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Ballin’ On A Budget With The Coastal Scents Designer Series

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Ballin’ On A Budget With The Coastal Scents Designer Series

I’ve already had a chance to sample a few Coastal Scents eyeshadows through their Hot Pot single eyeshadows (I used them to create my first custom palette – full palette reveal coming soon!) but when I got an email advertising their 12-pan Designer Series palettes were on sale for $14.95 each and you could get them on a BOGO Free sale, I decided to jump in and see if this brand had what it takes to make me purr.  Coastal Scents used to be a darling of early beauty YouTubers, but now with brand deals and sponsorships and everything seeming like a big ad for the latest Sephora VIB sale, you really don’t hear their name used all that often.  Is it that the quality just doesn’t compare with more luxury brands, or have the perks gone to the influencers’ heads and they’ve left behind a gem, waiting to be rediscovered?  I was definitely ready to find out!

Of the designer series, there are 9 palettes available that I saw on the website; they show a “list price” of $19.95 and then an “our price” of $14.95 (I’m not sure where the list price comes from, since this is their own in-house brand, but it seems like they’re using a not uncommon gimmick to overstate the value) so the 4 palettes that I go have a value of either $80 or $60, depending on how you decide to interpret the pricing shown.  With the buy one get one free offer, I was able to get my 4 palettes for $30…actually, $29.90 which is important because Coastal Scents offers free standard shipping at $30 (and like fans of 90s pop music can tell you, Brandy says, “Almost doesn’t count.”).  I decided to pick up a Hot Pot single shadow in Atomic Apricot for $2.95 which brought my total to $32.85 and netted me free shipping!

Here are the four palettes that I picked up: Jungle Roar, Joli Colibri, Creative Me, and Charlie Girl.

I didn’t plan ahead when I was taking the photos, so I’m not going to talk about them in the order they’re shown above.  I’m going to talk about them from my least favorite to the best of the bunch!

First up is Jungle Roar:

Once again I forgot to shave my arms because I didn’t know in advance that I was going to have a swatch party; just let it go.  Jungle Roar is cute, but the colors, overall, are more muted than the other palettes.  This isn’t necessarily bad, and when I called this my least favorite that was a bit of a deception as I actually like all of these palettes!  This is just the one that once I saw it in person, the color story appealed to me the least.  The shimmers have a nice formula that is fairly creamy and the mattes aren’t overly dry.  As you can kind of see in the swatch images, they are pretty pigmented, but they aren’t super in your face – these are shadows that can be used lightly for a more sheer application or built up for a much bigger impact, making them nice and versatile for beginners as well as experienced makeup mavens.  This color story might be a little tough for someone looking for a “one and done” palette, but I’ve never been that bitch.  I’m always mixing together about ten different palettes every time I do my makeup!  Jungle Roar is cute, but there are others in my haul that are a little bit better.

Next up is Charlie Girl:

This one has a really unique collection of shades, and only a few neutrals that don’t excite me as much.  There is that gorgeous neon green in the second row (I swear it looks like it’s a day-glo shadow!), the red in the bottom row, and the third shade on the top is a lovely pinky duochrome.  This is another one that would be a little tough to use as a “one and done,” but the couple of cool-toned browns in the palette would make that a little bit easier.  There is definitely some fallout with all of these palettes, but I noticed it with the mattes in this palette the most, so if that’s something that concerns you I wanted to make you aware of it.  These blended out nicely and I think the shimmers work well with the mattes without getting muddied or loosing their shine.

Joli Colibri is next:

This is such a unique color story – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cool-toned palette quite like this one!  The top row features your lighter, mauvey pink shades, followed by a row of darker pinks and berry tones.  The bottom row throws in a curveball and gives you three lovely blue shadows and a matte black that is pretty pigmented, but not overwhelming if you are just starting out and developing your skills.  I am sure that I have some of these shades in other palettes, but that color story, seeing them all together, is absolutely stunning!  This was actually the first of the four palettes that I picked out – I just knew I had to have this!  The performance and quality of these is the same as the other three palettes (you would think they would all be the same, but the last palette is a little bit different).  This palette is a lovely addition to your collection, and the fact that it’s so inexpensive is just a bonus!

Finally, we have the Creative Me palette:

This is a truly stunning rainbow palette!  Actually, this is one of the reasons that I decided to get in on the sale in the first place; not long before they announced the sale, Coastal Scents had sent out an email saying that this palette was back in stock.  I saw this featured in someone’s video about their favorite colorful palettes (I tried to find the video but I just can’t remember who it was – I thought it was The Fancy Face, but it wasn’t…and I’m just not sure!  Sorry!) and the colors looked stunning, and in person they did not disappoint!  This is a lovely rainbow palette as you get two different tones of each shade (I’m counting the bright blue-pink as a lighter “red”) that allow you to have some variation and create some depth.  What I love about these shadows is that they are very bright and vivid, but they aren’t choppy or patchy at all!  They are a drier formula than some, but they blend out beautifully.  The yellows were maybe a little finicky, but you don’t need much skill to be able to blend them out like a pro.  This is really a gorgeous palette, and if you are looking for an inexpensive option for creating bright, rainbow looks this might be a really good option for you!

Overall I’m really impressed with these palettes – and even more impressed that with the sale I was able to get 48 gorgeous, high-performing shadows for around 30 bucks!

What do you think – have you tried Coastal Scents, either their premade palettes or their Hot Pot singles?  Are you a fan, or do you wish they had remained a footnote in YouTube Beauty history?  Any of these palettes you are thinking about trying out?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

I can’t wait to really put these to use in building some new looks, and I definitely can’t wait to show off my first ever custom palette using shadows (and blushes!) from Coastal Scents.  I already previewed the design on the old version of the site, but now I have the palette in my hot little hands and I’m working on the really fun part – adding custom palette art to celebrate one of my favorite horror movies, Friday the 13th!  Coming soon…

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