Tone Activator eye primer.  Normally I do a finger swatch and a brush swatch, but this is 30 shades y’all.  I decided to go with just a brush swatch for each shade so that I’d still have skin left on my arms!  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.  The shades don’t have individual names, so I will just refer to them by the Row number and the shade numbers 1-6, left to right.

Row 1

Shade 1 is a bone matte shade.  This is a nice blending option for those who find stark white a little too intimidating or who want a more natural, soft look.  Shade 2 is a light beige matte, nice and consistent with good pigmentation.  Shade 3 is a very warm orange-infused tan matte.  Shade 4 is a warm cinnamon brown.  This one isn’t exactly matte and it isn’t like the other shimmers in the palette; it has more of a satin finish with very subtle shine.  Shade 5 is a brown shimmer with coppery reflect.  Shade 6 is a rusty brown shimmer with strong red tones.

Row 2

Shade 1 is a bright buttercream yellow gold shimmer.  Shade 2 is a light bronze shimmer with some cool, silvery reflect.  Shade 3 is a black “mostly matte” that is nicely pigmented but does have a bit of satin shine to it.  Shade 4, a bright tomato red matte, is one of only two shades that I really struggled with.  It got immediate hardpan as sure as my brush touched it, and I had to scrape the top to get enough product to get the swatch.  It’s a nice enough red shade, but it was really hard to work with and it seemed to darken a bit on the primer as well.  I only had trouble with two shades, so two out of 30 isn’t bad, but this one was definitely a disappointment.  Shade 5 is a slightly deeper red matte, a little more blue-based than the previous shade.  Shade 5 is a tomato red shimmer with a metallic sort of reflect that gives it a slightly coppery tone.

Row 3

Shade 1 is a bright slightly blue-toned pink matte.  Shade 2 is a bright coral pink matte.  Shade 3 is a much more blue-toned deep fuchsia pink matte.  Shades 1 and 3 in this row are definitely different enough, but I would have preferred one of these two to be a deeper pink shimmer, but the shades are still very lovely.  Shade 4 is a medium pink shimmer.  Shade 5 is a slightly lighter pink shimmer.  Again, Shades 4 and 5 are both lovely, but they feel a little bit repetitive and there could have been some different options included.  Shade 6 is a bright grape shimmer.

Row 4

Shade 1 is a bright shamrock green matte.  Shade two is a lighter more blue-leaning green with a silvery metallic shimmer.  Shade 3 is a bright yellow matte.  This is a nice color but has some sheerness, so might work better on a white base to get full opacity.  Shade 4 is a bright lemon shimmer.  Shade 5 is a bright grape purple matte.  Shade 6 is a deeper royal purple matte.

Row 5

Shade 1 is a true orange matte shade.  Shade 2 is a neon orange matte.  This one has great pigmentation, especially for a neon!  A white base will really make this pop, but you still get the neon look without it, which is awesome.  Shade 3 is a deeper, terra cotta orange matte.  Shade 4 is a bright cyan matte, really pigmented and great opacity.  Shade 5 is the other shade I struggled with.  This also felt a little bit harder pressed and it was hard to get the powder onto the brush.  Once it was there, it went on a little streaky and really needed to be blended out to get the swatch that I got, which is still a little patchy and inconsistent around the edges.  Shade 6 is a bright true blue shimmer with gorgeous metallic shine.

Overall, I really like these shadows.  They have good pigmentation and are overall really good with opacity.  There are a few shades that might benefit from the bump of a white base, so if you’re trying to create a super bright look you may want to keep that in mind.  There is also a little bit of repetitiveness, but really not that bad.  I enjoy that this really embraces the idea of a rainbow palette and gives you lots of color options.  I would maybe have liked one more green option, a little more variety in the pinks, or maybe a couple of turquoise/teal shades, but this palette is pretty solid, and the neutrals are a nice complement.

The blush and highlight palettes have some beautiful options.  Don’t mind the blush that has a small crater dug out of it – that’s me and my clumsiness with nails!  It arrived in pristine condition, and I went and effed it up.  These swatches are done over the Uoma Beauty Say What?! Foundation in Fair Lady T3C with a finger swatch on the left to show color and buildup, and a more diffused brush swatch on the right.  These also don’t have names, so I’ll be doing rows top to bottom and talking about the shades left to right; lighting is the same as described above.

Blush, Row 1

Shade 1 is a gorgeous pale pink with pinky peach reflect, very dimensional and shimmery.  Shade two is a peach blush with pink shimmer reflect.

Blush, Row 2

Shade 1 is a bright, medium pink with silver and pink shimmer reflect.  Shade 2 is a deep blue-based raspberry pink with pink shimmer reflect.

All of these blushes have at least a satin shimmer, so if you really love matte blushes, this is not the palette for you.  But if you love glowy blushes, these are absolutely fantastic!  They have a softness to them that blends out like an absolute dream, and the colors are beautiful and pigmented without looking clownish – and that’s coming from a dedicated #HookerClown!  The shimmer isn’t overpowering, but I think that darker skintones that don’t feel like some of the shades would work as blush could still use them as a subtle shimmery highlight.

The highlighters have the same soft, silky feel, but the glow and shine are much more intense (as you would expect from a highlighter!).

Highlighter, Row 1

Shade 1 is a bright champagne pearl.  This is a basic highlight that everyone should have in their collection, since you can use it to lighten and brighten another highlighter that is a little too dark for you, and it looks stunning on its own.  Shade 2 is a bright petal pink with pink and silver shimmery reflects.  This can be built up to more opacity, but it diffuses out to this really lovely pink flush that could also be used to glow up a matte blush.

Highlighter, Row 2

Shade 1 is a bright gold metallic with great shine.  Shade 2 is a deeper bronze shimmer with golden notes.  These are definitely more warm toned, and a shade two is probably too dark for me as a highlight, though I could use it to glow up my other cheek products or add a touch of shine to my bronzer.

These products from Prados Beauty are a fantastic new addition to my collection, and I am living for the loving support that I see going back and forth on IG between Prados and Trixie Mattel.  This is a fun brand, and one of my goals for 2021 was to find not only more black-owned makeup brands, but also more brands owned by people of different backgrounds and perspectives.  Ever since I first discovered the Black-Owned Makeup Brand Challenge through Jackie Aina, my makeup collection has only going more fun, more fierce, and more filled with fantastic products from brands that represent a diverse array of communities.  These brands are killing it, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store.  As Trixie would say, “Pop off, sis!”

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