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Bleeding True Blue: Jeffree Star Stans Come Out Full Force For Blue Blood Palette

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Bleeding True Blue: Jeffree Star Stans Come Out Full Force For Blue Blood Palette

NOTE: As of July 2020, the World of Champagne will no longer be reviewing or featuring Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the site.  For more information on why we’ve made this decision and what this means for the site and its content, please check out Miss Jaye’s post, Goodbye, JSC.

Sorry for the delay in getting this review out to you, but as with almost anything Jeffree Star, this product took forever to ship.  Seriously.  I’m writing this review on April 17, the day I placed my order, and I ordered the palette the day that it came out, March 29.  I know, I know – he got robbed, and it was a huge launch, and this, and that, and whatever.  I sort of understand, but that doesn’t make it ok.  He’s always talking about all of the different warehouses he has and how he’s bringing on extra staff, and whatnot.  When I order from Beuatylish on a Friday, I generally have the product on Monday or Tuesday of the next week, and I’m not the only one who has noticed this: I think it says something that the palette sold out within a couple of minutes on Beautylish but took an hour or so to sell out on his website.  Quantities aside, people have figured out the “trick” that Beautylish gets it at the same time as, and I’m bitter that I had to go through his site and wait this long.  There, I’ve said what I had to say, and let’s get back to love and light and review this shit!

In addition to the palette, I also got two of the new Liquid Frost shades and two of the scrubs.  I’m not really a full on stan for any brand, but I probably am a stan for these scrubs.  They are the best things ever, and at $12 they are a literal steal.  I will buy these forever.  I have more than I will probably ever use in my life, but I keep buying more because occasionally I just dip in for a little taste.  It’s a sad reality, and I love every minute of it.  I got Blue Freeze and Blueberry Pie, and they are both fantastic.  I actually thought I had all three, including Vanilla Mint, but when I checked out it wasn’t in my cart and I was afraid to go back in case I might lose the palette.  Next time I place an order, I’ll be adding that one to my collection as well.

I don’t love liquid highlighters, and Jeffree Star’s Liquid Frosts are no exception, but I am a huge fan of blue and green cosmetics, so I decided to pick up two of the new shades.  Blue Balls is a bright pastel blue with a pink shimmer; the top swatch is a pretty thick application, and the lower, more diffused swatch is after I blended it out with a fluffy face brush.  Frostitute is a greenish shade with a little bit of a blueish undertone and a strong gold shift.  Both of these shades blend out pretty well and leave just a nice, diffused wash of the underlying color, and the shifting glittery color is really nice.  I’m going to try to work these into some looks, though I have no luck with liquid highlighters as they typically move all of the products that I wear underneath.  We shall see.

Now let’s move on to the main event: the Blue Blood palette.  It’s the sister palette to the Blood Sugar palette, and I’m very excited to play around with it.  I love the Blood Sugar, and I love the formula, but blues are much more in my typical repertoire than reds.

I think that this is a wonderful collection of blues with some other, more neutral shades to help pull things together.  I’ve heard a couple of people on YouTube complain that the non-blue shades are too light and they would have wanted more variety in the depth of those shades, but I actually like it this way.  The only reason they would want deeper non-blue shades is so that they can do a non-blue look – and what the fuck is the point of that?  You want neutral, go shove your face in a tarte palette.  Not to be confrontational, but if you use Blue Blood to create a look that isn’t, well, obviously blue, then you probably deserve to be punched hard in the genitals.

As a related aside – since we’re living in the middle of cancel culture, can we please cancel any YouTuber who does a “first impressions” of a palette that is all wild, crazy colors and then three neutrals, and they somehow still manage to make an all neutral look?  Please?!  That’s so fucking annoying.  If you aren’t comfortable with colorful makeup palettes, then maybe you shouldn’t be reviewing colorful makeup palettes?  Just a thought.

Gawd, what’s gotten into me today?  All of the flavors in the world, and I had to choose salty…

Let’s move on to the swatches.  All of these were done on the OMFG face primer (sorry, I’m out of eye primer) with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is my studio lighting without flash, and the bottom is the same lighting but with a flash:

L to R: Cullinan, Mintea, Crystal Flesh, I’m Cold, Untouchable, Priceless

I think of this as the Golden Girls row, and I’m all the way here for it.  It’s such a lovelycollection of pale, femme shades with just a hint of blue and green before we dive into the lower rows.  Cullinan is a pretty shimmery white; it’s nice, but I think Diamond Eyes from Sugar Pill is better.  Similar vibe though.  Mintea is lovely, and it goes on with nice pigmentation for a pastel.  I could see this going a little too chalky on darker skintones, but maybe a white base could save it?  Or use it for selective highlighting?  Frankly, most of this top row is probably going to be a challenge for darker skintones.  Crystal Flesh is ah-mazing, and it’s stunning.  It’s a champagne sort of shimmer, but when it applies it seems to have a very subtle peachy pink sort of shift that I am absolutely living for!  I’m Cold is a nice baby blue matte, and it is nice and pigmented.  Untouchable is a pretty pink matte, and Priceless is a peachy matte.  Now, I will say this: if these pastel mattes are one of the big draws for you in this palette, I would suggest that you check out the Strobe Cosmetics Creepy Cute palette instead.  These are good, but the pastel mattes in that palette absolutely blow these away.  But obviously if you’re buying this palette, you’re probably buying it for the wide array of blues, so these are just a bonus that comes with.  But they are all nice and they blend out beautifully, as I would expect from a Jeffree Star shadow.

L to R: Power, Blue Blood, Deceased, Ice Tray, Blue Monday, Flourishing

Power is a nice medium gray matte, a nice shade to help blend two wilder colors, or to lay down as a base before putting one of the more glittery, shimmery shades on top of it.  Blue Blood is a pretty bright blue, still pastel but not as light as I’m Cold.  This one has a little more body to it.  This next shade is going to cause me to be a little petty, if you’ll allow: if you’re going to use colors across your line (like Celebrity Skin which is a shade in the next row, and which is also a liquid lipstick, a bullet lipstick, and a lip liner), can you please be consistent about it?  This next shade is called Deceased, which is right on trend with what the kids say these days…it was also a pale mauve purple shade of lipstick from his holiday collection two or three years ago…the ones with the red caps.  Gawd, why do I know that?  And why do I know that it was right when John Kuckian was sort of coming to prominence as a drama channel?  Let me think about my life choices later and just say that this is a pretty bright blue metallic shimmer; it is nice and consistent and blends out pretty well.  Ice Tray was a bit of a problem, as you can see from the swatches.  The brush swatch built up ok, but that finger swatch just wasn’t cooperating, and that’s after having gone over it four times.  It went on nicely enough, but then it just blends out so much.  Beware of blending that shade too much if you want it to really shine through.  Blue Monday is a gorgeous matte electric blue, and I love it.  It reads sort of dull in the pictures, but this is a really pretty shade and would pair nicely with other neon eye shades to create a vibrant, electric sort of look.  And Flourishing is a teal blue that is nice, though I did struggle a little with the brush swatch.  A little finicky, but not unworkable.

L to R: Wealthy, Celebrity Skin, Entitled, Ocean Ice, Cremated, Undertaker

This last row is pretty good overall.  Wealthy is a creamy beige matte; boring as fuck but all of the basic bitches who need this shade in every damn palette will be sated.  If you have Beauty Killer, I don’t know that I prefer it over China White, but it’s fine.  Not everything can be shiny and new.  Celebrity Skin is the next shade, and it is really pretty.  I don’t always use a nude transition shade, but when I do, my go to is Courtney from the Beauty Killer palette, and I think this might take its place.  This is really pretty, cool toned and smooth as silk.  Entitled is a beautiful turquoise blue shimmer that works better with a brush if you put down some sort of base or adhesive and pat it.  The color is lovely, and as you apply it, any chunkiness that you see in the pan blends away into a super smooth metallic finish.  Ocean Ice is similar, but it’s hard if not impossible to entirely get rid of the chunkiness.  That’s not to say that you can’t get a lovely wash of royal blue metallic and glitter, but it will never be as smooth and blended as Entitled.  Cremated is a deep gray matte, a wonderful option besides black for darkening up a look.  I also really like Undertaker, a not-quite-black matte that has a hint of navy to it and pairs beautifully with all of the blues in this palette.

Overall, I think this palette is pretty good.  Power and Cremated are sort of dull to have together – they are different grays, but they are still both grays and they aren’t that different enough to make them both interesting.  I would have maybe included a lighter greenish blue to complement Flourishing, maybe something almost seafoam green, as a shimmer of that color would also look stunning with Mintea.  There are some shades that I can dupe in other palettes, and in the cases of the pastels I think the dupes are better, but as a whole I think the palette is cohesive, gives an amazing color story, and has enough “support staff” to keep it from just being a bunch of blues that people don’t know how to use together.

Where this palette obviously wins is the packaging.  This coffin-slash-jewelry-box look is amazing, and it’s very well made.  The clasp is so pretty, and I don’t mind a bulky package so I’m eating up everything this palette is serving in that department.

So, now that all of the hype has died down and people are finally getting their orders (although I have to say that most people got theirs much earlier than I got mine!), I want to know: was it worth it?  Jeffree Star Cosmetics has some of the most hyped launches and his products are back to selling out very quickly, despite the rapid growth of his company.  Are you here for it, ready to wait for anything that he puts out?  If I’m going to confess, I missed out on the Alien palette when it launched and had to wait for the restock…and I totally survived.  I love blues, so I decided to get this one at the launch, and if he ever does a mostly green palette in the style of Blood Sugar/Blue Blood I will cut a bitch to get it, but I think I’ve learned that it’s not necessarily worth the hype to get to the front of the line, especially if all of that waiting and speed-shopping doesn’t result in you getting your order in a timely manner.  Am I just being a bitch, or are you right there with me?  Let me know your thoughts down in the comment below!

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