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Boring Blush? Not Likely…

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Boring Blush?  Not Likely…

This year’s Black Friday shopping was a little bit ridiculous, y’all!  I hit a bunch of makeup sales (and I hit them HARD!) and I picked up a few new things but I also decided to finally pull the trigger on some items that I’ve been eyeing for a long time including the Fairly Blush and Clown Blush palettes from Likely Makeup!

(For a mostly complete rundown on the insanity that was my Thanksgiving weekend shopping, check out my latest YouTube Video, which I’ve helpfully included below!)

Likely Makeup is a brand that I first heard about from Nerdy Girl Makeup (gawd, I miss her channel!) as she was always using their lashes.  I did also pick up a few pairs of lashes, which I’ll talk about at the end, but I have been dying to get my hands on their blush palettes for a long time!  They have two palettes, the Fairy and the Clown, and they are both wild and colorful and absolutely dreamy!

I’ve been eyeing these for a while but just never managed to pull the trigger.  What finally changed?  Well, a 15% sale helped a little (though that’s not a huge sale by any means) but it was a combination of the fact that Theresa Is Dead recently talked about them in a recent video and raved about how good they were, as well as the fact that I recently talked about my “blush journey” in a recent video and I’ve just had blush on the brain.  Confession time?  I was kicking myself that I didn’t have these already in hand when answering the question about “most colorful blush!”  Ofra is still a solid choice (and their blushes and highlighters really are wonderful products!) but these would have been absolutely perfect!

These palettes from Likely Makeup are known for their unexpected color choices.  Let’s get into some swatches and then I’ll give you my thoughts so far.  Since these are blush products, I did these over bare skin (though in retrospect, I wish I had put down some foundation or at least a face primer to get better results, but we’ll talk about that).  I’m working with a new phone camera, so in the next few reviews, please bear with me as I work through figuring out how it works, the new layout program, etc.  I think it’s going to lead to better product photos overall, but gotta love that learning curve!  Swatches are done on bare skin with a finger swatch on the left to show color and give you a sense of how it might look if you wanted to use it as an eyeshadow, and on the right is a more diffused swatch using a small face brush.  The top photo is under my studio lights without a flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.  We’ll start with the Clown palette, and then do the Fairy palette.

L to R: Carnival, Contortion

Carnival is a bright primary yellow.  In the finger swatch you get good color that is a little fuzzy around the edges.  It would probably need a little building, but it’s a nice tone and blends well.  Blended out you get a nice softness to the shade but still good coverage.  Contortion is a bright orange, great pigmentation for the finger swatch, and still a nice rich presence for the brush swatch as well.  These perform really well as swatches, and it’s nice to see a yellow shade with this much consistency.

L to R: Circus, Carousel

Circus is a bright red, and it’s a little diffused with both applications, so if you are scared of red blush, don’t fret – this is subtle going on and needs a little building if you want a truly clownish application!  Carousel is a nice bright pink, and I love that the finger swatch is so consistent, but the brush swatch is much more subtle.  Again, you can build it up, but the initial application is more diffused so that you can get the level of intensity you want.

Now for the Fairy palette.  I wanted to start with the Clown palette because the performance was much better.  I think it’s a combination of the colors, how it’s formulated, and my technique.  We’ll get to all of that after the swatches…

L to R: Aquamarine, Sunstone

Aquamarine is a bright turquoise-leaning mint green.  The finger swatch is pretty, fairly opaque and it has some brightness, but the brush swatch blended away to almost nothing.  Sunstone is a bright pastel peach, and though I feel like I got a little more with the brush swatch on this, it still blended away to almost nothing.  The finger swatch on this was also a little weak.

L to R: Rose Quartz, Amethyst

Rose Quartz is beautiful in the pan, but it just doesn’t have much presence in either swatch.  It’s super sheer, and blends away to just a faint hint of color.  Amethyst has an ok finger swatch, but it also blends down, and the sheer wash of color that you get is pretty lackluster.  I really wanted to love this palette, since I adore these kinds of bright pastels, but there was some real struggle here.

So here are my thoughts:

First, I love the selection of colors in both palettes.  They are all bright, vivid shades, but each palette has two shades that are a little more typically “wearable” (the red and the pink in Clown, the pink and the peach in Fairy) and then two shades that are much more unexpected, editorial, and fun.  Yes, the pinks are pretty bright and they aren’t for everyone, but you can sheer them down and make them much more subdued than you might expect just looking at this palette.

The shades in the Clown palette gave me a lot of what I look for when I swatch blushes: the finger swatches were pigmented and consistent, and the brush swatches were diffused, fuzzy around the edges, and much less intense.  That tells me that these will go on subtle with the right application, but that with the right amount of building you can get color that is much more intense, if not true to the shade you see in the pan.  The Fairy didn’t have nearly the same level of performance.  Some of that might be on the product, and I will say that if you were thinking about wearing this blush without some sort of foundation or face primer or something to help the color stick, you might have some struggles ahead of you.  But I did see a lot of loose powder getting brushed away while I was doing the swatches.  I think that if I had something on my arm for the product to stick to, it would have given better payoff.  Now, the danger of that is that it might stick and then not move or blend.  It’s hard to know without using it, so I’m going to give it a “road test” – be sure to check for an upcoming Face Friday where I use these blushes in a bright, fairy-inspired look so I can get a sense of how they work when actually being incorporated into a face look with other products instead of just on bare arm skin.

And since I first heard about this company because of their lashes, you know I had to pick up some of those as well!  This isn’t a lash review – I don’t really feel qualified to do that since I mostly just slap them on for photos or for a show.  I’m not good at applying them, and I’m a terrible judge of quality.  I just know that once I have them on, I like how I look or I don’t.  Not very useful in terms of a review!  But these Romeo and Juliet lashes were so cute I just wanted to share them!

These are colored lashes, and there are two sets in each color: blue, purple, and red.  They are all similar, but one is always bigger and thicker, and the other is a little thinner and more subdued (well, as subdued as you can be as a colored lash!).

The Juliet and Tybalt lashes are a bright purple.

The Romeo and Rosaline lashes are a beautiful bright blue.

And rounding out the collection are two fiery red pairs, Mercutio and Benvolio.

I bought all six pairs because I love doing monochromatic looks for Face Friday – if you haven’t seen them, here are some looks I’ve done in Purple, Brown, Orange, and Blue!  I bought these so that if I do a monochromatic look in those colors, I can can use the thicker lashes on top and the smaller lashes on bottom to coordinate it with the whole look!  I may also try combining them with black lashes to get a mixed look.  I’m excited to play around with them, so be on the lookout for these to appear in a Face Friday soon as well!

Even though I was a little disappointed in the performance of the Fairy palette, no one can say that these blush palettes are boring!  They have great colors and I love that they are encouraging people to play with color in unexpected ways.  As a drag performer, I’ve been using all kinds of colorful eyeshadows for weird and unusual blush looks for years, but it’s nice to have products that are specifically made to be colorful blushes.  Makeup should be fun and playful, and Likely Makeup is definitely that!

In case you haven’t yet picked up on my not-so-subtle promotion of my YouTube channel, I’ll end this post by linking my Colorful makeup tag video.  I would love it if you would think about subscribing to my channel – and while you’re there, don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up and leave me a comment so we can continue the discussion there!


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