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Birthday Sex: Lime Crime Celebrates 10 With Rainbow Fire!

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Birthday Sex: Lime Crime Celebrates 10 With Rainbow Fire!

Not only is Lime Crime celebrating 10 years in the ultra colorful makeup game, they’re also attempting a bit of a PR turnaround.  If you don’t know about the “cult of hate” that surrounds the brand (seriously, for some people it’s practically a religion!), basically there’s a lot of ill will and millennial rage focused at the founder of the brand Doe Deere.  Deere has recently stepped down as CEO, but is still involved with the company on the Board of Directors and obviously still draws a profit from it.  I’ve always been a Lime Crime fan (I did a whole report on the company and their various controversies on the previous version of this site….I’m looking into whether or not that post can be salvaged or if I have to rebuild – let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d want to see posted!) but a lot of people walked away, and now Lime Crime is trying to win them back, first with a very touchy feely video with YouTuber JKissa (included below) and now with a new Birthday Collection that embodies the brand’s colorful spirit!

I picked up the 10th Anniversary Palette, the Birthday Cake Pocket Candy Palette, and two of the lipsticks.  They have a small collection of brushes that looked meh to me, and a new shade of Diamond Dew which in this case is just liquid glitter, and I passed on both of those.  The small makeup case for $38 and a pin set also didn’t interest me.  There were a total of 12 lipsticks, and while I may end up circling back for a couple more shades (including replacing my somewhat aged Serpentina!), I just got the two that spoke to me the most this time around.

Let’s start with the “pressed pigment” palette, which is every brand’s way of saying it’s an eyeshadow palette without actually calling it an eyeshadow palette since it contains red dyes that aren’t approved by the FDA for use in the immediate eye area.  Trust me, with the way people love to go after Lime Crime, there’s a Permit Patty out there just waiting for a reason to sue!  This happens a lot lately as brands are trying to go completely vegan; the alternative to these unapproved dyes is a substance called carmine, which is made from crushed beetles.  The pigments are approved by cosmetic regulatory agencies in other countries (and countries that do a much better job of policing cosmetics than we do, I must say), so I’m never too worried when I see this.

There are 12 gorgeous rainbow shades in the palette:

This palette could not be better suited to my interests!  Well, maybe if it was all green…

The top row has some deliciously daring warm colors:

L to R: Roseburst, Frosting, RSVP, Ten

Let me just head you off at the pass and say I didn’t have time to shave my arm before swatching.  Let it go, Elsa.  Roseburst is a super glittery metallic shimmer and it performs better than some of the other glitter shades that I’ll talk about as we do.  Overall it’s got a nice blue base and it’s sparkly and pretty and blends out nicely.  Frosting is a matte with glitter in it, which is a pretty color but that’s a finish that brands keep doing (I’m looking at you Too Faced) that nobody ever asked for.  Ever.  The shimmer is a beautiful red, and there is less fallout than I usually see with this type of formula, but I don’t live for it.  RSVP is a coral with goldtone shift, and I love it.  That is some peachy realness!  It’s a really pretty shade and it blends nicely with the orange on one side or the pinks on the other.  Speaking of orange, Ten is a bright shimmery orange that feels like a matte (and the mattes in this palette are super dry, so be ready for that!), but also seems to have some shimmer to it.

L to R: Blue Sky, Grass, Lime Crime, Candles

Blue Sky is a consistency very much like the Urban Decay Moondust shadows…and I’m not a big fan of those, or this shade.  It’s beautiful, and I think if you wet the brush and foiled it you could do something really pretty, but I don’t like that very glittery, sheer kind of formula.  Grass is a beautiful matte green, bright and true to color, but it’s super dry.  For all of these swatches I started with a finger and then finessed with a brush, and this one needed a lot of going over.  I love that shade, but if you aren’t a fan of dry mattes this shade will drive you nuts!  Grass is a pretty shimmer shade with gold reflect, and I love that they made a shade to represent their name!  Candles is similar to Blue Sky, and is very glittery, but it seems to have at least a little more base color to it than Blue Sky.

L to R: Cloud, Twonicorn, Libra, Wrapped

Cloud and Twonicorn are both that Moondust-esque formula, although Twonicorn, like Candles, seems to have a bit more presence between the two.  Cloud is sort of a diamond white with pearly shimmer.  Twonicorn is a light orchid purple and has a lot of silver reflect.  Libra is a purple satin/matte kind of shadow, and it’s nice if not entirely interesting to me.  I would have loved a more blue-based purple to contrast Twonicorn.  Finally Wrapped looks like it’s going to be a deep navy in the pan and then it is just the most stunning bright blue metallic!  It’s darker than all of the other shades in the palette, but it really is lovely!

This formula, especially for the mattes and even the shimmers (not the super glittery ones) remind me of the formula in the Venus XL palette, and the glittery ones remind me of Venus 3 shades in addition to Moondust from Urban Decay.  Overall I don’t love this palette, but am I glad I have it in my collection?  Absolutely!  I love the color story and I am interested to play with some of these shades in conjunction with other palettes to see if they play well with others.

On to the Birthday Cake Pocket Candy:

I don’t know why, but I am in love with these Pocket Candy palettes!  It’s not nostalgia; I was too old for Polly Pocket toys.  There is just something about them – I already have the yellow Pink Lemonade palette and even though I’m not interested in the color stories I’m tempted to buy the blue and purple ones EVERY. DAMN. TIME. I go to the Lime Crime website.  There is just something about them, and when I saw this cute opalescent packaging and that stunning minty shade in the middle, I knew it had to be mine!

The colors as shown on the sticker on the bottom do not match the colors as they swatch, but I was just fine with that.  I actually like them better.

L to R: Glaze, Twinkle, Party

I was feeling extra so I did these swatches with a finger and with a brush.  Glaze is a lovely buttercream pale yellow and it is nice and shimmery without being glittery.  Twinkle is a little bit more of a cool gold with some silvery reflect, almost green depending on how the light hits it.  Party is a stunning mint with green shimmer, though I wish it was as vibrant with a brush…needs lots of building up!

L to R: Glitz, Cupcake

Ugh, I’m not a huge fan of rose gold shadows but this is the one that is the winner.  All of the others can go home.  This is cool and shimmery metallic, just stunning!  Cupcake is the same sort of shade, a light brown with pinkish tones, and it’s a matte that is fairly buttery and smooth (not nearly as dry as the mattes in the other palette).  I had a little trouble with the finger swatch, but the brush worked like a dream!

Finally, I did pick up two of the Unicorn Lipsticks:

L to R: Heart Eyes, Dollhouse

I was torn between Dollhouse and Poisonberry, one of the OG shades they brought back for the collection, and frankly I should have gone with Poisonberry.  It’s not that Dollhouse isn’t a nice color; it’s that it’s an entirely different color than how it looks on the website.  With the professional lighting and whatever retouching might have gone into it, the picture makes it look like a vibrant, almost fluorescent pink when in reality it’s just a bright purple, sort of a slightly darkened version of Airborne Unicorn.  I love the formula, and I’ll probably keep it around because I’ve been wanting to play around with more purple looks, but this was a bit of a whammy for me.  Luckily Heart Eyes is everything I creamed, a beautiful neon popsicle red that is probably as close to my Holy Grail lip shade (OCC’s Harlot) that I’ve found to date!  Both of these have the same creamy formula that is super saturated and pigmented, and I love the creamsicle smell.  Gripes about color aside, I never really regret picking up a Lime Crime bullet lipstick, they are the best of the best for coverage, color, and staying power!
So what do you think of Lime Crime’s attempt to move the controversial Doe Deere to the sidelines and once again become a colorful darling of the indie makeup scene?  Are you buying it – the transformation AND the Birthday Collection?  Let us know in the comments below.  As for me, as long as they keep putting out depending products with amazing color selections, I’ll still be shopping their stash.  Welcome back, bitches – some of us never left.  But no matter if you’re rediscovering the brand or trying it out for the first time, there’s a color in this rainbow for you!

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