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All Dolled Up: Trixie Mattel’s Colorful, Cosmetic World

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All Dolled Up: Trixie Mattel’s Colorful, Cosmetic World

So I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m generally not a huge fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the content creation juggernaut that it has become.  I think the Season 13 queens are an interesting bunch, and definitely they are evidence that RuPaul is feeling the pressure of no longer being the only high profile drag competition series out there, but there is too much of it that just feels cookie cutter and samey samey; the queens that I end up becoming fans of (Bianca Del Rio, Jinx Monsoon, Ben Dela Creme) are the ones who are best able to separate themselves from the slick but universal drag race branding.

Obviously I’ve been aware of Trixie Mattel for a while; her unique makeup style makes her stand out from a sea of very similar faces.  I was also aware of her makeup line, Trixie Cosmetics, but while the packaging was cute, things always seemed to be sold out whenever I would check the site, and I wasn’t really checking for Trixie in that way, so I kinda gave up.  I thought, “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be!”

Recently, I started getting into her channel a bit more.  Her video “Trixie Learns ‘How To Wear Makeup In A God-Honoring Way'” was recommended to me, and I thought it was hilarious.  And while I do enjoy her makeup looks, I started to fall in love with a lot of her toy videos: she did a video revealing the Foodie series of Color Reveal Barbies that I have used for multiple Face Friday posts, she has made quite a few sweet treats (and a couple of blunders) using various models of the Easy Bake Oven, and recently she made a video putting together a reproduction of the original 1962 Barbie Dream House.  I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve fallen under her spell: with the Dream House video, I finally subscribed!

As Thanksgiving rolled around and Black Friday shopping became a thing – way too much of a thing for me! – I watched a video where Trixie revealed her latest blush palette, Mod About You, and she indicated that the original blush palette, Summer of Love, was also going to be restocking.  I decided this was the perfect chance to try out the brand; I’ve been on a blush journey, and both of the blush palettes looked absolutely gorgeous!  Never being one to stop at a single product or two, I also picked up some lip products and some glitters to round out my purchase!

I did have a little bit of trouble when I was placing the order, and I ended up having to place two separate orders.  When the launch time hit, the Mod About You Palette was added to the site, but while the Summer of Love palette was updated to say that it was a pre-order, it didn’t actually allow you to put it in the cart.  I wanted to make sure that I got Mod About You and the lip products (two lipsticks and three glosses) so I put those in the cart and checked out.  I went back to the Summer Of Love palette page and while it still said pre-order, it finally allowed me to add it to the cart.  I also saw that there was a Holiday collection that was added, so I added a bundle to my cart; unfortunately, as I went into checkout, it was listed as sold out.  I went back to that page and while I missed out on the gloss, I was able to get the glitter that I wanted most from that collection (green, obvi) and a few other glitters and was on my merry way.

Trixie Cosmetics glitters come in two sizes: Sparkles, which are smaller eye safe cosmetic glitters, and Sprinkles, which are larger pieces that aren’t eye safe and are intended for hair, face, and nails.  I picked up two shades of the Sparkles and three of the Sprinkles.  For the swatches, I did them over a pretty thick application of NYX Glitter Primer so that I could really pack them on and get the full effect.  I used my finger and a dense packing brush to apply.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Slime Time, Live In The Present

Slime Time has a sheet lime green base with yellow and turquoise and green shift.  This is a gorgeous color, but I definitely recommend laying down some green shadow first if you really want that electric green color to come through.  This one definitely has a sheerness to it.  Live In The Present is much more opaque, an evergreen and turquoise mix that reminds me a lot of a Lit Cosmetics shade that I have – Mother Earth, maybe, or Peacock?  I can’t quite remember.  It’s a gorgeous mix, heavy on the green but the blue notes make it really dimensional and interesting.

L to R: Rocket Girl, Lava Lamp, Melon Baller

I was worried, looking at them in the containers, that Rocket Girl and Melon Baller were going to be too similar, but as you can see they apply very differently!  Rocket Girl is a more sheer peachy toned iridescent glitter with lots of flash but not a lot of base color.  Lava Lamp is another sheer glitter, with purple pieces that look more pinky violet when applied, and some greenish and pinkish iridescent shift.  Melon Baller has an opaque base, a pale peach with a golden and purple iridescent shift.

I purchased two of the lipsticks, Modelle and Stacy’s Mom.  One of the complaints I have about the brand is that they are still producing things in seemingly limited quantities and it’s taking a long time for them to restock (and it’s not always clear when or if they will do a restock).  Both Bauble and Red Scare (a limited edition collab color with fellow RPDR alum Katya) are sold out with a vague message about expecting a restock sometime in early 2021.  I’m hoping to get my hands on both of those gorgeous shades, but this time around I was able to grab these two gorgeous pinks.  These were swatched over bare skin, lighting was the same as above.

Modelle is a semi-sheer, shimmering silver pink.  Modelle is a mostly matte fuchsia pink, creamy but without much shine.  The formula on both of these is soft and pleasant on the lips, and Modelle would be a great lipstick to use over a pink liquid lipstick to add some shine and additional pink color.

I think the components on these are the best in the line: they are heart shaped, with the Trixie initial logo on the top.  The plastic is heavy and high quality, and it’s the perfect mixture of girly, doll-like, and kitschy sophistication.  As you’ll see, I don’t think the packaging is a hit all the way across the line, but I think this is the best of the best.  Overall, I think they do a great job, but there are a couple of bumps that we’ll talk about.

In addition to the lipsticks, I got three of the glosses.  These are also in great packaging; I was worried that it was going to look like cheap kid’s makeup, but these are actually super cute and they feel sturdy and well made.  The colors are gorgeous, but I was a little bummed that I missed out on the holiday color.

L to R: Mellow Drama, Snow Cone, Cream Puff

Mellow Drama is a bright icy pink sparkle gloss, mostly sheer but there is some pink pigment at the base.  Snow Cone is a gorgeous orange-y coral.  It’s nice and mostly opaque, you could definitely wear this alone and feel like your lips are covered.  Cream Puff is a pale peach creamy gloss, also very opaque and creamy.

Alright, let’s get to the main event: the blush palettes!  I’ve been lusting after Summer Of Love for ages, but it’s been out of stock.  I was so glad that they both came back at the same time, and I was able to get my hands on both!

For these swatches, I did them over a base of the Uoma Beauty Say What?! Foundation in T3C with a finger swatch on the left to show color and greater saturation, and a more diffused brush swatch on the right.  Lighting is the same as described above.

L to R: Side Chick, Girl On Girl, After School Special

Side Chick is a bright saturated pink; it looks more fuchsia in the pan, and I’m sure you can build it up to that, but it applies more of a medium cool pink.  Girl On Girl is a bright baby pink matte blush.  After School Special is a white-based highlighter with pinky purple shimmer.

These are pretty good.  I definitely need to play with them more, and see how they work with other products, but I love the colors.  The highlight is a little more subtle than I would like, but the color is really pretty.

Mod about you is a much warmer orange=y peach kind of collection of blushes and highlighter.

L to R: Go-Go Girl, Plush Bunny, Gleamsicle

Go-Go Girl is a bright coral orange; like the fuchsia on the other palette, this applies much more muted.  I think it can be built up, and the foundation underneath may have affected it, but I never wear blush without foundation so that’s much more true to how it will apply in regular use.  Plush Bunny is a bright peach satin blush, very sunny and gorgeous.  Gleamsicle is a bright gold highlight, sort of a light champagne gold.

After getting a chance to try these in last week’s Face Friday post (check the LifeStyle section to see my “Georgia On My Mind” look!) I found them to be much more pigmented than they appear in the swatches.  You can definitely go a little lighter with these, but be aware that if you aren’t careful, you get it very heavy very quickly!  Be sure to check out that Face Friday if you want to see how I corrected for that!

Here’s where I get petty: I hate – and I mean HATE – the outside packaging on these blush palettes.  This is where I feel like they ended up on the wrong side of the line in terms of looking like kid’s makeup.  What are these cartoon doll characters all about?  Why do they exist?!  They look sort of like Funko Pop characters made by a factory that’s not actually authorized to make Funko Pop characters…get what I’m saying?  I just hate the packaging, but once I open it up, I’m in love with the look of the products inside.

I glad that I’m starting off a new year trying a “new” brand that I’ve been creeping on for a while, and I love that I can support one of my drag sisters while still getting products that are worth purchasing.  So many celebrity collabs and brands are just a money machine and I find the quality to be sketchy – not at all with these products.  These are pretty fabulous so far, and definitely expect to see them in upcoming Face Friday posts!

I’m excited to see what else Trixie Cosmetics has in store for us – let’s hope that as they grow they can get their stock a little more under control.  Running a cosmetics brand is a lot of “Moving Parts” but I’m excited to see how they continue to evolve and expand.  This plastic doll world is everything I need, and I’m here for it.

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