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Ace Beaute’ Paradise Collection, Part Two: Rainbows & Grunge

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Ace Beaute’ Paradise Collection, Part Two: Rainbows & Grunge

Didja miss me?

Here I am again with the second half of the review of the Ace Beaute’ Paradise collection palettes.  In the last review, we checked in with the Blossom Passion and Paradise Fallen palettes; this time we’ve got two new 12-pan lovelies, the Slice of Paradise and Classical Paradise palettes.

The Slice of Paradise is a rainbow palette, and boy does it really embrace this!  It’s got some lovely, saturated colors and it traces the ROYGBIV through a gorgeous collection of colors.  I’m glad that Ace Beaute resisted the urges that seem to overcome a lot of makers of rainbow palettes – putting in a matte white and a matte black.  Just because you want vivid, pigmented brights doesn’t automatically mean you want to do monochromatic looks with just one of the brights at a time.  Sometimes you just want to bathe in Technicolor fantasies!

For these swatches, the usual rules apply: they are applied over ColourPop All Star face primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is the palette under my studio lighting without a flash; the bottom photo is the same studio lighting, no flash.

L to R: Daffodil, Persimmon, Passion Fruit, Flamingo, Rosefinch, Starling

One of the things that I like about this collection is not only the individual color stories, but also how well the different palettes work together.  This top row has some colors that can really help round out the pinks and reds of the Blossom Passion palette, or brighten up the Classical Paradise collection we talk about below.  When we get to the bottom row of this palette, you’ll see that it has some great complements to the Paradise Fallen palette.  These are four individual palettes, but they also work together as a really gorgeous 48-shade collection.

Daffodil is a beautiful bright yellow matte, like Big Bird pressed into a beautiful powder shadow.  For those who are sick of yellow shadows tending to be too grungy and mustard-toned, this is a lovely true yellow option.  Persimmon is a lovely bright orange, a little powdery but nice pigment and blendability.  Passion Fruit is at that perfect juncture between red and orange, like a really beautiful sunset.  It’s a lovely coral red shades that looks more red in the pan but then you apply is and it’s just such a gorgeous color.  I know the word stunning gets way overused in the beauty space, but when I swatched this shade that’s the first word that came to mind.  Flamingo is a peachy pink matte that tends to cling to the primer but still blends out nicely; you can get a nice finish with this, it just might take a little extra work.  Rosefinch is a nice blue-toned pink matte, nice and bright and bubblegum happiness.  Starling is a pink that’s tripping over into violet, and it would actually bring some additional red-toned goodness into the Paradise Fallen palette.  This whole row of shades is mattes, and while I love vivid shimmer I think that choice really works for this palette, especially when you consider it in conjunction with the other, more shimmer-heavy palettes in the collection.

L to R: Peacock, Honeyberry, Macaw, Bluebell, Fruit Dove, Kiwi

Peacock is one of two shimmer shades in the palette, and it’s a nice violet, a couple of shades deeper than Starling but a similar tone.  Honey Berry keeps the red-toned purple vibe going, though it starts to lean a little bit more blue and is deeper than Peacock.  Macaw is a deep, royal blue, though it does apply slightly lighter than how it looks in the pan.  Bluebell is a matte bright blue, and though it was a little fussy to work with I have to say that those final swatches are FIRE!  They are really gorgeous, and not like any light blues I’ve seen in a while.  Fruit Dove is a gorgeous color, right up my alley, but it is the softest shade in all 4 palettes.  I stuck my brush in and I thought I was going to have a hitting-pan-the-first-time-ABH-Subculture situation on my hands.  I was able to press the extra powder back into the pan with my fingers, but be aware that this is an extremely soft shade!  It’s worth it though – that blue-toned green with silvery shimmer is everything I need in this life and the next.  Kiwi was a little disappointing, patchy and inconsistent, but you might be able to put a concealer or a while base down and get a better payoff?  Too much work for me, especially when I own every g.d. green shadow on the planet!

Next up is the Classical Paradise palette, a gorgeously warm grungy palette.

These reds and oranges are just “off” enough that they don’t read as just another worn out take on the Modern Renaissance palette.  There is actually something fresh and kind of interesting about this color scheme.  Maybe it’s that weird army green drab thrown in there, or the lemon yellow shimmer, but I am living for this.  This is totally not the type of color story I usually work into my looks, but this makes me want to try it out!

L to R:Rye, Barley, Sunflower, Maize, Golden Apple, Hay

This reminds me of that one Jaclyn Hill Vault palette, but, like, done right.  Rye is a beige matte with a definite peach undertone.  I should hate this shade and call it basic, but somehow it just works with this row and I’m not a bit mad at it.  I know, I’m a hypocrite.  I can live with that.  Barley is a pale peach with silver shimmer.  It’s not as soft as Fruit Dove, but it’s definitely a softer formula.  It spreads nicely and though it does lose some of the peachy tone in blending, it’s still a pretty color.  Sunflower is a lovely lemon yellow pastel shimmer, and it’s a nice contrast to the more mustard tone of Maize, but I would love to pair this with Daffodil for a gorgeous true yellow look!  Golden Apple is the oddball in the palette, and I think it’s what makes the whole thing work.  It’s a drab olive green matte, and it doesn’t perform the best (it tends to stick to the base underneath) but it’s a unique color – pair this with Kat Von D’s Tank Girl or Jeffree Star’s Karma liquid lipstick for a striking monochromatic look!  Hay is another peachy shimmer, though this one holds the tone better after blending.

L to R: Vegetation, Earth, Harvest, Clay, Mineral, Soil

Vegetation is a bright orange matte, and it’s the perfect true orange complement to the more blended shades of orange in the Slice of Paradise palette.  Earth is a wine red matte with brownish tones, very warm and a little patchy but overall a nice shade.  Harvest is a warm coppery champagne shimmer that’s not really unique and is pretty dupeable, but it’s still a nice shimmer complement to these rich, dark mattes.  Clay is a surprisingly cool red, nice pigmentation and blends well.  The mattes in this one were fairly dry so I was nervous, but I was able to get good performance out of most of them.  Mineral is a cool champagne shimmer, one step away from taupe and really beautiful.  Soil is a deeper red shade, less brown-toned than Earth and a little finicky.  You can see in the photo that the swatch is somewhat inconsistent, and it’s only that good because I went over both swatches about 5 times.  A little fussy, but it’s a great red-toned selection.  This palette has some great options if you want to play with some of the weirder, less common reds in the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar palette.

Do I recommend these palettes?  Overall, I would say yes.  They aren’t cheap at $38.99 ($114.99 for the collection) but they aren’t really priced out of the competition.  The shades are pretty good; a few of the mattes are a bit gritty and when you feel that grittiness that’s generally an indication that it’s not going to perform as some of the other mattes.  The main draw for me is that the color stories are so beautiful when taken separately, and I think they also create a really beautiful and colorful color story that works together between palettes as well.  You could certainly add one or two of the individual palettes to your collection, but I think all four together really does make a beautiful and coherent collection.  Ace Beaute does do sales from time to time – I think I got my collection for about $85 – so be on the lookout if you’re not convinced already.  There were a few problems, and some of these color stories can be found in other palettes that you might already have (the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Vault palettes immediately come to mind), so they aren’t absolute must haves but I don’t regret adding these to my collection.

So, what are you thinking about Ace Beaute?  Have you been eyeing these palettes?  Did you snatch them up and they’re already staples in your looks?  Are you waiting to see if they go on sale?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

I like this brand enough that I might soon be adding another of their palettes to my collection – the Flair palette is so on trend with the combo of oranges and swampy greens, but it has enough variety and those additional pops of blue and teal that I might just have to put it on my Low Buy list for this month or March.  If I do, you know a review will be coming soon!

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