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Chasing Rainbows: Using the ColourPop BYOP Sale To Build The *Perfect Rainbow Palette

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Chasing Rainbows: Using the ColourPop BYOP Sale To Build The *Perfect Rainbow Palette

*Ok, maybe not perfect; without being able to see the shades in person, I made a couple of not-so-great choices, but still pretty damn good!

I’ve been buying from ColourPop for a while, but I’ve never gotten in on their “Build Your Own Palette” sale before – normally I just buy one of the low prices palettes that they have available, and if I don’t 100% love the color selection I depot and rearrange to my heart’s content.  I made the Mar and Sol palettes into actual blue and orange/yellow palettes to better fit in with their monochrome counterparts like the green Just My Luck palette and the purple It’s My Pleasure palette.  But I’ve never gone in and built my own palette from the ground up.  Luckily a few times a year ColourPop has a sale where you can do this at an incredible discount.  The large palette, which holds 24 shadow pans, is normally $78 (a price of $3.29, assuming that the palette comes with for free) – a discount off the advertised retail price of $118 ($4.92 per shadow assuming the palette comes with for free) – but during the sale you can get the palette and 24 pans for only $44 ($1.83 per shade, again assuming a free palette).  This is an amazing discount, and I’ve heard rave reviews of the ColourPop singles, so I decided to go for it.

Angelica Nyqvist recently did a video where she used Instagram polls to build the “perfect” palette; I’ll include the video below for you to watch.  Inspired by CP’s monochromatic palettes, I decided to go on a quest for the ultimate rainbow palette!

Here’s what I came up with:

Here’s what I had in mind, and I mostly achieved it:

I wanted one row of mattes that would represent the 6 main colors of the rainbow (we all know there are seven, but indigo always gets screwed in the rainbow merch department, and this palette is no exception).  I wanted them to be as close to the “true” color as I could get, i.e., when you go to a box of crayons and pull out Red, Orange, Yellow, etc.  There are a couple that lean one way or another away from the true color, but overall I was happy with what I got.  That’s the top row of the palette and left to right includes the shades: Meteorite, Koi, Tiki, Conjour Up, Backstage, and Try Me.  Koi is the only shade that I don’t really love, though I think it will look lovely in makeup looks – I just wanted a deeper, more balanced orange, instead of this yellow-leaning shade.Conjour up was a little patchy when I swatched it, but not terrible, and it was the greenest of the greens, so I guess it stays!

For the Next row, I wanted shades that were a little deeper.  With the exception of the red, which is matte, I was also able to find them all in a shimmer formula.  From left to right, the shades are: Facet, Crackle, Karat Cake, Slay-Farer, Anti-Matter, and Neutrino.  I love all of them, and I even love Facet, but I do wish that I had found the perfect deep red shimmer so that whole row could have been shimmers.  They look really nice together, and I’m satisfied, but a deep brick red shimmer would have been absolute fire.  Are you listening, ColourPop?  You should make a deep red shimmer and call it Absolute Fire! And then send it to me for this palette….or whatevah.  I would have also liked more of a greener green instead of the more teal-leaning Slay-Farer, but since I just got the Just My Luck palette, I find it hard to complain too much about the selection of greens in their single shadows.

For the third row, I wanted to go more vivid – shades that were brighter, bolder, maybe some duochromes, and for the most part I was pretty satisfied with what I found.  Again, the red shade is a matte, but it’s very bright and electric, so I don’t really mind.  From left to right, the shades are: Oh Ship, Chauffeur, Rascal, Up and Up, Quantum Sleep, and Solstice With the Mostess.  I love this row, but if I could make any changes, I would have taken a more yellow shade instead of sticking with these golds (true yellows, especially light and bright, non-mustard shades are hard to come by anywhere!) and the green is lovely but I would have loved something brighter and more grassy.  This row looks beautiful together, but just a little tweaking would have made it even better.

The final row is where things got a little dicey, and there are two shades that I will probably end up switching out when I place another CP order.  I wanted the last row to be light, pastel versions of the colors.  I was looking primarily for shimmers or duochromes, since these would help with inner corner highlighting and lid colors, but I was open to whatever.  Here’s what I found, left to right: Heavy Glam, Come and Get It, Baby Lights, La Playa, Bassline, and Earthshine.  The two that I want to switch out are Heavy Glam and Come and Get It.  Don’t get me wrong, they are gorgeous shades, and I’ll definitely keep them in a different palette, but they just don’t look in person the way they did in the promo photos and they kinda throw the row off.  If I could find a gorgeous lemon yellow pastel, I will probably also replace Baby Lights, but that one doesn’t bug me as much next to the others.  La Playa, Bassline, and Earthshine are exactly what I wanted for that row, so no complaints there.  After swatching them, Heavy Glam almost looks lore orange/peach, and Come and Get it almost appears more pink.  Interesting.  They both are getting replaced, but until then I might swap them and see if it drives me less crazy.

Overall, I love the palette that I created, and without being able to actually see the colors in person, I think I did a pretty good job creating a rainbow palette.  I order from ColourPop pretty regularly (it’s hard not to with how quickly they pump out product, amiright?!) so it won’t be too hard to make the tweaks I want to make to really make this the best it can be.  I generally like all of the premade palettes I’ve ordered from the brand (except for the overuse of some of the same neutrals over and over – I swear, if you depot enough CP palettes you end up with a Morphe palette!) and I’ve heard that the singles formula is just as good if not better!  At the end of this week, which I feel like I’ve spent mostly shitting on ColourPop, I actually feel pretty excited for this palette and to use it to create some fun, vibrant rainbow looks!

Did you get in on their BYOP sale?  What kind of palette did you create?  Do you like working with singles, or do you prefer to buy ready-made palettes?  Let me know in the comments below!

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