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Can Melt Cosmetics Convince This Grouchy Gen Xer To Embrace Millennial Pink?

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Can Melt Cosmetics Convince This Grouchy Gen Xer To Embrace Millennial Pink?

When it comes to packaging and color stories, Melt Cosmetics just kinda gets me.  Their packaging is different with every release, but it’s always well designed and often gorgeous: whether you loved or hated the quality, every person on the planet mentioned how stunning the Amor Eterno palettes packaging was!  The She’s In Parties palette has a simple, elegant design while the Radioactive palette is neon and bright and shimmering with glitter.  Some products include interesting and often intricate embossing (it ranges from a complex and gorgeous bees and honeycomb design in the newest Digital Dust blush duos down to a simple pot leaf design in the pans of the Smoke Sessions palette).  The packaging style and theme may vary from release to release, but it’s always well thought out and visually stimulating.

The Millennial Pinx palette isn’t the newest release from the brand, and after my lukewarm experience with the Amor Eterno palettes I decided to pass.  However, my recent positive experience with the She’s In Parties palette combined with the fact that color maven Angelica Nyqvist recently picked it up and made a really gorgeous look for a GRWM video pushed me to take my chances and pick this up.  I love pink, I use a fair amount of pink in my looks, and I’m still interested in playing with and trying to master Melt’s mercurial formulas!

For the swatches, I did them over the Anastasia Beverly Hills eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Rose Brunch, Pink Leather, Flamingo Dream, Mixed Emotions, Modern Love

Rose Brunch is a pale, baby pink shimmer.  It’s not a duochrome exactly, but it does seem to lean a little bit yellow gold in the shimmer – nothing too obvious, just a subtle undertone that I see when I look at it.  Pink Leather is a very pale pink matte.  This one is pretty consistent and blends nicely with the other shades.  Flamingo Dream is another matte, a bright yellow-based pink that has beautiful opacity, though sometimes I feel like it can lay down a little thick in places and need some additional blending.  It’s not extreme, and I generally like this shade, but I did notice that some area of the swatch and application were a little thick right away and needed to be evened out.Mixed Emotions is a blue-toned light pink shimmer.  This one was a little weak with the finger, which is odd for a shimmer, but I thought the brush swatch turned out good and I didn’t have any problems working with it with a brush on the eyes.  It’s a little finicky, but not anything that gives me major concerns.  Modern Love is lightened brick red sort of pink, a little bit chalky and inconsistent, but again it isn’t terrible.

L to R: Ruby Spar, Pink Noise, Moon Glow, GF, Euphoria

Ruby Spar is a beautiful color: a berry pink shimmer metallic.  The color is gorgeous but the performance is only so-so.  I’m not sure why, but the shimmers in this palette all perform much better with a brush than they do with a finger.  That’s good news for someone who prefers to use a brush for everything (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m not generally a fan of having to finger bang shadows onto my eyes unless it’s unavoidable!), but it’s not typical: usually the oils in your skin will provide at least some amount of moisture and cause the shadow to “foil,” as if you applied it with a setting spray or mixing medium.  For these, they stayed very dry and were much less pigmented and a little more inconsistent in coverage when applied with a finger.

Pink Noise is a duochrome with a white base and a strong pink shift.  This color is pretty basic, and I’ve seen it elsewhere done better, but this one had ok performance.  Moon Glow is a bright silver metallic, much better performance with a brush as noted above, and the shine on this is great (sometimes metallic silvers end up getting muted and muddy, but this one is great).  GF is a medium to deep matte gray, pretty good coverage and blendability.  Euphoria is a deep charcoal gray; I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a matte black, but in performance it definitely isn’t!  This is a deeper shade, but in use it’s too similar to GF for my taste.  The coverage on this is also a little spotty, though you can beat it into submission with enough effort.

In terms of color story, I think this is another banger.  I love the selection of pinks, and the only complaint I have about the selection of shades are the two grays.  I would have loved to see Euphoria switched out for a deep navy blue.  I am absolutely bonkers for pinks with navy blue, and I think the world and Melt Cosmetics just need to get on board with my obsession!  That aside, I think they have a nice mix of mattes and shimmers, a nice range from light to dark, and you can use them all together to get a nice variety of looks.

Where I get caught up, once again, is in the performance.  The shimmers are so odd – it’s so strange to see a shimmer that performs better on a brush than on a finger, especially over a dry primer like the ABH.  You can get good coverage, but it takes a little work.  The mattes are ok overall, but the lighter mattes are definitely better and more consistent than the dark mattes.  There is nothing about this palette that is unworkable, but it definitely will take a bit of work to really get the most out of it.

I’m not regretting this palette purchase, but I am glad that this came out before the She’s In Parties palette and that it seems like they are heading in the right direction with their formulation and usability.  I really do love the aesthetic of what Melt is putting out, and I’m drawn in to so many of the products!  Let’s just hope that the quality continues to improve so that I don’t regret taking the plunge…

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