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Building Beauty From The Ground Up: Melt’s Blueprint Palette Is Their Latest Stack Conversion

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Building Beauty From The Ground Up: Melt’s Blueprint Palette Is Their Latest Stack Conversion

So, one the one hand I’m excited to be doing this review of the newest palette release: Blueprint.  It’s the latest one of their stacks to be converted into a palette, and I have been eyeing this color story for a while so I’m glad that I held off.  One the other hand, it means that I have to keep waiting and hoping that the amazing Babygirl stack will someday get it’s own palette release.

This palette is a little bit different in that it doesn’t contain any new colors.  The other palettes that have released have included the original 4 or 5 shades and then added 4 or 5 additional shades to make an 8 or 10 pan palette.  The Blueprint stack, however, featured 4 split pans with two shades each, so they already had the required number of shades.  The additional shades were a great incentive for the people who already owned the stacks to upgrade to the palette; no new shades, but the plus side with this, if you already have the palette and like it, is that you get larger pans of all of your favorite shades.  I’ve never really loved the stack packaging; it’s unique, for sure, but it’s a bitch to store.  Melt has really been killing it with their palette releases, and this is no exception.  The blue foil packaging with schematic drawings is beautiful and intricate, but the two color design keeps it simple and sophisticated.  The collection release also included two gel liner colors that I’ll show off below.  And because I’m a little bit extra, when I placed my order I also got a liquid lipstick in the shade Lady Like and a Digital Dust highlighter in the shade Morning Star.  I didn’t swatch them for the review, but I did use them in a recent Face Friday look (more on that below).

Let’s start with the palette.  Granted, Melt only has so many stacks left to convert into palettes, but I wasn’t mad about the fact that their first release of the year just happened to coincide with one of my makeup predictions for the year: blue is going to be a super hot color this year, and there are going to be lots of palettes that are half neutral with half in shades of blue.  I’ll include the video below so that you can hear my complete thoughts, but this palette fits in perfectly!

Swatches were done over the Ardell In Her Prime eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Skylight, Deadbolt, Dim-Out, King Stud

First up are the blues!  There are only two mattes in the palette, one blue and one brown, and these blue shimmers are gorgeous!  Skylight is a pale icy blue shimmer with a little bit of a turquoise or greenish shift.  Deadbolt is a bright medium blue with silvery shimmer.  Dim-Out is a bright deep blue, almost navy matte.  King Stud is a deep royal blue shimmer.  All of these applied very well, though the shimmers do need a little bit of building up to get full opacity.  It’s definitely not a problem, but it’s something to be aware of if you like really intense color saturation in your looks.  If you like things a little more diffused, this will be a good place to start, and you can work on getting more comfortable with color!

L to R: Beaming, Hot Wire, Hammered, Nailed

Beaming is a bright buttercream vanilla shimmer.  Beaming is a very coppery orange shimmer.  Hammered is the matte, and it’s a deep brown.  You can see that the two swatches look different: with a dry brush you get a color truer to what’s in the pan, but it darkens very easily with any oil or moisture.  Something to keep in mind when deciding how to work with the shade.  Nailed is a warm bronze shimmer.

I think that this palette is definitely on par with their most recent releases (like the two Beetlejuice palettes and the She’s In Parties palette).  My only complaint about this palette is that I would have liked one more matte, something a bit lighter in either color family, for blending out.  Truthfully, a half matte, half shimmer collection would have been ideal, but I just can’t be mad at these gorgeous shimmers, I just wish that the two mattes weren’t the two darkest shades and that there was a lighter option.  If a palette isn’t balanced, I definitely prefer more shimmers to mattes, but I’m starting to really appreciate well-chosen mattes in any palette.

For the gel liners, I swatched and blended them out with a finger over the Uoma Beauty Say What Foundation in T3C.  The lighting is the same as described above.

L to R: Steel, Slate

These deep blue liners are gorgeous, and they blend out pretty well.  With Slate, the matte shade, you need to be willing to spend a little more time to blend it out evenly and consistently.  It’s not bad, it’s just a little more obvious when there are inconsistencies.  It blends out and diffuses next to the edge nicely, and it’s a great option for setting down a color base, but just be ready to work.  I’m not great with gel colors, especially trying to use them as liners, so if anyone has tips for how to do that I’m all ears!  Steel is a little bit more forgiving because it’s got a nice shimmery effect that hides any imperfections in applications.

I used the Ladylike liquid lipstick and the Morning Star highlighter in a recent Face Friday where I focused on this palette and on Melt products in general.  The pale pink of the lipstick was a perfect complement to this palette and the highlighter, a white base with pink and golden duochrome shift, gave a nice subtle glow without being super over the top.  I liked the liquid lipstick; it dries down nicely and it’s matte but still flexible.  I didn’t feel like my lips felt overly dry when I had it on.  I did end up putting a gloss over it (check the link above to see which one!) but it wasn’t uncomfortable without it.  The highlighter is nice, but it’s not the sort of intense shine that I prefer.  The pearls are gorgeous and subtle, a little glittery and with a sort of wet look.  It’s pretty, but it’s not super drag-y.  Know what I mean?

I’m very excited that Melt is slowly releasing all of their stacks as palettes.  I’m also very excited that the palettes have steadily increased in quality and performance over the last few releases.  Melt is an expensive indie brand, so I’m glad that their quality is starting to better align with the prices they are charging for their palettes.  Now if I could just get that Babygirl palette…

(For fun, I’ll include my recent video ranking the Melt palettes…twice!)

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