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Bougie Bitch: Pat McGrath’s Divine Blush Experience

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Bougie Bitch: Pat McGrath’s Divine Blush Experience

Y’all, who even am I these days?!

I blame my transformation into a Karen on last winter’s VIB Sale at Sephora when I finally broke down and started trying more of those expensive brands that I’ve been trying to keep at bay.  So when Pat McGrath announced that she was releasing blushes I was intrigued.  At $38 each they are on the high side, but I’ve spent around that much for a blush in the past, and the detailing in the pan was definitely a selling point.  What pushed me over the edge was that on her website you could get a bundle deal where you picked your three favorite shades of blush for $96 (or $32 each – not a huge savings, but it was something!) so I placed my order and waited for my life to change.

I decided to get a light, a medium, and a deeper shade to see if I had any preferences – I’ve been on a blush journey, and it was hard to stop at only 3, so if I love them I could easily see myself picking up another trio!

I swatched the blushes over the Uoma Beauty Say What foundation in Fair Lady T3C with a finger swatch on the left to show the color built up and a more diffused brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash,a nd the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

Nymphette is a lovely shell pink with a glowy, golden tone.  This is a great simple blush, or use it to lighten another pink or peach blush that maybe got a little too intense.  These powders are silky and gorgeous and they just melted onto the skin.  I hate to admit how much I really loved the feel of these blsuhes!

Electric Bloom is the same silky goodness, but the color was a little disappointing when applied.  In the pan it’s a gorgeous hot coral but it softens into a rich peach leaning toward terra cotta.  It’s still lovely, but I wanted more of that electric vibrancy that you see in the pan.  But it’s a peach blush and that is my current obsession, so I’m sure I’ll get over my disappointment when I start using it.

Love struck is a beautiful berry shade that can look a little warm depending on the light but is definitely more on the cool side in the pan.  It’s a nice color, but again I was hoping for a bit more power to it.  The powder is silky and lovely, but I wanted a bit more punch!

These are so nice.  Damn it!  I’ve been on this whole blush journey and I’ve really started to appreciate blush so much more!  I used to think that blush was boring!  Now I’m totally head over heels, and these powders have definitely given me something new to play with and appreciate.

Do you need to spend almost $40 for a single pan of blush?  Of course not!  The nice thing about blush is that there are really good options at all price ranges, and if we’re being completely honest, there is nothing about this formula that will change your life.  You can get much cheaper blushes that will look just as good, and these colors are easily dupable from a variety of brands.

Having said that, if you can afford it and if you like a silky, soft effortless application – this blush is a dream come true!  I wish they had some brighter, more vivid options, but the shade range is decent and they really are a lovely experience.  If blush is your thing and it fits into your budget, these really are a great little splurge.

I’m still not sure how I feel about these more expensive brands.  In most cases, when I try the products I don’t enjoy them as much as other products that are much cheaper, and it all feels like hype.  This is one of those situations where the price point really isn’t that much higher than what I normally think of as middle of the road prestige brands (NARS, once the gold standard for blush, is holding strong at $30 each) and the quality on these really is better than a lot of other products that I have tried.  Sometimes things come together, and it’s just right.

Just make sure it makes sense with what you can spend.

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