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Back To My Roots: The Bottle Blonde Collection From Trixie Cosmetics

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Back To My Roots: The Bottle Blonde Collection From Trixie Cosmetics

This couldn’t have come at a better time: after more than a year of rocking the not-so-flattering quarantine buzz cut, I’m finally starting to grow out my hair again.  I got my first real haircut in ages about a week ago, and I’ve finally got my signature bleach blonde color back!  So this just feels like the perfect opportunity to roll up on the newest collection from Trixie Cosmetics: Bottle Blonde!

Trixie Cosmetics already dipped their toes into eyeshadow with the Daytime Realness mini palette, but this is a much larger size, 12-pan palette filled with pinks, berries, and purples – as well as the drag queen staples of a matte white and a matte black!

I love pinks and purples, so I couldn’t wait to dive right into this palette – in case you missed it, I used this along with some Devinah singles in a recent photo shoot with Miranda Roen, and showed the step by step walkthrough in my last Face Friday!  The galleries from the shoot will be dropping soon, but for now you can check out the Face Friday HERE!

The collection also launched with 4 new shades of gloss.  I tried to get the PR box with all of the items but it went lightning fast, so when I was choosing things individually I just decided on two glosses: Press On and I’m Baby.  I also picked up the Eden lipstick that launched in small shade extension a couple of weeks before this launch.  I didn’t take pictures of them, but the last thing I picked up was the accessory bundle of stickers, a patch, and an enamel pin.  I’m a sucker for a good accessory!

For the swatches, the shadows are done over the Kaleidos Makeup Tone Activator eye primer and the lip products are done over bare skin.  The shadows are swatched with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting without a flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Peroxide, Polished, Purple Shampoo

Peroxide is a matte white.  This is a good white, but not a great one.  It’s not as opaque and impactful as I would like for typical drag looks, but I think for more every day sort of applications it will be just fine.  Polished is a metallic shell pink shimmer with lots of silvery shine.  Purple Shampoo is a light lilac purple matte. The shimmer is a little chunky and might do well with some spray, but the shades are lovely and have nice body for being so light.

L to R: I Got Bangs, Blowout, Frenemy

I Got Bangs is a bright red-leaning purple matte.  Blowout is a brown-burgundy matte.  Frenemy is a medium red wine matte.  These mattes have the slightest satin sort of finish that doesn’t seem entirely matte, but it’s not a problem.  You really only see it with the flash, and they blend out beautifully.

L to R: Mauve Mentality, “Me” Day, Miss Kim

Mauve Mentality is a gorgeous shade, but the name annoys me.  There is nothing mauve about this shade!  It is a straight up rose gold with silver shimmer.  It’s a little thicker, like Polished, so it can tend to be a little chunky and might do well with some spray.  “Me” Day is a bright fuchsia pink matte.  This is really lovely, and it has great opacity for such a bright shade.  Miss Kim is a light baby pink matte shade, nice and opaque, though it did react a bit with the primer.

L to R: Roller Set, Wig!, Lash Lift

Roller Set is a pinky beige nude matte shade that darkened a little around the edges but had nice coverage overall.  Wig! is a rosy light copper shimmer with some glitter.  Lash Lift is a matte black, and while it’s not a bad black, it’s a little sus coming from a drag queen who’s infamous for the deep black around her eyes.  This definitely won’t get mistaken for a charcoal gray – it’s definitely black – but it has a bit of a satin finish to it and it just doesn’t have the depth that I like to see in a black shadow.

L to R: Press On, I’m Baby

Press On is a dusty rose pink gloss that is pretty opaque and has nice coverage.  It’s got a nice slick to it without being sticky.  I’m Baby has a sheer brownish nude base color to it and them a lot of copper and iridescent sparkle.  This one is a nice gloss to top over a lip color, but it doesn’t have the level of glitter that I like to see to wear it on its own.  It’s a pretty shade, but could definitely amp up the glitter payoff!

The Eden lipstick is a lovely brown nude with a slight pinkish tinge.  It’s got a smooth and creamy formula while still remaining mostly matte (there is a subtle satin shine to it, but not anything out of control!).  I’m a fan of Trixie’s lipsticks – I wish she would do more of these and fewer glosses!  And for fuck’s sake, bring back Bauble already!

I really like this palette and I love the way the photo shoot look came out.  I will say that although the shimmers are nice, and they perform well, they didn’t give me all that I wanted for the look I was doing.  They are pretty, but basic.

As the world gets back to normal and we’re all tentatively stepping out from behind our bunker doors, it’s nice to get back to some of the familiar things from the “before times”: going out to eat, evenings with friends, and even something as mundane as a haircut.  The Bottle Blonde collection is kind of like that: a little bit ordinary, but still makes you feel good.

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