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BOMB Beauties: JD Glow’s Galaxy & Metallon Shadows Bring The Business

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BOMB Beauties: JD Glow’s Galaxy & Metallon Shadows Bring The Business

The Year of Single Eyeshadows marches on, and today I’ve got something pretty fantastic for you.

In the wake of protests over police brutality and the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others, important conversations that are long overdue are finally starting to happen in more substantial ways.  This conversation about inclusion is also spreading beyond just the sphere of social justice and into all areas of life, including the beauty space.  As part of that effort, I had already decided that the four Face Friday looks for June, celebrating Pride, would all be done highlighting Black-Owned Makeup Brands (BOMB), but I was worried that I wouldn’t have much from BOMBs to feature this month in terms of product reviews.

It’s not that I don’t use BOMB products on a regular basis; in fact, the opposite is true: two of my favorite ride or die brands, Juvia’s Place and Uoma Beauty, are both black-owned.  I had already talked about most of my new Uoma products in a Face Friday post last month, and with Juvia’s Place…well, I already have all of their eyeshadow palettes (except for the 4 mini palettes and the newest Wuhala palette, but they’ve both been out of stock every time I’ve gone to try and place an order!)!  I already have a backlog of products I’ve been trying to work through, including a ton of single shadows as part of the Year of Single Shadows, so I was very excited when I learned that one of the brands hanging out in my stash, JD Glow Cosmetics, is also a black-owned brand!

I had been eyeing some shadows from JD Glow for a while, mostly because both Lacie of Spooky Lips & Fat Hips and Emily Hanhan have been gushing about their Galaxy shadows, especially the shade Unexpected.  When I headed over to the site, I knew I had to get a nice sampling of the Galaxy shadows, but the metallic shimmer of the Metallon shadows was also catching my eye.  I decided to order a small collection of 15 shadows (enough to fill one empty palette – my OCD tendencies often drive my shopping habits!) and give them a try.

There are some really gorgeous colors here and I’m excited to keep the spirit of the Year of Single Shadows going and work some of these into some eye looks!  For swatches, I did them over the ABH eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is my studio lights without a flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.  I did my best to capture the various shifts and the depth of color, but as with most duochrome/multichrome shades, these are so much more gorgeous in person than I can ever seem to capture with my camera!  Galaxy Shadows will be noted with (G), and Metallon shades will be noted with (M).

Volcano (M) is a gorgeous bright red metallic with almost a hint of copper at the base.  AKA (G) is a bright bubblegum pink with a pale gold shimmer.  Sin (G) is a baby pink with a greenish/yellow gold shift.

Peachy Keen (G) is so amazing!  This is one that you really have to see in person to get how pretty it is!  It’s a pale peachy pink base with a minty green shimmer shift.  I am in love!  Pressed (M) is another favorite in this group of pretty fabulous shadows: it’s a metallic medium peach metallic with some coppery gold shimmer.  Limelight (M) is a swampy olice green metallic, very shimmer and with a dark sort of undertone.

Good Gawd (G) is a pale highlight shade that is gorgeous and so hard to describe!  Their website describes it as “Lilac, Silver, Green. Very Shimmery” and I agree, but I also feel like I get some blue from it?  It’s really pretty and much more complex than you would expect from such a pale pastel shade.  Prismatic (G) is a bright lime green with a yellowy undertone to the base and a stronge green and blue shift.  The play of blue and yellow is really interesting.  Unexpected (G) is the one that lured me in, and this shadow is stupid gorgeous!  It has a cool brown base and a ton of green, blue, and golden shimmer.  It’s a soft formula, very delicate, but the color is stunning!  The photos are with no setting spray or anything.  This foiled?  Amazing!


Varsity (M) is a pale pastel blue with an intense silver shimmer.  This is really pretty, and would be a fun complement to gray eyeshadows, to bring out some of the bluish tones.  Bora Bora (G) is a bright turquoise blue with a golden/green shimmer shift.  Secrets (G) is a pastel blue, a little deeper at the base than Varsity, and this one has a yellow golden shimmer..

Anomaly (G) is a gorgeous red-leaning purple base with a strong blue shift.  This is like Asphyxia from Urban Decay, but with the pigmentation and shift ratcheted up a crazy amount!  This is stunning and very reflective.  Watermark (G) is a deep ocean blue with turquoise and green shifts, very reflective.  I love shadows like this that have a deep base and very light and reflective shifts.  Sapphire (M) is a metallic navy blue.  The finger swatch was a little meh, but when packed on with a brush it was a gorgeous metallic navy and has a little bit of subtle shimmer as well.

These shadows are absolutely gorgeous!  They are also a perfect example of why I’m intimidated by single shadows: they are so unique and have such interesting shifts, that I start to think about what to pair them with, and I feel overwhelmed.  I know I need to get over that, and it doesn’t even really make sense – I’ve never tied myself down to only using one palette at a time anyway, so why would it be any harder to match this with other palettes than it is hopping from palette to palette?  I’m not sure, but I think there is something about seeing a shadow in a palette: even if you don’t love the color story or don’t want to use that, seeing it curated with other shades at least gives you a starting point.  Single shadows are all on their own, without context, and my little brain starts to short circuit on all of the possibility.  I know, it doesn’t make any goddamn sense.  I didn’t say it was logical, I just said that’s how I was feeling.

The conversations about black lives are vital, and I’m glad that these discussions of diversity and inclusion are spreading to other areas of our lives.  Black Lives Matter isn’t just about police brutality and bias in policing and enforcement (though that is so important, and we need to keep energy behind that until we have real solutions that will save black lives!), but it’s also about lifting up black businesses and being conscious about where we spend our money.  Luckily, we have brands like JD Glow that produce amazing products that are worth every penny!  In fact, many of my favorite products right now are from black-owned brands that I’m lucky enough to have discovered because of things like the BOMB challenge on YouTube.  Come for the social consciousness, stay for the killer quality!  It’s a win-win!

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