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Berry Controversial: Kat Von D’s Lolita Collection

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Berry Controversial: Kat Von D’s Lolita Collection

Berries and plums are another trend that’s been popping up more and more the last year or so, and the controversial beauty maven, Kat Von D, is more than happy to jump on the bandwagon with her newest shade collection, inspired by one of her best-selling lipstick shades: Lolita.

A year or so ago, KVD Beauty did put out a Lolita pressed powder, advertised as appropriate for both eyes and cheeks, but this time around they decided to launch a full 8-shade palette, a liquid eyeliner, and a Glimmer Veil lip topper.  I’m terrible with liquid eyeliner, so I decided to pass on that, but I picked up the palette and the lip topper, and grabbed the liquid lipstick as well, just to get a sense of the inspiration.  I had put a poll up on my Facebook about whether people were more interested in a review of this palette or the Urban Decay Naked Cherry, and although the Cherry edged out KVD for the winner, I decided that I would probably get more use out of this palette and the available shades.  After seeing the swathes, I’m glad I did.

I thought the cover art for the palette was really beautiful.  I generally enjoy Kat Von D’s product artwork, but it’s always so dark, so I enjoyed that she did this one in the shades of the shadows inside for a lighter, more feminine feel.  The lettering is flowery and not as edgy as a lot of her work.  Inside, the shades are a bunch of plums and berries, many with a brownish base.

The names are in Spanish and I’m still too much of a newb to know how to change my keyboard language skills around, so I’m going to be missing some accents and things, but I promise it’s not malicious.  The swatches below were all done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer, with a finger swatch first, followed by a brush swatch.  The top pic is in my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom is the same lighting with a flash.  I also put a line of the Lolita liquid lipstick above the swatches so you could see how they coordinated with that shade.

L to R: Promesa, Besitos, Recuerdos, Hermosura

Promesa is a pale blush pink, and frankly could have been swapped out for something more useful.  I mean, I guess I should be glad Kat didn’t feel the need to slap a matte white and a matte black in here, but still.  This one is pretty basic, a slightly pink version of the typical cream shade in almost every palette, and I think this could have been better if it were more pink or more plum, and a little deeper.  Besitos is a pretty petal pink, and would have been beautiful as the lightest shade in the palette.  Both of the light shades swatched very nicely and weren’t at all chalky, though there was a fair amount of powder fallout.  I would compare this formula to the Pastel Goth formula, though maybe a little less dry?  Recuerdos is the first deeper shade, and it’s a lovely plum-toned brown.  This is one of my favorites.  Hermosura is a mauve shade that has some interesting depth.  It also turned out different based on whether I used a finger or a brush over the primer, so that’s something to be aware of – check your primer and your application if you have trouble with this shade, it may look different at different times!

L to R: Con Amor, Lolita, Corazon, Eterno

Con Amor looks darker in the pan but applies as a medium ruddy rose shade.  Lolita is also quite a bit lighter when applied than the lipstick of the same name.  It’s still a pretty shade, but I expected it to be a closer match.  Corazon also did that weird thing where it applied differently with a finger or a brush, but this one was even more extreme.  The finger swatch looks much more purple, but the brush swatch came out with much redder tones.  My primer was dry when I did the swatches, so I’m not sure what would have caused such a difference.  It’s the wonders of chemistry, I guess…  Eterno is the perfect darkening shade for this palette, and a great reminder that not every palette needs a black, especially if you’ve got such a focused color story as this one.  This is a deep blackened plum shade that can almost look black but has some clear purple tones to it that coordinates well with all of the other shades in the palette.

Assuming that you didn’t ditch this brand during any of her recent controversies, let me know – what are your thoughts on this palette?!  Do you love the brown tones mixed in with the berries and the plums, or were you hoping for more of a mauve moment?  Are you living for this all matte palette, or do you wish you had some shimmer to brighten things up a bit?

Speaking of shimmer, I did also pick up the Glimmer Veil in Lolita; the Glimmer Veils are my absolute favorite lip topper, and I was very frustrated to see that the brand recently put them on sale (which probably means that they are being discontinued – or maybe we can hope just reformulated?).  They dry down nicely, and I find it easier to layer these than I do other lip toppers, like the Lime Crime Diamond Crushers.  Here are swatches of the Lolita liquid lipstick, the Lolita Glimmer Veil, and the two layered together:

While I’ll never fully surrender my love of color, collections like this remind me that more neutral looks can still be feminine and beautiful.  It doesn’t have to be all rainbow, all the time!  This is feminine beauty with a subtle edge, and I am all the way here for it.

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