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All The Green Makeup: Dipping My Toes In The Clionadh Multichromes With My Favorite Color!

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All The Green Makeup: Dipping My Toes In The Clionadh Multichromes With My Favorite Color!

Clionadh Cosmetics is one of the 8 brands that I put on my “must try” list for 21, but it was also the one that I had the most trepidation about.  Not only are their shipping times legendarily long, but their multichrome shadow collections are also notoriously expensive: a single shade can cost you as much as $25 for a single pan!  But I had put it on the list, and I was determined to follow through.

My spring bonus came in at work, so I decided to poke around their site and see if there was anything in stock that caught my eye.  There was a multichrome bundle that had some gorgeous shades, but it was $440 – definitely not what I was looking to spend on my first dip into the brand!  But as I looked through the pages, I saw that there were several gorgeous green shades that were all in stock and available to ship.  Green is my favorite color, so I figured this might be the perfect way to try out what they have to offer.  I ended up picking 4 shades that, with shipping, came out to about $70.

I liked that even though I only picked up 4 shades, and they were all green bases, that I got a good range of light and dark and different shifts in my four shadows.


Keystone is from the Pastel Multichrome collection, which seems odd to me since the base is a deep teal green with a blue/purple shift at the darker end and a slight golden shift at the brighter end.  It’s definitely not a pastel but it is beautiful.

Next up is Lineage.  This one is a pale minty green – almost blue! – that has a lovely pink/lavender shift.  I’m not sure if this one should technically be called a multichrome, since I just see the one shift in the color, but it is a pretty shade, and I like the contrast between the base color and the shimmer.

Heirloom is a bright emerald green with green, gold, and slightly blue shifts.  This one has multiple colors, but the shift is a bit more subtle.  The gold is probably the strongest shift and the others are in the background.  Another lovely shade.

Illumination is the last shade in the bunch, and this is another lovely shade that I’m not entirely sure counts as a multichrome.  The base is a light spring green, very golden in tone, and there is a strong yellow shift.  I’m not getting any other kinds of shifts from this except for the yellow gold.  This is part of the iridescent multichrome collection, so I’m not sure if those behave different, but it’s definitely a beautiful shimmer that has a strong shift – but just the one shift.

I mean, I’m such a simp for green makeup that obviously I love all of these, and they are all pretty unique in my collection.  I’m excited to play with them, but as I am working them into my collection, I’m having the same response to these that I had to getting my first Pat McGrath Mothership palette: it’s lovely to have, but there is nothing about these that really makes them worth spending that much money.  If you have money to blow and you want to, them go for it!  But there is nothing about these shades that you can’t get from other shimmer shades from indie brands available at cheaper prices.  I could have gotten more of the typical multichromes (if they had been available), but I think this was a good dip into the pool.  I’m might go swimming here again, but I’m definitely not buying property and putting up a cabin!

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