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A to Z Brand Index

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A to Z Brand Index

Hey there Champagne Dreamers!  Here is the A to Z Brand Index for all of the products I’ve reviewed here on the World of Champagne!  I try to update this every month or so, but the newest posts will always be in the LifeStyle section before getting transferred over here!  Reviews are listed in reverse chronological order, so the newest products will also be on top of the group!  And if there are any brands you don’t see reflected on this list, let me know what you’d like to see!

XOXO – Miss Jaye


~ A ~

Ace Beaute’:

Ace Beaute’ Paradise Collection, Part Two: Rainbows & Grunge

Ace Beaute’ Paradise Collection, Part One: Pink & Purple Passion

Alien Cosmetics:

Glam Ghouls 2020: Alien Cosmetics Wants You To Get Abducted…By Color!

Anastasia Beverly Hills:

Guess Who’s Back? Norvina Pro Goes Mini

She Got Some More Shit To Say – Norvina Pro Palettes, Swatches & Comparisons

She Done Had An Epiphany! – ABH’s Novina Pro Palettes, Volume 3

She’s Not Mad, She’s Disappointed – ABH’s Norvina Pro Palettes, Volume 2

She Done Lost Her Mind – ABH’s Norvina Pro Palettes, Volume 1

Collab Queens: Alyssa Edwards & Jackie Aina Bring Some Much Needed Diversity To The ABH Lineup

Feeling Naughty-Cal: ABH’s Riviera Palette (Finally!) Brings Vivid Color

~ B ~

Bad Habit Beauty:

Join the Cult: Bad Habit Beauty’s Luxe Line

Beauty Bay:

Was Beauty Bay Able To Capture The True Power Of Makeup?

Me, Myself, and M-M-M-M-Makeup: Reaching Across The Pond To Get My Hands On A British Beauty Collab

BH Cosmetics:

Longing For The Weekend: BH Cosmetics Brings it For The Face

Better Off Red: Getting Ready For Singles Day With Ruby Treasures From Trixie Cosmetics & BH Cosmetics

Everybody’s Workin’ For The Weekend: BH Cosmetics Serves Up A Beauty Brunch

Glam Ghouls 2020: BH Cosmetics Does Halloween – But Is It Spooktacular, Or Terrifyingly Tragic?!

Black Moon Cosmetics:

Black Moon Cosmetics – Why Won’t You Let Me Love You?!

Blaqe Cosmetics:

Blaqe Cosmetics Brings Black Power With A Pretty, Feminine Edge!

Blush Tribe Cosmetics:

Joining The Tribe: Indie Darling Blush Tribe’s Hasina 2 & Pastel Tribe Palettes

Neon Love: Two Palettes To Light Up The Night By Blush Tribe & Peachy Queen

Bombshell Cosmetica:

Makeup Thunderdome: Glamlite Vs Bombshell Cosmetica – Who Will Be Crowned The Burger King?

Getting A (Mild) Sugar Rush From The Bombshell Cosmetica Sour Blast Palette

Sweet Tooth: Bomshell Cosmetica’s Candylicious & Bee Sweet Palettes

~ C ~

Clionadh Cosmetics:

All The Green Makeup: Dipping My Toes In The Clionadh Multichromes With My Favorite Color!

Coastal Scents:

Ballin’ On A Budget With The Coastal Scents’ Designer Series

The Collective Cosmetics:

Don’t Fear The Reaper: The Collective Cosmetics’ July Subscription Box

June Has Come & Gone, But Miss Jaye Is Still Living In The Past (& Reviewing It!)

Creature Feature: Getting Spooky With The Collective Cosmetics

Taking (Dark) Matters Into My Own Hands – The Collective Cometics’ May Decadence Box!

The Collective Cosmetics Is Advocating Personal Growth With April Metamorphosis Collection

The Decadence Box At Collective Cosmetics Presents A Mystical March: The Korrigan

Promising ‘Til Death With The Collective Cosmetics’ February Decadence Box

Miss Jaye Joins The Collective: Trying A Different Subscription Box In 2021!

Coloured Raine:

The Juice Is Loose…But Maybe A Bit Behind Schedule? COloured Raine’s Juicy New Collection


ColourPop Attempts To Correct Past Criticism By Joining The Make It Black Project

Living That Malibu Dream Life: The Barbie X ColourPop Collection

So Jaded Palette: Kathleen Lights’ Newest ColourPop Collab Is Precious, But Pricey

Chasing Rainbows: Using the ColourPop BYOP Sale To Build The *Perfect Rainbow Palette

Neon Dreams: ColourPop’s Festival Ready Collection

They’re Not Bad, They’re Just Drawn That Way: ColourPop x Disney Villains Misunderstood Palette

ColourPop’s Disney Villains Collection: Ursula

ColourPop’s Disney Villains Collection: Maleficent

ColourPop’s Disney Villains Collection: Cruella

ColourPop Bonanza: So Much Of That New New!

Sparkle & Shade: ColourPop’s Glitterally Obsessed

Copacetic Cosmetics:

Longtime Companion: Copacetic Cosmetics Wants To Be Your BFF

Crate Finds:

Going, Going…Gone!  Three Beauty Brands That Did The Disappearing Act

~ D ~

Danessa Myricks:

Intersectionality In The Cosmetics Aisle: Danessa Myricks & The Pride Makeup Question

Dazzle Me Dead:

Back To The Morgue: Dazzle Me Dead’s Kumiho Palette Is A Peachy Temptation!

Indie Brand Leaves Me Dazzled & Completely At The Mercy Of The Queen Of Stone


You (High)Light Up My Life: Brightening My Mood With Devinah Highlighters

Gentlemen Prefer Curated: Custom Collections For My Favorite Movie, Feat. Devinah Single Shadows!

Single Shadows: Devinah Gives Us A Sugar Rush With Three Confectionary Collections

~ E ~

~ F ~

Face Fx By Phoebe Scott:

Discover Detroit With BOMB Face FX By Phoebe Scott

Fenty Beauty:

Fenty Hopes To Make A Big Splash With Little Palettes

Ferocious Beauty Cosmetics:

There’s A Ferocious New Brand On The Scene, And The Future Looks Dark!

Fragrant Jewels:

Fragrant Jewels Brings The Sparkle With Amethyst Druzy

~ G ~

Gerard Cosmetics:

Summer Slump: Trying Out Gerard Cosmetics’ Lip Products

Give Me Glow Cosmetics:

Give Me Glow Makes All Of My Pastel Dreams Come True!

Face Friday: Curating My Dream Classic Dark Shadows Palette, Feat. Give Me Glow Cosmetics!

Femme 4 Femme: Give Me Glow Vivid Rose Palette Gives Me Sweet & Sassy Perfection

Let It Glow, Let It Glow, Let It Glow! Give Me Glow’s Highlighters Bring The Shine

Finally Getting My Hands On The Vintage Rose Palette!  That’s As Exciting As Christmas Morning!

2020: A Year Of Being Single…Shadows, Feat. Give Me Glow Cosmetics

Glamlite Cosmetics:

Having My (Cup)Cake & Eating It Too

Portion Control: Glamlite Serves Up Tasty Mini Versions Of Their Popular Food Palettes

Glamlite’s Latest Foodie Is A Nudie Cutie Patootie (I Know, I Hate Me Too!)

Taco Tuesday: Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With A Feast Of Glamlite Cosmetics’ Fabulous Products!

Glamlite’s Pizza By The Slice Palette Option Is A Grungy Green Dream

Now Serving Cake Face, But For Real! Glamlite’s Tasty Cake Palette

Makeup Thunderdome: Glamlite Vs. Bombshell Cosmetica – Who Will Be Crowned The Burger King?

Glam Vice Cosmetics:

Ombre Lips…Or At Least, Trying To – Feat. Glam Vice Cosmetics

~ H ~

Haus Laboratories:

Haus Laboratories: Is This A Celebrity Cash Grab Or Does It Deserve Our Applause, Applause, Applause?

Is It Love – Or Is It Just Stupid? Haus Laboratories’ Stupid Love Palette Sings The Blues

Hot Topic Makeup:

Glam Ghoul: Horror-Themed Makeup From Hot Topic

Freddy Vs. Jason:Comparing the Hot Topic Horror Palettes

Huda Beauty:

Retro(Grade) Review: Playing In Pastels With Huda Beauty

Neon Love: Huda Beauty’s Newest Obsessions

~ I ~

I Heart Revolution  See Revolution Beauty Brands  

~ J ~

Jaclyn Cosmetics:

Jac Attack! Jaclyn Hill Is Back With Powder Products – And The Return Of The Infamous Lips?!

The Agony & The Ecstacy of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics…But Are They Good, Though?!

JD Glow:

BOMB Beauties: JD Glow’s Galaxy & Metallon Shadows Bring The Business

Jeffree Star Cosmetics:

So…What The Hell Happened To Jeffree Star Cosmetics?!

Falling Into The Trap: JSC Takes Another Pass At Traditional Lipsticks

Bleeding Green: Let’s Talk About JSC & The Blood Money Collection

Jeffree Star Knows How To Make A Story In The Beauty Community…But Is Cremated Wirth The Hype?

Illumi-Not-Me: Am I The Only One Not In Love With The Conspiracy Palette?!

Jeffree Star Gives Us A (Blood) Lust For Purples

Merch Vs. Makeup: The Jeffree Star Valentine’s Mystery Boxes

Mystery Mayhem: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Slays Halloween (Finally!) With Mystery Boxes

Sugar Rush: Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker Collection Has Arrived (Thanks To Beautylish…)

Bleeding True Blue: Jeffree Star Stans Come Out Full Force For Blue Blood Palette

JStar’s Northern Lights Definitely Has An Aurora (Borealis) Vibe

Jeffree Star Delivers Out Of This World Alien Palette

Happy Holiday Collections Feat. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Juvia’s Place:

Chunky Dunking: Getting Naked With The Nudes Lip Collection From Juvia’s Place

Give A Little, Get A Little: Juvia’s Place Makes Big Bang With Mini Palettes

Long Live The Queens: Juvia’s Place Collabs With Iconic Fumi Desalu-Vold

Still Stanning For Juvia’s Place: Warrior 2 & The Afrique Collection

~ K ~


Kaleidos Week, Part Two: Dancing At Club Nebula Is Divine…If You Can Survive The Wait!

Kaleidos Week, Part One: Make A Colorful Escape With An Indie Darling

Kaleidos Embraces the Future of Makeup…But Time Isn’t Always On Their Side

Karity Cosmetics:

Come As You Are: Invoke 90s Grunge Vibes With Karity Cosmetics

Kesha Rose Beauty:

Kesha Rose Is Raisin’ Hell In The Beauty World

Kim Chi Chic Beauty:

A Taste of Kim Chi, Part One – Exploring Kim Chi Chic Beauty

KVD Vegan Beauty (formerly Kat Von D Beauty):

Berry Controversial: Kat Von D’s Lolita Collection

~ L ~

LA Girl:

California Dreamin’ (That Ulta’s Shipping Dept Gets Their Sh@# Together!)

Review Haul: Lime Crime Ulta Exclusive, LA Girl Neon Liners

Lemonhead LA:

All That Glitters: Trying Out Lemonhead LA’s Full Range Of Glitter Highlights

I’m Shining Bright Like A Diamond, Thanks To Lemonhead LA

Kick Off The Year Of Glitter (A Little Early) With Lemonhead LA

Lethal Cosmetics:

Lethal Is Dead: Long Live The Garbage Queen!

Lethal Cosmetics Hits 90s Grunge Glam Perfection With Velvet Dusk Palette

The Return To After Dark: Miss Jaye & Lethal Cosmetics

Likely Makeup:

Boring Blush?  Not Likely…

Lime Crime:

Prelude To A Kiss (Goodbye?!) – The Final Lime Crime Venus Palette…For Now

Give Your Lips A Pop Of Summer Color With Lime Crime

Prelude To Venus: You Knew She Wasn’t Really Gone…Right?!

The End Of An Era…But For Real This Time?  Maybe?!

Glam Ghoul: Lime Crime Gives Spooky A Wet Cherry Sheen For Halloween

Lime Crime Retires The Iconic Venus Palette Collection With Venus Immortalis

It’s Neon, It’s Rainbow…But Is It Good?! Lime Crime Lightens Up With Venus Vivids

Blush Crush, Featuring Ofra & Lime Crime

Find Your Inner Goddess With Lime Crime’s Venus Palette Collection

Small Wonder: The Pleasures of the Petite [Plushies Quads]

A Little Taste Of Heaven: Lime Crime’s Venus XS Palettes

Birthday Sex: Lime Crime Celebrates 10 With Rainbow Fire!

Review Haul: Lime Crime Ulta Exclusive, LA Girl Neon Liners

The Lip Bar:

Raising The Bar: Trying Out New Lip Products From BOMB The Lip Bar

The Lipstick Apocalypse:

Comes The Apocalypse: Making Quarantine A Little More Glam With The Lipstick Apocalypse

Lucky Bunny Cosmetics:

Time To Get Sinful: Lucky Bunny Cosmetics Fills Me With Greed & Envy!

Lunar Beauty:

The Blush Journey Continues: Lunar Beauty & Melt Cosmetics

Lunar Beauty Goes Dark With Eternal Eclipse Palette

Lunar Beauty Brings Pastel Perfection With Strawberry Dreams

Glam Ghoul: Lunar Beauty Launches Moon Spell Palette, But Is She A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

~ M ~


Twenty Five Years Of Viva Glam

Made By Mitchell:

Made By Mitchell…But Is It Made For Me?!

Makeup A Murder:

Makeup A Murder: This Indie Brand Is So Colorful, It Should Be A (True) Crime!

Makeup Obsession  See Revolution Beauty Brands  

Makeup Revolution  See Revolution Beauty Brands  

Melt Cosmetics:

Mary Jane: She Missed 4/20…& She Missed The Mark

Building Beauty From The Ground Up: Melt’s Blueprint Palette Is Their Latest Stack Conversion

The Blush Journey Continues: Lunar Beauty & Melt Cosmetics

Melt Really Made My Day-O With Their Holiday Release: The Beetlejuice Collection!

Can Melt Cosmetics Convince This Grouchy Gen Xer To Embrace Millennial Pink?

Get This Party Started: Melt’s Latest Palette Expands On The She’s In Parties Stack

Melt Cosmetics – I’m Just Not Sure This Amor Is Really Eterno…

Melt Cosmetics – Radioactive Stack Gets Palette Upgrade, But Can We Survive The Fallout?

Sparking Up Some Glam: Melt Cosmetics & Peachy Queen’s Pot Themed Palettes

Menagerie Cosmetics:

Menagerie Cosmetics Teams Up With Annette’s Makeup Corner To Give You Some Serenity

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: My Newest Menagerie Cosmetics Purchases

A Rare & Exotic Species: The Elusive Beauty Of Menagerie Cosmetics

Re-Branding Can Be A Circus…But There’s Beauty In This Menagerie

Mented Cosmetics:

BOMB Blast: Trying New Products From Mented Cosmetics & Propa Beauty

Midas Cosmetics:

Midas Cosmetics Has Me Bitch’N About My Lack Of Cake Liner Skills!

Smokey Glow X Midas Cosmetics Brings On Trend Color – But Is It Ahhh-Mazing?

The (California) Golden Touch: Midas Cosmetics Sparks Up Some Glam With The High Times Palette

Milani Cosmetics:

Glam Ghouls 2020: Milani’s Alter Ego Halloween Collection Is Pretty/Spooky

Everything’s Cancelled, But Look Festival Ready In Your Bunker With Milani’s Ludicrous Lights

Whatta Glam, Whatta Glam, Whatta Glam, Whatta Mighty Good Glam – Milani x Salt N Pepa Collection


If I Could Turn Back Time: Riding The Latest Nostalgia Web With Morphe X Lisa Frank

Another Year, Another Accusation: Celebrating Pride With Morphe, The Sequel

Morphe x Jeffree Star Brings Color…& Controversy?!

~ N ~

Nabla Cosmetics:

Bloom Where You’re Planted: Nabla Brings Pastel Perfection With Soul Blooming Palette

Natasha Denona:

Natasha Denona Tries Triochrome Shadows – But She Just Might Be Out Of Her League!

Welcome To The Circus! Natasha Denona Lures Me Under The Big Top With Circo Loco Palette

Natasha Denona Wants To Help You Feel The Love

Look Who Thinks She’s Fancy: Miss Jaye Gets Bougie With Natasha Denona

NYX Cosmetics:

Full Face, (Mostly) One Brand: NYX Cosmetics

~ O ~

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics:

Going, Going…Gone! 3 Beauty Brands That Did The Disappearing Act

Ofra Cosmetics:

JenLuvsReviews X Ofra Collab Invites You To Customize Your World

Glitch, Please! Is Ofra’s Liquid-To-Baked Eye Palette A Top Performer?

Storming Area 51? Get Intergalactic Glam From Ofra’s New Collection Before Shit Goes Down!

Blush Crush, Featuring Ofra & Lime Crime

OMFG Cosmetics:

Snuggle & Smoke Up WIth OMFG Cosmetics’ Valentines And Kush Palettes

OMFG Cosmetics Brings Indie Halloween Realness

~ P ~

Pat McGrath Labs:

Bougie Bitch: Pat McGrath’s Divine Blush Experience

Peachy Queen Cosmetics:

Things That Make You Go “Om!” – Is Peachy Queen’s New Align Chakra Palette Rainbow Bliss?

Thank You For Being A Friend Palette Serves Golden Girls Nostalgia With Pretty Pastels

Peachy Queen Makes A Palette That Speaks To My Soul – Using Only The Naughty Words!

Glam Ghouls 2020: Is Peachy Queen’s Halloween Palette A Sweet Dream…Or A Beautiful Nightmare?!

Pretty As A Peachy Queen: Two New Palettes For 90s Babies & Halloween Hotties

Neon Love: Two Palettes To Light Up The Night From Blush Tribe & Peachy Queen

Sparking Up Some Glam: Melt Cosmetics & Peachy Queen’s Pot-Themed Palettes

Prados Beauty:

Check The Material: Trixie Mattel Introduces Me To Native American Owned Brand Prados Beauty

Propa Beauty:

Propa Beauty Brings The Heat & Helps Everyone Out There Find Their Perfect Red!

BOMB Blast: Trying New Products From Mented Cosmetics & Propa Beauty

~ Q ~

~ R ~

The Real Mary Kelly:

Face Friday: You’re The One , With This Rubber Duckie Inspired Look Feat. Custom Lashes By The Real Mary Kelly!

Revolution Beauty Brands (Makeup Revolution, Revolution Pro, I Heart Revolution, Makeup Obsession, XX Revolution):

Revolution Beauty Does Affordable High End With XX Revolution…But Are We Still Getting Copycat Vibes?!

Face Friday…But On A Monday?! Trying Out “Glass Skin” With Revolution Beauty!

Revolution Pro  See Revolution Beauty Brands  

Ruby May Cosmetics:

Neon Nightmares: Ruby May Cosmetics Stumbles With Messy Neon Lights Palette

Glam Ghoul: Zombies Get Pop Treatment From Ruby May Cosmetics

That Hashtag Life: Ruby May Cosmetics Offers #Mood, #Vibes, & #Brights Mini Palettes

~ S ~

September Rose Cosmetics:

Slush Fund: Summer Vibes From September Rose Cosmetics

Shroud Cosmetics:

It’s About Freakin’ Time: Shroud Delivers Their Controversial Collab Palette, Seven Months Later


A Decade Of Color: SugarPill’s Anniversary Collection Is Here To Remind Us What They Do Best!

Pill Poppin’: Getting Glam With SugarPill’s Capsule Collection Palettes

SugarPill’s Fun Size Palette Is A Bite Sized Celebration Of Brights

SugarPill Joins The Ranks At Ulta With New Capsule Collection

~ T ~


Why Does Tarte Bring Out The Worst In All Of Us? Plus, The High Tides & Good Vibes Palette

Terra Moons Cosmetics:

With Eyes Full Of Stars: The Celestial Beauties Of Terra Moons Cosmetics

Too Faced:

Face Friday: Full Face Of Too Faced Tutti Fruitti Collection – Glam & Gorgeous!

Pretty Rich? Actually, Pretty Basic Plus Bonus Review

Sweet Treats: Too Faced Serves Candy-Coated Glam With Tutti Fruitti, Tickled Peach

Trixie Cosmetics:

Brilliance Or Insanity: Trixie Cosmetics & The Perpetual Release

Back To My Roots: The Bottle Blonde Collection From Trixie Cosmetics

Trixie Cosmetics Takes Us Back To The Fuchsia – And Purple Definitely Reigns!

Trixie Cosmetics Serves Daytime Realness…But Does It Make Me Blue?!

Better Off Red: Getting Ready For Singles Day With Ruby Treasures From Trixie Cosmetics & BH Cosmetics

All Dolled Up: Trixie Mattel’s Colorful Cosmetic World

Tyra Beauty:

Going, Going…Gone! 3 Beauty Brands That Did The Disappearing Act

~ U ~

Ulta Beauty (Store Brand):

Ulta Has Me Questioning Everything With New WandaVision Collection

Uoma Beauty:

Bomb Uoma Beauty Invites You To Indulge In Carnival & Color!

Urban Decay:

Urban Decay’s Stoned Vibes: Smooth Session Or Bad Trip?

Beauty…But Has It Lost Its Edge?  Urban Decay’s Wired Palette

~ V ~

Violet Voss:

Violet Voss Delivers A Sugar Rush – But When Was This Sweet Release…Released?!

Small Wonder: The Pleasures of the Petite [Le Macarons Mini Palette]

~ W ~

Wicked Sisters Cosmetics:

Something Wicked This Way Comes

~ X ~

XX Revolution See Revolution Beauty Brands

~ Y ~

~ Z ~

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