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Billiance Or Insanity: Trixie Cosmetics & The Perpetual Release

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Billiance Or Insanity: Trixie Cosmetics & The Perpetual Release

In a world where so many cosmetics companies spend months planning for releases with large, sprawling collections, coordinated color sets, and then moving on to the next thing, Trixie Cosmetics is doing things decidedly different.  They’ve had a few collections with coordinated pieces, like the Back to the Fuchsia collection that included a 3-pan blush/highlight palette, 2 glitters, and several glosses, but they aren’t afraid to do a release that’s just a few shades.  They did this recently with a drop of three random neutral lipstick shades. They also aren’t afraid to offer new items that coordinate with their back catalog; where most brands launch a color story and then move on to the next story with not even a glance in the rearview mirror, Trixie Cosmetics will put out new products to complement the old.  That’s why we’re here today.

I reviewed the Mod About You blush palette back in January of this year, and then a week or so ago she launched two new orange lip products that complement that palette perfectly!  There is a bright, electric orange lipstick and a more pastel peachy orange gloss.  It wasn’t a collection, there wasn’t a ton of fanfare: just a couple of new products in a small launch, something we’ve come to expect from the brand.

There is something a little haphazard with the way Trixie Cosmetics announces and releases products, but I can’t decide if it’s just the challenges of being a smaller indie brand or if it’s a wise alternative to the over-padded launches that a lot of the other companies do.  Not only do these new lipsticks coordinate with the Mod About You palette, they were released on the same day that palette was restocked.  So rather than just restocking popular products and hoping that people are still waiting for them, you can potentially drive additional sales by adding new products that coordinate with them.  It also means that you’re releasing fewer products but more often, so it’s easier for people to budget and plan for your releases than dropping huge, expensive collections where they may have to pick and choose.

For these swatches, I did them over bare skin with no primer or foundation.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: New Thing, Model Actress

New Thing is a very warm peachy orange gloss with a strong golden glitter shift.  Model Actress is a bright red-tinged orange lipstick with a satin matte finish.  I love the lipstick formula and I wish we would get more shades of that instead of so many glosses.  The glosses are fine, and the deeply pigmented ones are great for a full look, but the sheer glittery glosses are wearing a bit thin.  I would love to see more of the lipsticks, and even more than that I would love to see Trixie Cosmetics take on liquid lipsticks!  Liquid lipsticks are so great for drag makeup, I’m surprised that they haven’t done anything in that category yet, but here’s hoping.  And for gawd’s sake, RESTOCK BAUBLE ALREADY!  And yes, I am obligated to mention that in every single Trixie Cosmetics review until it actually happens, ma’am.

I love what Trixie Cosmetics has been doing, and I personally love the smaller launches.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been getting toward the end of the month, payday still far in the future, and a brand I love drops a huge collection with hundreds of dollars worth of products with little to no warning.  That makes me a very sad panda!  I love having these smaller drops, and Trixie Cosmetics has gotten me to buy something from almost every launch they’ve had in the last 6-8 months!

I hope they keep going, I hope they keep exploring new product categories, and I hope they keep the collections as colorful, fun, and curated as they have up to this point.

And I really, really, really hope they finally restock Bauble…

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