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Ace Beaute’ Paradise Collection, Part One: Pink & Purple Passion

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Ace Beaute’ Paradise Collection, Part One: Pink & Purple Passion

The hype done got me, y’all.

One too many YouTube videos, and I found myself ordering the Ace Beaute Paradise bundle (with without paying $10 extra for a bardboard box, because I at least have some tiny shred of self-respect left) with four 12-pan palettes.  I decided to really get the bang for my bucks and break the review into two parts.

And since we just finished up with that saccharine sweet holiday, Valentine’s Day, I decided to start with the pinks, red, and purples!

Because it’s pink and pretty – and because it’s my damn website where I do what I want! – I’m going to start with this little bit of deliciousness: the Blossom Passion palette.  This collection of pinks, reds, and peachy corals is a lovely floral fantasy, and it’s the only palette in the collection that doesn’t have Paradise in the title.  I don’t know why that is, and I don’t know why it low key bothers me, but there you go.  here are the swatches.  All swatches are done over ColourPop All Star face primer.  The swatch on the left is a finger swatch followed by a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my regular studio lighting without a flash; bottom photo is the same studio lighting with a flash.

L to R: Gardenia, Peony, Dahlia, Carnation, Orchid, Red Rose

Gardenia is a pretty basic peachy beige matte, very pigmented and blends out nicely.  Not unique, but the performance is pretty impressive.  The mattes in these palettes were overall very good, but some of them were a little too dry and gritty, and those were the ones that tended to have problems.  This one wasn’t one of them – it went on beautifully.  Peony is a light baby pink shimmer, very shiny without being glittery.  Dahlia is a medium pink matte; it looks a little darker in the pan than it applies, and I think the change is actually a great improvement.  I love this shade!  Carantion is a beautiful peach matte – this is what I think of when I think of peach!  This is so pretty, and every peach palette that doesn’t have a shade like this should hang their heads down in shame.  Orchid might be oddly named (I always think of a vivid violet sort f shade when I think of orchids) but it’s a lovely shade, a light coral red shimmer that applies beautifully and blends out easily.  It’s a great complement to Red Rose, which is a standard but very nicely pigmented true red matte.

L to R: Eros, Love, Beauty, Lust, Seduction, Desire

The second row of the palette skews darker and cooler in tone, and it’s lovely.  Instead of flower names, these are all related to hanky panky, yet another reason to tie this back to the holiday that just passed!  Eros is a lovely Barbie pink shimmer – 80s Barbie, where all of the dolls came in these great big pink hexagon boxes.  That color inspires something in me, and I can’t wait to use this as the centerpiece in a very pink look!  Love is a bright mid-tone pink matte.  It’s a nice bright shade, though it was a little patchy with the brush.  Needs a little work, but it still has pretty solid performance.  Lust is a cool-toned berry shade, a little patchy and the formula felt a little gritty, but I still love it.  It’s a pretty color and worth the extra work.  Seduction is the only shade in the palette that I could live without – a deep wine shade that is inconsistent and gritty, and just needs too much fussing to make it practical in my life.  Desire is a bright pinky red, the kind of shade that makes you ask, “Is that a pinkish red, or a reddish pink?”  I love the conundrum.  It’s a beautiful matte, and is generally pretty good in terms of blendability and pigmentation.

Next up is the purple palette in the bunch: Paradise Fallen.

The bottom row of purples really stand out, but I think they have some nice, mostly cool-toned shades in the top row to coordinate with them and help build coherent looks.  I love cool-toned blue-purples over violets so I’m glad that this palette skews in that direction.  Same rules apply to these swatches.

L to R: Pure, Moon Glow, Stoner, Orion, Vine, Cypress Tree

Pure is a pretty solid dove grey matte.  It was a little patchy, but it blended out nicely and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this.  Moon Glow is a nice silvery shimmer, but the formula is softer than most of the other shimmers, so be careful with how you dip your brush into it.  Stone is, like, my favorite kind of deep brown: cool-toned and matte as fuck!  It’s so pretty and it looks so beautiful with the grey and silver.  The last three are a little warmer and they are less interesting to me.  Orion is a pretty basic champagne shimmer.  It performs well, but there’s nothing mind-blowing here.  Vine was a fussy medium brown that stuck to the primer and created inconsistent saturation that really needed to be buffed out.  Cypress Tree, a red-toned brown, had similar sticking issues and didn’t even blend out as well as Vine, was my least favorite in this palette – maybe in all four palettes.  It just was necessary, and there are other reds in the Blossom Passion that could easily take this shade’s place.

L to R: Shadow, Twilight, Eve, Night Sky, Dusk, Black Out

Clearly this is the money shot for this palette – this is what you came here to see.  Purples are super on trend right now, and I think this is a great palette for you to scratch that itch if you feel so inclined.  If you prefer red-toned violet shades, this won’t have as much to offer you, but all of us cool-toned blue-purple fans will swim in this row.  Shadow is a deep cool purple, almost a navy blue with just a few traces of red to fill out the color.  Twilight is a royal purple shimmer; not too red and not too blue, it’s right there in the middle, and the shimmer is very pretty.  Eve is my dream: a blue-toned purple matte that is rich and applies with full, saturated pigment.  Mmmmm, I love this shade!  Night Sky is like the same sort of shade as Eve, but in a lustrous shimmer!  It’s really gorgeous.  Dusk is the one shade here to cater to you red-toned purple lovers, and it’s a much more traditional violet matte.  Black Out is an ok shade, a matte black that sheers out a little so that it’s really more of a deep gray, but I’m not mad at it.  I have the blackest blacks that I already use, so I guess it’s good to have another option for when I don’t necessarily want that full on stage black.

That’s the first two of the Ace Beaute Paradise palettes!  Check back in a week, and we’ll have the review of part two up and ready for your reading enjoyment.  And in the meantime, if you just can’t wait to get your hands on these or any of the palettes from Ace Beaute, you can check out their website HERE!

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