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All That Glitters: Trying Out Lemonhead LA’s Full Range Of Glitter Highlights

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All That Glitters: Trying Out Lemonhead LA’s Full Range Of Glitter Highlights

I’ve been in love with Lemonhead LA glitter gels for a while now, but I saw that they recently added a new multichrome glitter highlight shade.  The highlight shades from the brand are different in that they have a clear base and the glitters are more of a white/clear glitter with iridescent flash, so they can be more easily used in place of a traditional highlighter.  They have 6 shades in their highlight formula and when I went to check out the newest shade, I saw that they had a bundle deal to get all 6 and, well, who am I to turn down a deal?!

For these shades, I applied them over bare skin (although I had been swatching a lot of things that day, so there may be some eye primer left over from that process!) using just a finger.  The top photo is under my studio lights with no flash, and the bottom photo is udner the same lighting with a flash.

Adult Film is one of the first glitter gels I ever ordered from the brand, and it’s still a favorite – my original jar is almost empty, so this will get put to use very soon!  It’s a clear base with simple rainbow iridescent glitter.  This doesn’t have one dominant color but rather includes pastel shimmer of all the main colors of the rainbow!  This is a good starting point for someone looking to add a shimmer highlight.

Houdini is a deep purple/blue shimmer.  This one has the least color when viewed straight on, but the shift and glow is pretty intense.  This is a fun one for darker looks and really ups the intensity without looking as much  like a traditional glitter.

Phantom has a bright iridescent turquoise shift with some purplish accents.  This is where we really start to see some interesting shifts in the glitter.  This is nice and bright, but the angles that catch the berry purple tone give it some real depth as well.

L to R: Houdini, Adult Film, Phantom

This is the newest shade, Mirage, and it has a multichrome highlight that moves from golden to peachy pink to fuchsia.  You can see quite a bit of the shift even between the two photos, but the colors are much richer and more vibrant in person (that’s true for all of these, but especially this one).

Sunset Strip is a golden shine that has some greenish notes.  This is a really pretty spring sort of color and would pair well with yellows and greens, but could also be used as a basic highlight if you wanted a general iridescent glow without the full spectrum that you get from Adult Film.

Cielo is a bright green and teal iridescent that even has some slightly golden notes, though it’s primarily a sort of mermaid shimmer.  This is on of my favorites for obvious reasons (duh, green!) but I really think you could make this work with a wide variety of cool toned looks!

L to R: Mirage, Cielo, Sunset Strip

I am a big fan of the Lemonhead LA glitter gels.  I do prefer the Spacejams, which are the bigger, chunkier glitters because I’m a bigger, chunkier bitch, but these highlights are much more user friendly than some of the more out there shades!  I do feel like the base material is a little bit milky and as you’re applying it, it looks a little bit “kindergarten paste” but that mostly goes away as the gel dried down, and then you just get that amazing sparkle.  These are easy to wear and they generally stay put, though they are a bit of a mess to remove.  They are better than a lot of glitter products, but they still have a tendency to go a little bit everywhere, but I think the looks you get from these are absolutely worth it!

If you’re looking for loose glitters, I still recommend Lit Glitters as my absolutely favorite, and I know that they have some glitter gels of their own (I need to place an order with them and finally try them!) but for glitter gels, Lemonhead LA has so many gorgeous colors and varieties for you to choose from.  They are definitely on the more expensive side, but the quality is really good and they have amazing staying power.  They do tend to get all over when you remove them, but they stay in place while you’re wearing them which is great.

Glitter isn’t for everyone…or at least that’s what they say!  I think that these 6 highlight shades give everyone a little something they can use to spice up their makeup routine.  After all,e veryone deserves to shine!

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