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A Taste Of Kim Chi, Part 1 – Exploring Kim Chi Chic Beauty

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A Taste Of Kim Chi, Part 1 – Exploring Kim Chi Chic Beauty

Y’all know that I am always late to the party, but this is ridiculous: this review is almost 6 months in the making!

I bought a bunch of Kim Chi Chic Beauty products when they had a Buy One, Get One Free sale over Black Friday weekend.  That’s right – BLACK FRIDAY!  I’ve intended to get a review done on these for the last six months, but newer releases kept popping up and things that seemed more important, so the products kept sitting in a little white bin, waiting to get some love!  I’ve used the a few of the products in Face Friday looks, including the loose powder, concealer, and bronzer, but I’m finally getting around to doing the full review that these products deserve! And because I waited so long, I’m going to give them a little extra shine and break my Kim Chi Chic Beauty haul into two separate reviews!

So what’s going into this review?  I’ve got two of the 9-pan eyeshadow palettes: Juicy Velvet and Virgin Mojito.  I’ve also got a loose powder and a concealer that I’ll talk about briefly as well.  All of the cheek products, including several blush duos, a brozer, a highlighter duo, and a highlighter palette, will all be featured in part two!

Let’s start with the complexion products.  If you keep up with my Face Friday posts, the Puff Puff Pass Set & Bake Powder should look familiar – I’ve been using this powder in the shade translucent for most of the recent posts, and I’ve been loving it!  It has unseated the Give Me Glow Sugar Cookie powder as my favorite powder for baking under the eyes!  There is another shade available called Ivander that I definitely want to try – it’s supposed to be a mix of ivory and lavender, and is supposed to be even better for brightening under the eyes.

Now the Most Concealer is a mixed bag for me.  I have it in the shade Peachy Ivory, and the color is perfect for me, and I love the coverage and blendability.  The problem is the packaging.  It’s a squeezy tube and has a brush tip.  So you have to try to squeeze out the right amount of product and then paint it with the brush.  The packaging is trash.  It’s impossible to get the right amount out and it’s a bit of a mess.  Usually with these brush tip applicators you have one of those click dispensers which are an absolute nightmare, so at least it’s not that, but I wish it came in easier to use packaging.

Now let’s talk about the two palettes.  I picked up two of the 9-pan “Juicy Nine” palettes.  I did the swatches over the Kaleidos Makeup Tone Activator eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Raspberry Velvet, Ruby Slipper, Sparkle

Raspberry Velvet is a blue-toned fuchsia pink metallic shimmer with a strong blue flash.  Ruby Slipper is a bright tomato red metallic shimmer.  Sparkle is a bright champagne gold metallic.  This one was a little weak with a finger, but the brush swatch was lovely.

L to R: Blue Velvet, Golden Glow, Amber

Blue Velvet is a bright blue metallic shimmer.  Golden Glow is a bright brassy gold metallic.  Amber is a pumpkin orange with golden reflect.

L to R: Mossy, Deep Emerald, Scent of Leather

Mossy is a deep, swampy green metallic with golden shimmer reflect.  Deep Emerald is a bright blue-based green metallic.  Scent of Leather is a bronze brown metallic.

The metallic shadows in this palette are nice and creamy and easy to work with.  They blend well, and the opacity is really nice.  This is a gorgeous little palette of metallic shimmers for the lids that would be a great companion for a lot of other palettes.  If you like doing neutral looks with just one pop of color on the lid, and this is perfect!

Next up is the Virgin Mojito palette, a lovely collection of greens and yellows.  This one made me nervous because Theresa Is Dead tried it and has said repeatedly how much she hates it!

L to R: Teal Dream, Lemoncello, Mint Chip

Teal Dream is a bright aqua matte.  This one darkened around the edges a bit with the primer, and it’s a little bit chalky, but you can get good opacity and it blends nicely with the other shades.  Lemoncello is a bright yellow matte.  This one is also a little streaky, but you can get it to work with a little effort.  Mint Chip is a minty aqua metallic shimmer.

L to R: Kiwi, Yellow Diamond, Lime Fizz

Kiwi is a bright grass green metallic shimmer with golden undertones.  Yellow Diamond is a bright yellow metallic shimmer.  Lime Fizz is a golden lime metallic shimmer.

L to R: Sour Apple, Pear Bear, Sour Pop

Sour Apple is the biggest disappointment in the palette.  It’s a light yellow-infused pear green matte.  It’s too pale and doesn’t have a lot of pigment to it.  If you want to get closer to the color it looks in pan, I would try tapping it over a white base.  Pear Bear is a bright golden yellow metallic.  This one isn’t as good as the other metallics in these palettes.  It’s a little bit patchy and needs work to get it blended.Sour Pop is a true green matte, a little rough with a finger but blends out nicely with a brush.

I’m generally impressed with what I’ve tried so far.  The metallic shades in these palettes are gorgeous.  The mattes are a little more inconsistent, and a couple of them are definitely riding the struggle bus, but the quality isn’t too bad.  I’m also a big fan of the complexion products – minus the jank packaging on the concealer.  I’m definitely looking forward to trying more from this brand.  I feel like Kim Chi Chic Beauty has been flying under the radar compared to the releases from Trixie Cosmetics – she’s got a pretty expansive collection of products, but I don’t hear about them nearly as often.

Be sure to check back in two weeks where we dive into a bunch of cheek products from the brand!

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